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National Archives AIR81

Citation AIR81 Casualty File Description Link
AIR81/313Sergeant A L F Webb, Leading Aircraftman A C B Burgess and Acting Flight Lieutenant A D Watson: missing presumed dead; Blenheim L8739 hit by anti-aircraft fire and crashed near Meuse, The Netherlands, 12 May 1940.C14142162
AIR81/832Flying Officer C Y Buckley and Sergeant E H B Cotton: prisoners of war. Pilot Officer C Campbell: report of death; Blenheim R3739 crashed near Poix-de-Picardie, France, 9 June 1940. Note: With map, photographs and aircraft platesC14502555
AIR81/1430Sergeant H F Montgomery: missing, later reported dead; Hurricane L1739 failed to return from air operations, 14 August 1940.C14503015
AIR81/1628Pilot Officer P W Peters: injured; Audax K7394, No. 8 Flying Training School; aircraft accident, 4 November 1939.C16359616
AIR81/1856Sergeant L G J Smith: killed; aircraft accident, Nether Dysart, Audax K7395, 8 Service Flying Training School, 29 February 1940. Note: With photographsC16471331

Casualities in the CWGC Register for

Rank Name, Number, Trade & Details DateUnit Country Cemetary/Memorial & Loc Ref
LieutenantStephanus MEINTJES (102830) 739  Forum Post 1940-07-23 South AfricaBloemfontein (In Memoriam) Cem

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RAF/RAF OR Service NumbersRFC/RAF SERVICE NUMBERS (Courtesy of Air Force Deaths site) At least until the 1950s, the service numbers of RFC and RAF personnel indicated the date and manner of joining the service. The RFC numbering system began at 1 in 1912, the initial allocations being to men who had transferred in from the Royal Engineers and subsequent ones to civilian recruits. The RNAS commenced its own numbering system when it became a separate entity in July 1914 - again commencing with 1, but prefixed by the letter F. When the RAF was formed, RFC men kept their original service numbers. However, as the RNAS numbering system had also begun at 1, all RNAS men inherited by the RAF had 200000 added to their original numbers, and the prefix F was dropped. All RNAS personnel were renumbered in 1918, including the dead. (RNAS squadrons had 200 added to their numbers). NCOs who were commissioned received new service numbers. In most cases all the numbers in a block were allocated; figures given in brackets indicate the highest numbers actually issued if the allocation was not total. NUMBERS LAST NUMBER DATE OF TO WHOM ALLOCATED USED IF BLOCK ALLOCATION NOT EXHAUSTED 1 to 515 1912 RFC: transfers and civilians 516 to 1013 1913 RFC - transfers and civilians 1014 to 2690 1914 RFC - transfers and civilians 2691 to 17400 1915 RFC - transfers and civilians 17401 to 39639 1916 RFC - civilians 39640 to 40300 Jly-Oct 1916 RFC - transfers 40301 to 45300 Jly-Aug 1916 RFC - transfers 47301 to 49300 Aug-Nov 1916 RFC - civilians 49301 to 49800 Aug-Oct 1916 RFC - transfers 49801 to 50800 Nov-Dec 1916 RFC - civilians 50801 to 51800 Oct 1916-Jan 1917 RFC - transfers 51801 to 52800 Dec 1916 RFC - civilians 52801 to 52950 52949 Dec 1916-Jan 1917 AID Examiners 52951 to 56950 Jan 1917 RFC - civilians 56951 to 57950 Jan 1917 RFC - transfers 57951 to 60950 Feb 1917 RFC - civilians 60951 to 61950 Jan-Feb 1917 RFC - transfers 61951 to 64950 Feb-Mar 1917 RFC - civilians 64951 to 65950 Feb-Mar 1917 RFC - transfers 65951 to 68950 Mar 1917 RFC - civilians 68951 to 69000 68997 Jan-May 1917 RFC - cadets 69001 to 70000 Mar-Apr 1917 RFC - civilians 70001 to 75000 Feb-Sep 1917 RFC - Canadians 75001 to 77000 Apr 1917 RFC - civilians 77001 to 77100 Jan 1917 AID Examiners 77101 to 79100 Mar-May 1917 RFC - transfers 79101 to 80100 Apr- May 1917 RFC - civilians 80101 to 80200 Apr 1917 AID Examiners 80201 to 84200 May 1917 RFC - civilians 84201 to 84400 84202 May 1917 AID Examiners 84401 to 87400 Jun-Jly 1917 RFC - civilians 87401 to 88400 Jly 1917 RFC - transfers 88401 to 90400 Jly-Aug 1917 RFC - civilians 90401 to 90600 Jly 1917 AID Examiners 90601 to 93600 Aug-Sep 1917 RFC - civilians 93601 to 94600 Sep 1917 RFC - transfers 94601 to 95600 Sep 1917 RFC - civilians 95601 to 95700 Sep 1917 AID Examiners 95701 to 98700 Sep-Oct 1917 RFC - civilians 98701 to 99700 Oct 1917 RFC - transfers 99701 to 100700 Oct-Nov 1917 R ....Read More.Resmoroh on 14th November 2007 09:30:56
