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Date of Crash 28 Feb 44 Aircraft Name Hurricane Serial Number 808
Unit 2 Sqdn IAF Operating Airfield Kohat Country
Aircrew details Plt Offr Dewan Balwant Rai
Details Two ac mission to Shaktu. Hit by bullet in coolant. BL 5m NE of Damdil picket. Jettisoned all bombs and incideries. Ac protected by pickets for and later salvaged .

National Archives AIR81

Citation AIR81 Casualty File Description Link
AIR81/1219Flying Officer P A N Cox: missing believed dead; Hurricane P3808 failed to return from air operations, 27 July 1940.C14502693
AIR81/3606Pilot Officer A Fowler, Sergeant C F Fenn, Sergeant J Rourke: injured; aerial combat, Blenheim T1808, 248 Squadron, 3 October 1940.C16687704
AIR81/5458Flying Officer B G Mace, Sergeant W Loxton, Sergeant B C Gilmore, Pilot Officer J R Cresswell, Sergeant J Wrightson, Sergeant F Berry: killed, mid air collision near Kings Lynn between Blenheim V5464 and Blenheim Z5808, 86 Squadron, 17 March 1941. Note: Related files: 4952, 4956C16689556
AIR81/8585Flying Officer H C Winter-Taylor, Flying Officer J Grocott, Sergeant R J Skuse, Sergeant P Miller, Sergeant J H Kennedy, Sergeant J S Martin: prisoners of war; aircraft ditched at sea west of Rona, North Atlantic, Whitley Z6808, 612 Squadron, 26 August 1941. With photograph.C16924427
AIR81/8635Sergeant R L Bradshaw: injured; Pilot Officer G E Pinney, Sergeant C Ganly, Pilot Officer J F C Gallaher, Sergeant G F Keen: uninjured; aircraft crashed due to engine failure near RAF Swanton Morley, Whitley Z6808, 51 Squadron, 7 August 1941.C16924477

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RAF/RAF OR Service NumbersRFC/RAF SERVICE NUMBERS (Courtesy of Air Force Deaths site) At least until the 1950s, the service numbers of RFC and RAF personnel indicated the date and manner of joining the service. The RFC numbering system began at 1 in 1912, the initial allocations being to men who had transferred in from the Royal Engineers and subsequent ones to civilian recruits. The RNAS commenced its own numbering system when it became a separate entity in July 1914 - again commencing with 1, but prefixed by the letter F. When the RAF was formed, RFC men kept their original service numbers. However, as the RNAS numbering system had also begun at 1, all RNAS men inherited by the RAF had 200000 added to their original numbers, and the prefix F was dropped. All RNAS personnel were renumbered in 1918, including the dead. (RNAS squadrons had 200 added to their numbers). NCOs who were commissioned received new service numbers. In most cases all the numbers in a block were allocated; figures given in brackets indicate the highest numbers actually issued if the allocation was not total. NUMBERS LAST NUMBER DATE OF TO WHOM ALLOCATED USED IF BLOCK ALLOCATION NOT EXHAUSTED 1 to 515 1912 RFC: transfers and civilians 516 to 1013 1913 RFC - transfers and civilians 1014 to 2690 1914 RFC - transfers and civilians 2691 to 17400 1915 RFC - transfers and civilians 17401 to 39639 1916 RFC - civilians 39640 to 40300 Jly-Oct 1916 RFC - transfers 40301 to 45300 Jly-Aug 1916 RFC - transfers 47301 to 49300 Aug-Nov 1916 RFC - civilians 49301 to 49800 Aug-Oct 1916 RFC - transfers 49801 to 50800 Nov-Dec 1916 RFC - civilians 50801 to 51800 Oct 1916-Jan 1917 RFC - transfers 51801 to 52800 Dec 1916 RFC - civilians 52801 to 52950 52949 Dec 1916-Jan 1917 AID Examiners 52951 to 56950 Jan 1917 RFC - civilians 56951 to 57950 Jan 1917 RFC - transfers 57951 to 60950 Feb 1917 RFC - civilians 60951 to 61950 Jan-Feb 1917 RFC - transfers 61951 to 64950 Feb-Mar 1917 RFC - civilians 64951 to 65950 Feb-Mar 1917 RFC - transfers 65951 to 68950 Mar 1917 RFC - civilians 68951 to 69000 68997 Jan-May 