58 squadron lossCWGC 58 squadron airmen commemorated this day were: HTH H ....Read More.Howdie on 16th November 2007 10:23:13
Pilot Officer JONES, 54 Squadron 1941Hello, During my last visit to Kew on Thursday, I checked the WO344/166/2 reference for a fighter pilot named JONES, Pilot Officer serving in No 54 Squadron and captured on 22nd of July 1944. I followed the clue given by John that he might be K.M. JONES. I can confirm he was Kenneth Marsden JONES, 61487, Flight Lieutenant in 1945. He doesn’t give the place where he was captured, but he was in Dunkirk hospital first, then in another German hospital in Belgium, before being sent in Germany. I have found other Air Force JONES with a first name starting with a K : Kenneth Harold JONES, 745153, Warrant Officer in 1945, No. 605 Squadron, captured near Dunkirk on 2nd February 1941 Kenneth Norman JONES, Warrant Officer in 1945, 650739, No. 7 Squadron, captured near St Nazaire in June 1942 Kenneth William JONES, R.C.A.F. J13827, Flying Officer in 1945, No. 431 Squadron, captured on 26th July 1944 near Stuttgart Kyffin Hugues JONES, 1642573, Sgt in 1945, No. 78 Squadron, captured near Rotterdam on 25th March 1944. Joss ....Read More.jossleclercq on 22nd December 2007 11:00:37
Pilot Officer JONES, 54 Squadron 1941Thanks Joss for the additional info. To complete the story: K.H. JONES - 745153 was on Hurricane Z2329. K.N. JONES - 650739 was on Stirling W7539. K.W. JONES - J/13827 was on Halifax MZ858. K.H. JONES - 1642753 (PoW-Register 1042753) was on Halifax HX355. Regards, Henk. ....Read More.Henk Welting on 23rd December 2007 06:11:35
W/Cdr E.J.Carter DFC C.O. of 97 SquadronW/Cdr E.J. Carter assumed command of 97 Squadron in January 1944 transferring in from 82 OTU. He was killed on D Day June 6th 1944. I am seeking pictures of W/Cdr Carter and details of his service prior to taking command of 97. Thanks in advance. David. Below are extracts from 97 Squadron Orbs pertaining to W/Cdr Carter. 7.1.44 “Y” training and bombing at range also air to sea firing. W/Cdr E.J.Carter assumes command of the Squadron with effect today. 27/28 January 1944 – Berlin ND415Z W/C E.J.Carter, W/O J.K.Bell, S/L D.K.Allport, F/O H.W.Reiger, F/O C.E.Chetham, F/O R.J.Weller, W/O J.Wood. Up 1715 Down 2120. Returned early owing to intercom being u/s. 19/20 February 1944 – Leipzig ND415Z W/C E.J.Carter, W/O J.K.Bell, S/L R.B.Ingalls, F/O H.W.Reiger, F/L C.Chetham, F/O R.J.Weller, S/L M.Bryan-Smith. Up 2355 Down 0630. 4 flares, 4 x TI, 1 x 4000lb, 4 x 1000lb, 2 x 500lb. Bombed Leipzig from 19,000’ with H2S. Weather 10/10ths cloud tops 3-4,000’. Vis good. 22/23 March 1944 – Frankfurt ND739E W/C E.J.Carter, W/O J.K.Bell, P/O D.C.Armstrong, F/O H.W.Reiger, F/L C.Chetham, P/O Colville, F/L Trevor-Roper. Up 1840 Down 0005. 20 flares, 4 x TI, 1 x 4000lb, 1 x 1000lb, 2 x 500lb, 1 red/yellow flare. Frankfurt attacked from 19,000’. Wearher over target 1-2/10ths cloud very thin. Vis very good. No markers were seen before bombing. Green TI seen at 2246 hours. Wanganui seen 10 minutes later. Green and red TIs well concentrated, also incendiaries. Glow of fires seen from 100 miles away. 26/27 March 1944 Essen ND739Z W/C E.J.Carter, W/O J.K.Bell, F/L J.J.Conley, F/O H.W.Reiger, F/L Chambers, W/O Watson, G/L G.Polson. Up 1950 Down 0010. 4 x TI, 1 x 4000lb, 6 x 1000lb, 2 x 500lb. 8-10/10ths cloud over Essen. Vis good. Bombed from 20,000’ in centre of glow of a red TI which cascaded at 2155 hours. Other red TIs burst below cloud but the glow of them could be seen. Opposition was negligible. Bomb burst around 9/10 April 1944 – Lille ND739Z W/C E.J.Carter, F/Sgt G.Dunning, F/L J.J.Conley, F/L A.E.Carlton, F/Sgt A.W.Burnell, Sgt J.Peill, W/O E.L.Wright. Up 2235 Down 0150. 12 x 1000lb, 2 x 500lb. Full moon over Lille. 4/10ths cloud tops 5,000’. Vis good. Bombed from 16,000’ on red TI. Marking by red TI was constant. Burst of own bombs seen followed by terrific explosion which rose above cloud tops. This was followed by another about two minutes later. 22/23 April 1944 - Brunswick ND739Z W/C E.J.Carter, P/O G.Dunning, F/L J.J.Conley, F/O H.W.Rieger, F/L A.Chambers, W/O F.R.Watson, S/L M.Bryan-Smith. Up 2304 Down 0451. 14 x 4 x 7” flares, 1 x 4 1/2” flare, 1 x green TI. 10/10ths cirrus cloud at 20,000’ over target area. Very poor visibility below, so thick that it looked like cloud. Target topped at 01.47.2 hours at 18,300’. No flares dropped on first run over. Not satisfactory. Came in again and dropped flares and Wanganui which dropped in middle of other flares. Built up area seen in light of flares. VHF failed over target. R ....Read More.David Layne on 20th January 2008 07:57:58