1917 RFC - cadets 69001 to 70000 Mar-Apr 1917 RFC - civilians 70001 to 75000 Feb-Sep 1917 RFC - Canadians 75001 to 77000 Apr 1917 RFC - civilians 77001 to 77100 Jan 1917 AID Examiners 77101 to 79100 Mar-May 1917 RFC - transfers 79101 to 80100 Apr- May 1917 RFC - civilians 80101 to 80200 Apr 1917 AID Examiners 80201 to 84200 May 1917 RFC - civilians 84201 to 84400 84202 May 1917 AID Examiners 84401 to 87400 Jun-Jly 1917 RFC - civilians 87401 to 88400 Jly 1917 RFC - transfers 88401 to 90400 Jly-Aug 1917 RFC - civilians 90401 to 90600 Jly 1917 AID Examiners 90601 to 93600 Aug-Sep 1917 RFC - civilians 93601 to 94600 Sep 1917 RFC - transfers 94601 to 95600 Sep 1917 RFC - civilians 95601 to 95700 Sep 1917 AID Examiners 95701 to 98700 Sep-Oct 1917 RFC - civilians 98701 to 99700 Oct 1917 RFC - transfers 99701 to 100700 Oct-Nov 1917 R ....Read More.Resmoroh on 14th November 2007 09:30:56
Dakota KG-449 lost over BelgiumHello Leendert , Got this from Dennis Pesschier from Holland: KG449 575Squadron. 25-9-1944 From “Green On” by Arie-Jan van Hees, page 30-307. ISBN. 90-806808-2-6 Damaged by flak and machinegun fire over the drop zone. Crew: F/S Clark, pilot Sgt Garnett-Bottfield, co-pilot Sgt Seddon, navigator F/s Strickland, wireless operator The air despatchers of 800 Company RASC: Cpl Taylor Cpl Wright Dvr Irish Dvr Smith Force landed at Paal in Belgium. Driver Irish had a dislocated shoulder. They spent the night in the aircraft and walked to a Signals camp the following morning. Having survived the DZ and a crash landing, both Taylor and Smith received further injuries in a car accident on their way to B.56 Greets Alain ....Read More.Alain on 21st November 2007 02:29:42
357 Squadron loss - 15/03/1944Hi guys I can't seem to find a loss for the following men in any of the books I have on the Burma campaign. There's nothing in Shores, or Terence O'Brien's books, or Gwynne-Tomothy's Burma Liberators. Though 357 Squadron flew a number of different aircraft Shores states that the first Liberator mission didn't occur until the beginning of April 1944, and the Catalina's had been split away slightly earlier. So I believe it was a Hudson on a Special Ops drop over Burma (in which case I am also missing one more possible crew member). Does anybody have any info that could tie these men to a specific loss? Name: PALMER, RICHARD BLAKE Nationality: Canadian Rank: Flight Lieutenant Regiment/Service: Royal Canadian Air Force Unit Text: 357 (R.A.F.) Sqdn Service No: J/10015 Name: PATTERSON, LORNE Nationality: Canadian Rank: Flight Lieutenant Regiment/Service: Royal Canadian Air Force Unit Text: 357 (R.A.F.) Sqdn Age: 32 Service No: J/8624 Name: PONSFORD, JAMES CECIL SPENCER Nationality: United Kingdom Rank: Flight Lieutenant Regiment/Service: Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve Unit Text: 357 Sqdn. Age: 44 Service No: 80801 Name: OGILVIE, BRUCE ADAM Nationality: Canadian Rank: Pilot Officer Regiment/Service: Royal Canadian Air Force Unit Text: 357 (R.A.F.) Sqdn Service No: J/89408 Name: WILKINSON, JOSEPH Nationality: United Kingdom Rank: Flight Sergeant Regiment/Service: Royal Air Force Unit Text: 357 Sqdn. Age: 25 Service No: 537086 The are all commerated on the Singapore Memorial. Thanks guys Amrit ....Read More.Amrit on 25th November 2007 06:53:15