32 OtuG'day Chaps The following might help answer some questions. It was extracted from the O.R.B.'s, crash cards and aircraft record cards. Cheers...Chris No. 32 (RAF) Operational Training Unit Known Codes: HA, HM, RD, DK, LB, OP No. 32 (RAF) Operational Training Unit was located at Patricia Bay, British Columbia and had formed at West Kirby, Cheshire, England on 7 August 1941. The OTU moved to Patricia Bay as of 22 August 1941 and became operational as of 10 December 1941. No. 32 (RAF) OTU was formed to train torpedo bombing crews. Immediately after the Pearl Harbour attack by the Japanese, the OTU was temporarily designated as No. 32 (Torpedo-Bomber) Squadron RCAF. No. 32 (RAF) OTU was part of No. 4 Training Command. The Squadron reverted back to OTU status within a very short period of time. The OTU was later reactivated as No. 32 (TB) Squadron for a short time when the Japanese invaded the Aleutians. On 10 December 1943 the OTU converted to training Dakota crews and on 25 May 1944 moved to RCAF Station Comox, British Columbia. No. 32 (RAF) OTU was part of No. 4 Training Command. No. 32 (RAF) OTU was turned over to the RCAF and redesignated as No. 6 (RCAF) Operational Training Unit on 1 June 1944. As No. 6 (RCAF) OTU they moved to RCAF Station Greenwood, Nova Scotia on 15 January 1946 and were then disbanded on 31 March of that year. Beaufort Mk. I - L9967 RD*K later OP*K, L9968 RD*L later OP*L (Swung off the runway on landing at Patricia Bay on 4 February 1942 and ran into a three foot trench. The aircraft was repaired), N1005 RD*A later OP*A also DK*R (Swung to first to port then to starboard while taxing at Patricia Bay on 31 December 1941, went off the runway into a bank of earth and collapsed the starboard landing gear damaging the starboard wing, engine and propeller. The aircraft was repaired), N1006 RD*B (Glided to a landing at sea 8 miles south-east of Patricia Bay on 16 February 1942 after the starboard engine failed. The aircraft was written off), N1007 RD*C later OP*C, N1021 RD*D later OP*D, N1026 RD*O (Nosed over and struck the water after the port engine caught fire shortly after take-off from Patricia Bay on 29 May 1942. The aircraft was destroyed), N1027 RD*P later OP*N (Was struck by taxying Hampden AN107, same Unit, while parked at Patricia Bay on 26 October 1943. The aircraft was repaired), N1029 RD*E later OP*E, N1030 RD*F later OP*F, N1045 RD*G later OP*G, N1078 RD*H later OP*H (Jumped the chocks and the propellers struck wooden trestles while on an engine run-up at Patricia Bay on 7 November 1941. The aircraft was repaired), N1107 RD*J (The starboard landing gear struck an open drainage ditch after swinging to starboard on landing at Patricia Bay on 14 January 1942. The aircraft was repaired), W6473 RD*M (Made a force landing on rough ground Rodeo, New Mexico on 27 March 1942 after the port engine failed then fell from the aircraft. The aircraft was written off), W6484 RD*N later OP ....Read More.Dakota on 4th February 2008 02:50:16
Combat Report 'Bob' Braham 23/24th June 1941The combat report is available on-line from NA if you need confirmation of the info already given Mikkel Plannthin ....Read More.Mikkel Plannthin on 24th February 2008 04:31:45
Air Force List (inter war years) availability, south east EnglandAlready done Dave. There are 52 Inter War Met course attendees listed. Two are listed as having been awarded the AFC. Two are listed as having been awarded the DFC. Having eliminated Harris my next tack would be Lance Browning. A dump of my Inter War database for filtered for Met is appended. I leave formating to the individuals. Regards Ross Service No Surname Initials F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 F6 F7 MRAF ACM AM AVM AC G/C W/C S/L F/L F/O P/O Acting P/O W/O Branch Courses Title/Decorations/Rank AAF AAF Date RAFO RAFO Date RAFVR RAFVR Date Special R Special R Date AAFRO AAFRO Date POW Killed 73938 Bell J John 15 January 1940 