Wellington lost 24/05/42 during fighter affiliation?Fantastic, thanks Errol, that's perfect. There is nothing mentioned in the ORB about an attached artillery expert and CWGC lists Captain White as 109 Squadron too. Crew: Name: COOTE, MICHAEL ANDEAN Nationality: United Kingdom Rank: Flying Officer (Pilot) Regiment/Service: Royal Air Force Age: 25 Date of Death: 24/05/1942 Service No: 42804 Awards: Mentioned in Despatches Additional information: Son of Henry Frank and Adrienne Beatrice Coote, of Chatham. Grave/Memorial Reference: Sec. J. Grave 49. Cemetery: CHATHAM CEMETERY Name: HOLDEN, ROBERT SAMUEL Nationality: United Kingdom Rank: Sergeant (W. Op.) Regiment/Service: Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve Unit Text: 1483 Technical Training Flight Secondary Unit Text: attd. 138 Sqdn. Date of Death: 24/05/1942 Service No: 1133022 Additional information: Husband of M. Holden, of Bootle, Lancashire. Grave/Memorial Reference: Plot P. Grave 432. Cemetery: NEWMARKET CEMETERY Name: BOYLE, JOHN GEORGE YPRES Nationality: United Kingdom Rank: Flight Sergeant (W.Op./Air Gnr.) Regiment/Service: Royal Air Force Age: 26 Date of Death: 24/05/1942 Service No: 631184 Awards: Mentioned in Despatches Additional information: Son of John George and Rosalie May Boyle, of Cwmbwrla, Swansea. Grave/Memorial Reference: Sec. C. Grave 2118. Cemetery: SWANSEA (CWMGELLY) CEMETERY Name: ADDERLY, ALBERT Nationality: United Kingdom Rank: Flight Sergeant (Air Gnr.) Regiment/Service: Royal Air Force Age: 21 Date of Death: 24/05/1942 Service No: 544454 Awards: D F M Additional information: Son of Harry and Edith Adderly, of Mill Bank, Wellington. Grave/Memorial Reference: Grave 1668. Cemetery: WELLINGTON GENERAL CEMETERY, Shropshire Air Ministry, 2nd September, 1941. ROYAL AIR FORCE: The KING has been graciously pleased to approve the following awards in recognition of gallantry displayed in flying operations against the enemy: Distinguished Flying Medal. 544454 Flight Sergeant Albert ADDERLEY, No. 115 Squadron. Name: HUGHES, ALFRED WILLIAM Nationality: United Kingdom Rank: Leading Aircraftman Regiment/Service: Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve Age: 26 Date of Death: 24/05/1942 Service No: 1178083 Additional information: Son of Alfred W. Hughes and Louise Hughes, of Llandudno Junction, Caernarvonshire; husband of Helen Hughes, of Llandudno Junction. Grave/Memorial Reference: Plot 0. Grave 398. Cemetery: NEWMARKET CEMETERY Name: BOYCE, WILLIAM GILCHRIST Nationality: United Kingdom Rank: Aircraftman 1st Class Regiment/Service: Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve Unit Text: 138 Sqdn. Age: 19 Date of Death: 24/05/1942 Service No: 1559614 Additional information: Son of William and Catherine Boyce, of Glasgow. Grave/Memorial Reference: Sec. N. Grave 2998. Cemetery: GLASGOW WESTERN NECROPOLIS Name: CAPP, JOHN Nationality: United Kingdom Rank: Aircraftman 1st Class Regiment/Service: R ....Read More.Mark Crame on 4th January 2008 05:55:03
Stirling crashed 21 Febr. 1945Hans, Also buried at Mierlo on this date were from 196 Squadron: HTH, Howard ....Read More.Howdie on 17th January 2008 02:44:12
32 OtuG'day Chaps The following might help answer some questions. It was extracted from the O.R.B.'s, crash cards and aircraft record cards. Cheers...Chris No. 32 (RAF) Operational Training Unit Known Codes: HA, HM, RD, DK, LB, OP No. 32 (RAF) Operational Training Unit was located at Patricia Bay, British Columbia and had formed at West Kirby, Cheshire, England on 7 August 1941. The OTU moved to Patricia Bay as of 22 August 1941 and became operational as of 10 December 1941. No. 32 (RAF) OTU was formed to train torpedo bombing crews. Immediately after the Pearl Harbour attack by the Japanese, the OTU was temporarily designated as No. 32 (Torpedo-Bomber) Squadron RCAF. No. 32 (RAF) OTU was part of No. 4 Training Command. The Squadron reverted back to OTU status within a very short period of time. The OTU was later reactivated as No. 32 (TB) Squadron for a short time when the Japanese invaded the Aleutians. On 10 December 1943 the OTU converted to training Dakota crews and on 25 May 1944 