General Met No No No No No No 74280 Bill L S Leonard Stanley 15 January 1940 General Met No No No No No No 73758 Boyden C J Charles James 25 August 1939 General Met No No Yes 25 August 1939 No No No 03155 Bradley H F Horace Frederic 01 July 1924 01 April 1918 General Met No No No No No No 74814 Bradshaw N W Norman William 04 December 1939 General Met No No No No No No Britton C E Charles Ernest 13 June 1939 General Met No No Yes 13 June 1939 No No No Browning L H Lance Harold 01 January 1923 01 April 1918 General Met MC, DFC (LG 12/07/1920) No No No No No No 06241 Bryant R C Rupert Chandos 01 January 1925 01 April 1918 General Met No Yes 12 September 1926 No No No No 73947 Crinson C R Charles Rowland 15 January 1940 General Met No No No No No No 74815 Cripps K M Kenneth Major 15 January 1940 General Met No No No No No No 74816 Crossley T Thomas 15 January 1940 General Met No No No No No No 73951 Elliott W J William John 15 January 1940 General Met No No No No No No 73757 Farquharson J S James Strachan 25 August 1939 General Met No No Yes 25 August 1939 No No No 73954 Fleming R A Robert Angus 15 January 1940 General Met No No No No No No 73759 Forsdyke A G Arthur George 25 August 1939 General Met No No Yes 25 August 1939 No No No 73760 Franks J A John Arthur 25 August 1939 General Met No No Yes 25 August 1939 No No No 74817 Garton W R S William Reginald Stephen 15 January 1940 General Met No No No No No No 74818 Gummer H J Herbert John 15 January 1940 General Met No No No No No No 73960 Hall G W George William 15 January 1940 General Met No No No No No No 73761 Hanks H Harry 25 August 1939 General Met No No Yes 25 August 1939 No No No 73962 Hann S F Stanley Frank 15 January 1940 General Met No No No No No No 73963 Hardy V H Victor Hardy 15 January 1940 General Met No No No No No No ....Read More.Ross_McNeill on 29th February 2008 02:31:40
William Archie Hughes - 170738 - 251 SqdReykjavik, Iceland. Hudson IIIA FK739 coded AD-Q. Met flight (Magnum). Lost over sea between Reykjavik and position 57N-37W, probably due to icing. Henk. ....Read More.Henk Welting on 2nd April 2008 09:21:21
RAF Personnel in USAAF LossesPaul, When the USAAF decided in 1942(?) to set up dedicated Met Recce Sqns in UK they had the airframes and aircrews - except not too many Met Air Observers (MAO) conversant with UK met codes and procedures. Some RAFVR MAOs were seconded to USAAF Units to teach these skills. Sqn Ldr H H J Leigh-Clare ((73973) the MAO Leader of 517 Sqn at St Davids was one such. He was killed on 9 Dec 43 when USAAF B-17G (42-37744) hit trees on take-off from Bovingdon on a training exercise. 3005390 Sgt J E B Pye, an MAO from 517 Sqn, was lost on 3 Feb 44 when USAAF B-17 (42-30131) FTR from a Met Recce sortie. HTH Peter Davies ....Read More.Resmoroh on 16th May 2008 11:24:26
Crashes off the Scilly IslesGentlemen, A survey of Allied aircraft that crashed at sea off the Scilly Isles reads as follows: 17 aircraft, 1940-1945 83 crew involved 1 rescued, safe 1 found dead in a dinghy 4 washed ashore in the UK 0 washed ashore elsewhere 77 remained MIA List of aircraft involved: 1. L 7396 Manchester I 61 Sqn 31/1-2-1942 2. N 3101 Spitfire I 234 Sqn 2-3-1941 3. R 1345 Wellington Ic 21 OTU 18/19-8-1942 4. W 5714 Wellington Ic 15 OTU 22/23-12-1943 5. AD 753 Hampden I 50 Sqn 5-4-1941 6. AM 167 Mustang I 414 Sqn 15-6-1943 7. AR 522 Spitfire Vc 412 Sqn 17-6-1943 8. BD 428 Whitley VII 502 Sqn 12-9-1942 9. BD 729 Hurricane IIb 1449 Flt 3-10-1943 10. BZ 819 Liberator GR.V 53 Sqn 21-11-1943 11. DP 179 Sunderland III 10 RAAF Sqn 2/3-10-1943 12. DV 971 Sunderland III 119 Sqn 15-12-1942 13. HF 172 Wellington XIV 612 Sqn 27-9-1943 14. HZ 957 Wellington XIII 3 OADU 3-10-1943 15. JM 336 Beaufighter X 248 Sqn 7-7-1943 16. NC 419 Wellington XIV 14 Sqn 19-4-1945 17. TA 438 Mosquito NF.XIX 1 OADU 21-1-1945 If the list above is complete and the data accurate, this would answer my question raised when starting this thread: bodies of airmen crashed off the Scilly Isles did NOT wash ashore in France or elsewhere in mainland Europe. I welcome any additions and/or corrections. ....Read More.Rob Philips on 17th May 2008 05:31:20
401212 - Unaccounted airmen - 12-12-1940[QUOTE=davew;9739]Henk Baldry & McKenzie were in TM T5442 which crashed in Bristol Channel near Weston super Mare. regards DaveW[/QUOTE] Typo Dave, correct serial was T5422. Unit was 10 EFTS; flew into sea while low flying 1 mile S of Brean Down; crew drowned. Regards, Henk. ....Read More.Henk Welting on 23rd May 2008 12:54:55
RAF Squadrons flying on Murmansk ?For what it's worth, the following is extracted from the article “RAF Hurricanes in Russia” by Mark Sheppard on the Lend-Lease site: "Within days of Operation 'Barbarossa' on 22nd June 1941, Stalin was already asking for assistance in fighting the 'fascist aggressors'. His first request for 30 divisions to fight on the Russian Front was totally out of the question considering Britain's own state of affairs after being routed from France a year earlier and having other commitments around the world. What Churchill did decide to do was to provide a supply of war materials to help Russia. The Russians also received supplies of guns, tanks, clothing, rubber, engines and trains, but Hurricanes were to be the largest consignment of material from the UK, put at around 3,000 Hurricanes of different marks. At this point, it was noted that there was no point sending hundreds of aircraft, Hurricanes especially, without showing the Russians how to unpack, assemble, operate and maintain Hurricanes with their relatively sensitive Rolls-Royce Merlin engines. During July 1941 it was decided to send a party to Russia to help with these problems, and Force 'Benedict' was established. On 29th July 1941, the 81st Squadron was reactivated at Leconfield under S/Leader Tony Rook. Likewise on 31st July 1941, the 134 Squadron under S/Leader Tony Miller did the same to become the two fighter squadrons of 151 Wing, 24 pilots with new Hurricane IIb’s under W/Cdr H N. G. Ramsbottom-Isherwood. 'The primary role assigned to your Force is the defense of the naval base of Murmansk and co-operation with the Soviet Forces in the Murmansk areas'. On 30th August the convoy arrived outside Archangel and set anchor. On 2nd September the advance party of 151 Wing flew to Vaenga, 15 miles NW of Murmansk. On 12th September the first batch of nine Hurricanes were ready to fly to Vaenga and join the rest of the Squadron & On 15th September the last six Hurricanes. On 11th September a front line patrol was carried out by all eight aircraft of both squadrons, each flight of four aircraft were escorted by a Russian pilot. Combats with the Luftwaffe took place, and several victories recorded, but On the 13th October the Russians started to take over the Hurricanes of 'A' Flight 81 Squadron: 'B' Flight's were to follow on the 22nd. On the 17th October pilots of the 81 Squadron were scrambled in the 134 Squadron Hurricanes. On the 18th all of 134 Squadron Hurricanes were handed over to the Russians. The surviving 36 Hurricanes from the 39 Hurricanes of 151 Wing were to become 'No1 Hurricane Squadron'. On the 31st October the first Soviet assembled Hurricane shot down a Ju88 over Rybachiy Peninsula. Already over 100 Hurricanes had arrived with the first convoys. It was only on the 13th November 1941 that the Wing found out it was going to be returned to the UK by sea. On the 16th November an advanced party ....Read More.Steve Brew on 1st June 2008 08:35:50
101 Sqdn: Nuremberg Raid 30/31 March 1944Those service numbers are the officers numbers: They enlisted as Batten Smith 1553366 and Beer 1585588, Williams 1496922 . Below are their entires in the London Gazette. I think it is more correct to think of them having enlisted some time after the date that the enlilstment blocks give, as I understand, and i may be wrong, these were a block of numbers given to a group or station and they were taken on as people enlisted, rather than being scooped up in one months enlistment. I stand to be corrected. Gazette Issue 36399 published on the 25 February 1944 ROYAL AIR FORCE VOLUNTEER RESERVE. GENERAL DUTIES BRANCH. Appointment to commission. As Plt. Offs. on prob. (emergency): — Flt Sgt 14th Jan. 1944 1553366 John BATTEN-SMITH (171042). Gazette Issue 37399 published on the 18 December 1945 Air Ministry, 21st December, 1945. The KING has been graciously pleased to approve the following awards: — Distinguished Flying Cross Pilot Officers. John BATTEN-SMITH (171042), R.A.F.V.R., 101 Sqn., with effect from 3oth March, 1944 (since deceased). Gazette Issue 36451 published on the 31 March 1944 ROYAL AIR FORCE VOLUNTEER RESERVE. GENERAL DUTIES BRANCH. Appointment to commission. As Plt. Offs. on prob. (emergency): — Sgt. 27th Feb. 1944. 1585588 Howard Ernest BEER (172469). Gazette Issue 36514 published on the 12 May 1944 ROYAL AIR FORCE VOLUNTEER RESERVE. GENERAL DUTIES BRANCH. Appointment to commission. As Pit. Offs. on prob. (emergency): — Sgt 1496922 Graham Harries WILLIAMS (173444). 7th Mar. 1944. ....Read More.dennis_burke on 14th July 2008 04:07:25