moved to RCAF Station Comox, British Columbia. No. 32 (RAF) OTU was part of No. 4 Training Command. No. 32 (RAF) OTU was turned over to the RCAF and redesignated as No. 6 (RCAF) Operational Training Unit on 1 June 1944. As No. 6 (RCAF) OTU they moved to RCAF Station Greenwood, Nova Scotia on 15 January 1946 and were then disbanded on 31 March of that year. Beaufort Mk. I - L9967 RD*K later OP*K, L9968 RD*L later OP*L (Swung off the runway on landing at Patricia Bay on 4 February 1942 and ran into a three foot trench. The aircraft was repaired), N1005 RD*A later OP*A also DK*R (Swung to first to port then to starboard while taxing at Patricia Bay on 31 December 1941, went off the runway into a bank of earth and collapsed the starboard landing gear damaging the starboard wing, engine and propeller. The aircraft was repaired), N1006 RD*B (Glided to a landing at sea 8 miles south-east of Patricia Bay on 16 February 1942 after the starboard engine failed. The aircraft was written off), N1007 RD*C later OP*C, N1021 RD*D later OP*D, N1026 RD*O (Nosed over and struck the water after the port engine caught fire shortly after take-off from Patricia Bay on 29 May 1942. The aircraft was destroyed), N1027 RD*P later OP*N (Was struck by taxying Hampden AN107, same Unit, while parked at Patricia Bay on 26 October 1943. The aircraft was repaired), N1029 RD*E later OP*E, N1030 RD*F later OP*F, N1045 RD*G later OP*G, N1078 RD*H later OP*H (Jumped the chocks and the propellers struck wooden trestles while on an engine run-up at Patricia Bay on 7 November 1941. The aircraft was repaired), N1107 RD*J (The starboard landing gear struck an open drainage ditch after swinging to starboard on landing at Patricia Bay on 14 January 1942. The aircraft was repaired), W6473 RD*M (Made a force landing on rough ground Rodeo, New Mexico on 27 March 1942 after the port engine failed then fell from the aircraft. The aircraft was written off), W6484 RD*N later OP ....Read More.Dakota on 4th February 2008 02:50:16
78 SquadronPeter, Halifax III LW510 took off at 1859 hours and a third calss fix was received from it at 2245 hours, a message was then received stating that the aircraft was returning with one engine out and a second fix was obtained at 2255 hours. The aircraft was attempting to land at Cranfield when it crashed approximately one mile short of the runway. The entire crew were killed. The Navigator was 1334523 FSgt Shields W. Halifax III LW589 took off at 1841 and was shot down by a night-fighter on the return journey. It eventually came down near les Hautes Rivieres in the Ardennes, again the entire crew were lost, the Navigator was 1393541 Sgt Dear J. Halifax III LV903 took off at 1858 hours and was also shot down, however I have not been able to identify where it actually came down. The Navigator was 1563039 Sgt McLeod who was taken prisoner. Halifax III LW507 took off at 1854 and crashed in the target area, only two of the crew were killed. The Navigator was 1219516 Sgt Edwards L who was taken prisoner. Halifax III LW518 took off at 1902 hours and was hit by flak on the return journey crashing near Fahlhorst, the entire crew were lost, the Navigator was 138084 FO Lees A. Halifax III LX355 took off at 1850 hours and was attacked by a night-fighter near Den Haag and was abandoned, crashing near Oostvoorne. All of the crew survived and were taken prisoner, the Navigator was 1564477 Sgt Stewart J. Hope this is of use to you. Daz ....Read More.78SqnHistory on 5th February 2008 03:00:38