Wellington X9739 99SqnDear Gentlemen, I'm looking for further detals about the following crash: 7./8. November 1941 Op: Berlin 99 Sqn Wellington IC X9739 LN- P/O W D Moore pow T/o 1722 Waterbeach. Crashed in the vicinity of F/L H H Henderson pow Rotenburg (Wümme). The two airmen who F/O H A Goodwin pow died rest in Becklingen War Cemetery. Sgt A Mackenzie + Sgt R Dean + Sgt M G Bowen RCAF pow regards Steve ....Read More.Mosquito on 16th September 2008 11:30:43
1669 HCU - Halifax II W7928During 4 January 1945, Halifax W7928 of 1669 HCU took off from RAF Langar on a training exercise. Later the aircraft stalled - believed to have been caused through icing after entering a storm - crew ordered to bale out then pilot recovered the aircraft and made an emergency landing somewhere in Cornwall. Further to the kind help on this forum from Dave Johnson and others in August 2006, please can anyone help me with the following: 1) Identifying the unknown crew positions? 2) Was it in daylight or at night? 3) Which Chorley book is the loss of crew recorded in? 4) Which airfield did the Halifax make an emergency landing on? 5) Any further information you may have on this incident Pilot 133361 Flight Lieutenant Terrence Martin HELMORE 165031 Flying Officer Hubert Dunstan DINMORE - Lost at Sea 1686415 Sergeant Reginald William HOLMES - Lost at Sea 979873 Sergeant Hugh Patrick McCAFFERTY - Lost at Sea 1880814 Sergeant George Alfred WILSON - Lost at Sea Air Gunner 1492739 Sergeant Thomas WILSON - Lost at Sea 1818890 Sergeant Albert Edward William JAMES - body washed up three days later on Porthmisson Beach, Padstow, Cornwall Thank you Norman ....Read More.namrondooh on 22nd September 2008 11:11:12
Missing Hudson AM776 - 608 SqHi Dave, 17 March 1942 Hudson V AM776 UL-J 608 Sqn Op: Standex Patrol Base: Wick Time: 14:50 P/O M J Martel RAAF 400373 F/Sgt J V Routledge 754073 Sgt A J Marshall 634086 Sgt D G A Evans 917391 Whole crew are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial. Source: Ross McNeill - CCL Regards Finn Buch ....Read More.Argus on 14th October 2008 04:19:24
410721 - Unaccounted airmen - 21-7-1941What were the places of death registration for: LAC Dennis BAILEY - 936449; LAC (Pilot u/t) Robert DALY - 1066776 (from N.Ireland), and AC2 Leonard V. FLETCHER - 1273972 - 23 Sqn (Ford, Sussex). Proposed aircraft losses for this day: Hurricane I - V7572 - 52 OTU - collided with Hurricane P5208 and abandoned 3 miles W of Great Dunmow, Essex. Hurricane I - P5208 - 52 OTU - see V7572. Regards and thanks for your help. Henk. ....Read More.Henk Welting on 4th November 2008 08:30:40
RNZAF - POW's - Wellington Mk.III - BJ661 - AA-?Hello, More known about these two POW's - Full name, hometown, Age 411739 - Sgt - ......... - R. P. Callahan - RNZAF - Age .. - POW 404572 - Sgt - ......... - A. W. Rutherford - RNZAF - Age .. - POW ******************************** Wellington Mk.III - BJ661 - AA-? was airborne from Feltwell, UK Shot down by a night-fighter and crashed - 03:05 - 29 Jul 1942 into the IJsselmeer Two of those killed are buried in Amsterdam at the New Eastern Cemetery Sgt Titcomb is buried in Harderwijk General Cemetery Sgt R. P. Callahan - RNZAF - was interned in Camps 8B.344. POW No. 25141 with Sgt A. W. Rutherford - RNZAF - , POW No. 25149 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Crew: Wellington Mk.III - BJ661 - AA-? - 29th July 1942 - Operation Hamburg --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 41894 - F/S - Pilot - J. E. Gilbertson - RNZAF - Age 22 - KIA 404529 - F/S - Observer - M. J. Byrne - RNZAF - Age 22 - KIA 411739 - Sgt - ......... - R. P. Callahan - RNZAF - Age .. - POW 404572 - Sgt - ......... - A. W. Rutherford - RNZAF - Age .. - POW 1291758 - Sgt - Airgunner - W. A. Titcomb - RAFVR - Age 21 - KIA --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ....Read More.PATS on 25th November 2008 07:36:08