WAAF Casualties May/June 1940Does anyone know the causes of death of these three WAAF-women? Or the RAF-units they were attached to? Aircraftwoman 2nd Class Sheila U. Carpenter, WAAF 880889, age 20, 07/05/1940, Leicester (Gilroes) Cemetery, UK Aircraftwoman 2nd Class Gwendolyne M. Heard, WAAF 885746, age 20, 25/05/1940, Gateshead (Saltwell) Cemetery, UK Aircraftwoman 1st Class Barbara S.W. Williams, WAAF 883075, age 17, 20/06/1940, Cardiff (Cathays) Cemetery, UK Regards, Bart ....Read More.Bart FM Droog on 8th February 2008 06:50:34
Operation OysterHello Koen, Ventura, AE702, SB-Q Shot down at 12.39 hrs in the target area by Flak. Flying Officer (Pilot) Maurice G. Moor, RCAF J/10139, 464 Sqdn., age 23, 06/12/1942, Eindhoven (Woensel) General Cemetery, NL Flying Officer (Nav.) Nathan Cohen, RAF 120429, 464 Sqdn., age 33, 06/12/1942, Eindhoven (Woensel) General Cemetery, NL Pilot Officer (W.Op./Air Gnr.) Sidney A. Venneear, RAAF 123683, 464 Sqdn., age unknown, 06/12/1942, Eindhoven (Woensel) General Cemetery, NL Sergeant Mervyn L.V. Hass, RAAF 414026, 464 Sqdn., age 27, 06/12/1942, Eindhoven (Woensel) General Cemetery, NL Ventura AE945, SB-E Shot down by flak and crashed at 12.39 hrs in the target area. Flight Sergeant (Pilot) Beverly M. Harvey, RCAF R/88469, 464 Sqdn., age 22, 06/12/1942, Eindhoven (Woensel) General Cemetery, NL Warrant Officer (Obs.) Basil Marrows, RAFVR 905358, 464 Sqdn., age 32, 06/12/1942, Eindhoven (Woensel) General Cemetery, NL Sergeant (W.Op./Air Gnr.) Joseph B.A. MacPherson, RAFVR 1194240, 464 Sqdn., age 28, 06/12/1942, Eindhoven (Woensel) General Cemetery, NL Sergeant Farquharson Proctor, RAAF 8063, 464 Sqdn., age 21, 06/12/1942, Eindhoven (Woensel) General Cemetery, NL Ventura AJ213, SB-N Shot down by Flak shortly after crossing the Dutch coast. Crashed at 12.18 hrs at Vrouwenpolder (Zeeland) Sgt S.C. Moss, RAAF - POW (wounded) Sgt R.A. Wagner, RAF - POW Sgt J.A. Wallis, RAF - POW Sgt F.C. Lindsay, RAAF - POW Sources: CWGC and W.R. Chorley, 'Bomber Command Losses Vol 3: 1942'. Regards, Bart ....Read More.Bart FM Droog on 26th March 2008 04:29:15
W/O J J P McGale, RCAFJohn James Patrick McGale (R.128082) - Born August 1921. Served in RCAF, 28 August 1941 to 8 November 1945. Postwar service with RCAF, 15 December 1950 to 27 February 1971 (postwar number 34181). ....Read More.HughAHalliday on 3rd April 2008 06:18:26
Avis Hearn MM.I assume this is the lady, although the London Gazette entry puts a different spin on her name. I shall add the news of her passing (and anything else that may come to light through this thread) to the data base entry: HEARN-AVIS, Joan, Acting Corporal (880847, Womens Auxiliary Air Force) - unit ? - Military Medal - awarded as per London Gazette dated 10 January 1941. "In August 1940, during an enemy air attack, bombs were dropped on buildings of the unit, doing very considerable damage. Several heavy bombs fell alongside a block where Corporal Hearn-Avis was working alone controlling telephones. Every window was blown in and one of the main walls of one the rooms was badly cracked. Throughout the attack Corporal Hearn-Avis remained at her post in a building which threatened to collapse about her, doing her work as far as the terrible noise would permit. This airwoman displayed courage and devotion to duty of the highest order." ....Read More.HughAHalliday on 3rd April 2008 06:56:35
Sgt C.A. FARRINGTON, No. 7 SquadronJoss, I am at the NA next week, I will try and dig out a copy of the 'K' Report or PoW Questionnaire for you time permitting. Cheers Steve [QUOTE=jossleclercq;8089]hello Tom, As you didn't mention it, I presume there's no 'K report' about that loss ? I'll try to get information through Canada as F/O Kenneth DAVIS was R.C.A.F., and this might give up some details, like the place where the body of F/Sgt R.J. POWELL was found. He's the only member of the crew with a grave, and details should be found in the MRES investigation. I'll keep you posted if I find anything new about this case. Joss[/QUOTE] ....Read More.Steve Smith on 18th April 2008 09:31:55
401101 - Unaccounted airmen - 1-11-1940What caused the death of and/or what were the places of death registration for: A - Killed on active service: LAC (Pilot u/t) ABLEY, Philip K. - 908333; F/Sgt F/Sgt Thomas G.W. CASON - 515481; Cpl Donald FOX - 535872 - 110 Sqn (Wattisham, Suffolk); Cpl Frank H.H. FRY - 525299 - 66 Sqn (West Malling, Kent); AC2 William E.G. GREENHEAD - 749874 - 110 Sqn; AC2 John HEYES - 972662 - 110 Sqn; Cpl Emrys G. HOWELLS - 567595 - 110 Sqn; LAC William R. LAMBE - 631468 - 110 Sqn; Sgt John M. LISTER - 938842 - 110 Sqn; Sgt William H. MINIHANE - 568093 - 110 Sqn; Sgt Llewellyn F. WEBB - 755836 - 110 Sqn; Cpl Frederick WHEATLEY - 180860; AC2 Frederick WRIGHT - 1165055 - 110 Sqn. B - Died of wounds or injuries received on active service: AC2 Thomas G. MORAN - 1053259. Most, if not all, may have been air raid casualties. Regards and thanks for your help. Henk. ....Read More.Henk Welting on 6th May 2008 10:48:47
Sgt Gilbert Ronald Lewis - 980451 - Died 24/7/42 - 236 Sqd236 Squadron were based at Oulton and were equiped with Bristol Beaufighters VIF Beaufighter X8088 is listed in Air Britain RAF Aircraft as Missing from shipping strike off Texel, 24.7.42. P/O Paul Osborne Webster RCAF was also killed on 24.7.42 Andy ....Read More.Andy Ingham on 11th June 2008 03:20:56
School Air Navigation Port Albert CanadaALLEN, Sergeant Ivon Busil Wilfred (RAF 938329) - British Empire Medal - No.31 Air Navigation School, Port Albert, Ontario - Awarded as per London Gazette dated 1 January 1946 and AFRO 82/46 dated 25 January 1946). "This airman has performed the duties of non-commissioned officer in charge of police at this unit with exceptional ability and keenness. In spite of the onerous nature of his duties, he has shown considerable tact in the handling of airmen. He is energetic, of sound judgement and possesses initiative above the average. He has rendered meritorious service of a high order." CRAWFORD, Warrant Officer Charles William (RAF 561511) - Air Force Cross - No.31 Air Navigation School, Port Albert, Ontario - Award effective 28 May 1943 as per London Gazette dated 2 June 1943 and AFRO 1459/43 dated 30 July 1943. "This Warrant Officer, over a period of 14 years, has established an enviable record of loyal and efficient service. Under routine and uninspiring conditions he has maintained an enthusiasm which is highly commendable. He has completed nearly 3,000 flying hours under all possible weather conditions by day and by night, the major portion of which has been logged since the commencement of hostilities. Prior to his present appointment as Staff Pilot at this Air Navigation School, he participated in a number of anti-submarine sweeps. Warrant Officer Crawford has contributed immeasurable to the success of navigation training at this school." CURLE, Sergeant Douglas (RAF 1001164) - British Empire Medal - No.31 Air Navigation School, Port Albert, Ontario - Awarded as per London Gazette dated 14 June 1945 and AFRO 1127/45 dated 6 July 1945. "This non-commissioned officer has been employed on ground instructional duties on this unit for over a year. During this period he has continuously shown the highest standard of loyalty and conscientious devotion to duty. His firm but tactful handling of his pupils, his fine spirit and sense of responsibility have left their mark indelibly in the minds of all with whom he came in contact. With the interests of the school at heart, Sergeant Curle was never satisfied with his own efforts and worked long hours to ensure that he had turned out the best possible navigators in the time