RNZAF - POW's - Wellington Mk.III - BJ661 - AA-?PATS, 411739 - Sgt - ......... - R. P. Callahan - RNZAF - Age .. - POW 404572 - Sgt - ......... - A. W. Rutherford - RNZAF - Age .. - POW NZ411739 (final rank Wt Off) Ronald Patrick Callaghan Born Tolaga Bay 29 Aug 1920 RNZAF 15 Mar 1941 to 15 Oct 1945 WOp/AG Died Gisborne 1 Aug 1986 NZ404572 (final rank Wt Off) Alan Walter Rutherford Born Masterton 22 Dec 1909 RNZAF 24 Nov 1940 to 10 Oct 1945 Air Bomber Incidentally, there is a detailed account of this loss in the December 1988 issue of 'Aeroplane Monthly' (pp730-733). Errol ....Read More.Errol Martyn on 25th November 2008 04:08:52
Don Mason DSO with bar, DFCI too could not match up the name with the awards as that combination doesn't appear in Honour the Air Forces. But I did find this article: He is also mentioned here as DSO and bar and DFC A ....Read More.Amrit on 1st December 2008 09:25:12
Don Mason DSO with bar, DFCThese are the series of articles that were published about him (including the one I posted earlier): Brierley Hill lad whose flying dream was fulfilled by the cold reality of war "I alone was lord of my purring Pegasus" "Exhausted by the effort but exhilarated by the action" - an airman's memories of D-Day The D-Day story of Lancaster bomber LS-U, of Bomber Command Though all very detailed I cannot find any mention of any of the medals that have been mentioned And 7 Squadron was part of Bomber Command on the date in post #5 so should be in Chorley A ....Read More.Amrit on 2nd December 2008 08:36:15
RAF WWII Medal entitlementI apologise that my earlier submission was a little vague. Here are the missing bits: 1492739 Sergeant Thomas Wilson. RAF Bomb Aimer Formerly trainee analytical chemist . Enlisted late 1941. Basic training England Bomb Aimer training Eastern Canada Medium bomber conversion 19 OTU Kinloss, Scotland Heavy bomber conversion 1669 HCU Langar, Nottingham, England 4 Jan 1945 - only 4 weeks into the course - killed on active service during a night navigation exercise in Halifax II W7928. Aircraft entered cu-nim cloud. Pilot ordered rest of crew to bale out over Western Approaches following a stall at 20,000ft through icing, crew lost at sea, pilot recovered aircraft at 2,000ft and made a successful landing somewhere in Cornwall. Wilson had no other or previous military service. Thank you for your help Norman ....Read More.namrondooh on 19th December 2008 05:54:45
Shropshire's casualties and aircraft crashesOk i have finally copied all of the Second World War airmen and women. I'll start with those that lost their lives. They are in alphabetical order and seperated into different Air Forces: RAF/RAFVR F/O (Pilot) Charles Peter Adams (147612), RAFVR, aged 22. Died 7th December 1944 and is buried in Bells Hill Burial Ground, Herts P/O (Pilot u/t) Herbert Charles Nigel Adams (128851), RAFVR, aged 24. Buried in Newry (St Patrick) Church of Ireland Churchyard F/Lt (Instructor) Alfred Alexander (36222), RAF. Buried in Ash Cemetery, Surrey. P/O (Instructor) Francis Desmond Alston (118062), RAFVR, aged 31. Buried in Liverpool (Yew Tree) Roman Catholic Cemetery Acting Sgt (Pilot U/T) Alexander Horatio Nelson Appleford (901440), RAFVR, aged 24. Buried in Castle Combe (St Andrew) Churchyard AC1 Cyril Archer (1673827), RAFVR, aged 22. Buried in Ashby-de-la-zouch Cemetery AC1 Maurice William Armitage (1084716), RAFVR, aged 26. Buried in South Eiling Cemetery W/O Nathaniel Arnold (745549), RAFVR, aged 25. He is buried in Nottingham southern cemetery. Son of Louis Edgar and Mary Arnold, of New Lenton, Nottingham; husband of Nora Arnold, of New Lenton AC1 Edward Aston (1518332), RAFVR, aged 44. Buried in Bradford (Scholemoor) Cemetery he was the husband of Nellie Aston, of Bradford F/Lt Alan Austin DFC (123302) RAFVR, aged 22. Buried in Manchester Southern Cemetery. DFC with 1651 HCU. Sgt (Air Gunner) Peter Frederick Bacon (1392379), RAFVR, aged 20. Buried in Enfield (Hartford Road) Cemetery, Middlesex F/Sgt Frederick George Bailey (509679), RAFVR, aged 35. He is buried in East London Cemetery, Plaistow. Son of Claud Albert and Alice Bailey, husband of Louisa E. Bailey, of Millwall, London AC2 Ronald William Baker (1295188), aged 