available. His painstaking ability was clear to all and he was held in the highest esteem by both pupils and fellow instructors. In spite of circumstances which might easily have discouraged him he never allowed his enthusiasm to wane but maintained a continuously high standard of efficiency and keenness in his work." DOBBS, F/L James Frederick (RAF 45881) - Air Force Cross - No.31 Air Navigation School, Port Albert, Ontario - Awarded 1 January 1944 as per London Gazette of that date as per AFRO 113/44 dated 21 January 1944. "As a staff pilot this officer has at all times shown a keen interest in his flying duties. His personal qualities of loyalty and dependability together with his outstandin ....Read More.HughAHalliday on 18th June 2008 11:44:35
401224 - Unaccounted airmen - 24-12-1940What caused the death of and/or what were the places of death registration for: P/O (Pilot) Michael F.C. BUCKBARROW - 42557 - killed on active service; P/O (Obs) Leslie G. BURTON - 78081 - killed on active service; Sapper Arthur M. COOPER - 1940767 - Royal Engineers attd 25 Sqn (Wittering, Northamptonshire) - not found Flight archives; LAC Derek J. LING - 937983 - 600 Sqn (Catterick, Yorkshire) - not found Flight archives; Sgt (WOp/Ag) Frank N. MEDDINGS - 641350 - killed on active service, and AC2 Harry P. MILNER - 1359467 - not found Flight archives. Proposed aircraft losses for this day: Lysander II - R2002 - 231 Sqn - crashed on landing Newtownards. Maryland I - AR737 - OADF - crashed on take-off Leigh Park, Havant, Hampshire. Regards and thanks for your help. Henk. ....Read More.Henk Welting on 14th July 2008 10:13:21
Hudson 251 Sqn Loss 28 Oct 44Hi Andrey, just want to correct you - according to CWGC F/Lt ASHBURY EDWIN LUSK J/13089 (RCAF) was killed with 521 Sqdn. the rest of crew can be also find on the CWGC: F/O CAMPBELL, ALASTAIR WILLIAM - F/O LEGG WILLIAM THOMAS EASTERBROOK - F/O MAYSON JOHN - W/O SWINSON FRANCIS HENRY - Pavel ....Read More.CZ_RAF on 17th July 2008 08:00:51
410102 - Unaccounted airmen - 2-1-1941What caused the death of and/or what were the places of death registration for: Sgt Robert H. COLLARD - 530468 - killed on active service, and P/O (Pilot) Rocheford C. STOKES - 80862 - killed on active service. Only one proposed aircraft loss for this day: Hurricane I - L1852 - 55 OTU - crashed on take-off Moreton-in-Marsh. Regards and thanks for your help. Henk. ....Read More.Henk Welting on 21st July 2008 10:08:21
Catalina attacked by Fulmars 22/7/41-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi guys Can anyone provide details of the above incident, please. Fulmars of 807 or 808 Squadrons from 'Ark Royal' mistakenly attacked a Catalina (202 Squadron?) out from Gibraltar believing it to be an Italian flying boat. One the Catalina's gunners was wounded. Names of Catalina crew (plus serial number) and identities of Fulmar pilots would be appreciated. Cheers Brian ....Read More.brian on 7th August 2008 10:34:27
Halifax hit by "friendly" bombsThis was the subject of a recent thread which I have been unable to locate. This is additional information on the subject, gathered from a review last week of Flying Officer L.E.J Murphy's service file. Murphy was awarded a DFC for services in No.427 Squadron (London Gazette, 6 October 1944, AFRO 2534/44, 24 November 1944), the following citation being published: "Flying Officer Murphy has completed very many sorties as captain of aircraft. In August 1944 he piloted an aircraft of a bomber force detailed to attack Foret de Nieppe. Whilst over the target area the aircraft sustained severe damage. Despite this he flew the aircraft safely to base. He displayed the highest standard of airmanship, coolness and determination in a most