19. Buried in Bridgnorth Cemetery. He was from Oxted in Kent Sgt (W/Op) Eric Frank Banks (1132835), RAFVR, aged 32. Buried at Wednesfield (St Thomas) Churchyard AC2 William Arthur Barton (1618038), RAFVR, buried in Manor Park Cemetery, London. Son of William Albert and Mary Barton, of Burton-on-Trent. Staffordshire AC1 George Bate (1682921), RAFVR, aged 19. He is buried in Dudley Borough Cemetery, Worcestershire Sgt Jack Allen Beale (804328), RAF (Auxiliary Air Force), aged 22. Buried in Finchley (Holy Trinity) Churchyard AC1 William Frederick Beardmore (940687), RAFVR, aged 22. Buried in Wednesbury Cemetery, Staffordshire P/O Richard George Beevers (127994), RAFVR, aged 20. Buried in Lewisham (Hither Green) Cemetery Sgt (Air Gnr) Lionel Leslie Bennet (1330697), RAFVR, aged 21. Buried in Stoke-Upon-Tern Cemetery. Son of Lilian Bennett; husband of Joan Constance Bennett, of Golders Green Sgt (W/Op) Joseph Ashbridge Bell (2209924), RAFVR, aged 20. Buried in Morseby (St Bridget), Churchyard, Cumberland Sgt (Pilot) Walter Berry (1081914) RAFVR, aged 22. Buried in Bolton (Heaton) Cemetery. Son of James and Effie Berry, of Bolton LAC Alfred William Bethel (937701), RAFVR, aged 22. Buried in Shirley ....Read More.thorne83 on 20th December 2008 10:45:47
Shropshire's casualties and aircraft crashesHere are those that survived incidents. Hopefully some of the forum users will have a scan down the names and recognize a few names that they have come across in their researches. If so i would be very interested to hear from you all! RAF/RAFVR Sgt (U/T W/AG) Edmond Adair (1083270), POW with 630 squadron. From Northern Ireland. Sgt Arthur James Adams (1238963), RAFVR. Commissioned and renumbered 156036. DFC with 111 squadron. LAC Peter John Anson (960345). 81 Squadron? Commissioned and renumbered 120490. DFC with 135 squadron. LAC C Austin (754533) Acting F/Lt Roy Bailey (43828). AFC with 3 FIS. P/O Leslie Arthur Bale (82166). KIA with 272 Squadron. F/O Geoffrey Harold Banks-Smith (133450). Sgt Cedric Banner (1451951). He was commissioned P/O 23rd May 1944 and renumbered 177255 Acting F/O William Norman Basson (78539) severely injured. MiD. P/O Edward Sutherland Bateman (176695) P/O William Swindburne Bateson (153085). F/Lt Sydney Crozier Robinson ‘Dingle’ Bell DFC and bar (42785). DFC with 144 squadron. Bar to DFC with 619 squadron. LAC Betts (928338). F/Lt William Reginald Bean (109370) 1st and 2nd degree burns to legs and back of neck . F/Sgt J A Beanland (1548790) injured Sgt J H Berry (1336224) injured. 247 Squadron. Sgt A C Best (1425181) P/O Colin Osborne Bibby (152363) slightly injured. POW with 19 squadron. Sgt J R Bird (1458518), F/Sgt A V Black (1253522). LAC Harris Black (923087). KIA with 10 Squadron F/O (Screened Navigator) Jack Stewart Boucher DFM (119892) DFM with 144 squadron. Sgt Henry Arnold Booth (657949), RAFVR . KIA with 43 squadron. Sgt Gavin Carfrae Borradaile (1332645) KIA with 463 Squadron. Sgt Kenneth Bowden (1238484). Commissioned and renumbered 173006 F/O Archibald Gillman Bradley (151457). LAC Alec Brees (1360722). Commissioned and renumbered 106178. DFC 268 Squadron Killed with 245 Squadron. Sgt Douglas Milton Bridges (1387810). Commissioned and renumbered 172067. POW with 166 squadron. LAC Alec Bridgewater Broadbent (1335321). Commissioned and renumbered 156321. KIA with 50 squadron. Sgt (W/Op) J Broomfield (1078967). F/Sgt F J Brown (1337857), P/O Norman McHardy Brown (84958). 41 squadron. W/O R E Brown (748253) P/O James Bryant (166097). Sgt Gerald William Guy Buckland (1376006). Commissioned and renumbered 146720 Sgt (Air Gnr) H Burn (1812636). Acting P/O Charles Roy Bush (42691). From New Zealand. 615, 242, 258 610, 41, 21 Squadrons. DFC. Sgt Samuel Cadman (954080). Commissioned and renumbered 184372 Sgt William Thomas Cake (551017). Commissioned and renumbered 56693 Retired 1965. Sgt Renalt Bernard Capes (741013) injured. F/Lt Edmund Charles Cathels (37905). 403 squadron POW. From Canada. F/O Leonard Vernon Chambers (158018), P/O Gordon Emery Chandler (33559). KIA 264 squadron. Lt Edgar Richard Charlesworth (52413). KIA with 427 squadron. Sgt Harry Walpole Charnock (901005). 64, 19 and 72 squadron. DFM wit ....Read More.thorne83 on 20th December 2008 10:56:55

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