difficult situation. This officer has completed many sorties." A more complete record of the "severe damage" sustained comes from a report on file. The following is in part my digest of the document, in part direct quotation: Involved in accident, 3 August 1944, 2005 hours during operational mission (day bombing) over target (Foret de Nieppe, near Hazbrouck, France). Aircraft was Halifax LW163. Crew consisted of F/O L.E.J. Murphy (captain, whose flying times were recorded as 232 solo hours on Halifax aircraft and 445 hours 25 minutes on all types; of these, 190 solo hours by night on Halifax, 189 hours 55 minutes night solo on other types); R110424 Warrant Officer J.S. Niven (navigator), J28082 F/O K.K. Young (bomb aimer), 179228 P/O J. Cheese (WOP/AG), R187956 Flight Sergeant B.E. White (mid-upper gunner), R195822 Flight Sergeant G.K. Bygrove (rear gunner) and 1836521 Sergeant S.R.A. Burn (flight engineer). No injuries. Aircraft damaged Category "B" ("for repair at contractors or RAF Depot). His narrative read as follows: "Aircraft was hit by three bombs from a friendly aircraft just as bombs were released. R/T aerial was taken away. Holes in port mainplane outboard of Port Outer engine and in outer section of port flap. Third bomb passed through fuselage above entrabce hatch and passed through floor. "Difficulty was experienced in holding port wing up level flight and on landing. Ailerons were jammed and aircraft had a tendency to turn starboard in a skidding turn. Height and airspeed were easily maintained." The assessment of the incident blamed it on "gross carelessness of Bomb Aimer" in unidentified aircraft that had been above. Air Commodore J.G. Bryans (Officer Commanding, No.61 Base) noted, "Development of tactics is at present under way to permit heavy concentration over target combined with safety from falling bombs." ....Read More.HughAHalliday on 8th August 2008 07:04:33
F/SGT A. FRANCIS D.F.M RAF Died 20/6/1942Hi, 903808 F/Sgt (Pilot)Alexander FRANCIS D.F.M RAFVR Died 20/6/1942 DFM LG 21/11/1941 51 Sqdn Buried Manor Park, East Ham London. I believe he died in motorcycle accident, maybe in Scotland while serving at an OTU ? Any help much appreciated Mark ....Read More.Marks on 14th August 2008 05:15:33
Posting to 21 SquadronHi Alex I have just checked 21 Squadrons ORB and the first mention of him is on the 17th November 1939 when he went on a reconn of WILHELMSHAFEN in Blenheim L8741. The crew being S/Ldr G.A.M. Pryde, 563808 Sgt A Summers and 547157 Lac F Searle. There is a list of Officers who were with the squadron on the 3rd September 1939, he is NOT recorded on that list. The 'A' Flight commander was F/Lt R.D.C. Gibson and the 'B' Flight commander was S/Ldr G.E. Macdonald. He had recorded 23 missions with the squadron by the time his last recorded mission with 21 Sqn took place, which was on the 6th June 1940. He obviously returned to the UK after this date as he was killed on the 19th June 1940 while a part of the infamous "Blenheim Delivery Flight" from the UK to the Middle East. Hope this helps you. Pel Temple He received a DFC in the middle of August 1940 while supposedly with 21 Sqn. ....Read More.P.H.Temple on 20th August 2008 11:34:40
Casualties 27-3-1941Can someone please look up the death registration locations of the following 2 Pilots P/O Colin LOGAN - 44178 - 222 Sqn Sgt Walter WILSON - 748084 - 222 Sqn. I expect that they are both in Norfolk, but 1 may be in Bristol The issue is that: Air Britain Serials: P8028: 222 - collided with Spitfire P7908 during practice dogfight and crashed, Easton, Norfolk. Pilot P/O LOGAN killed P7908: 145/485/401/154/58 OTU/2 TEU/13 Grp CF - SOC 25-5-1945. I also have P8028 pres. collided with P7857 of 222 Sqn but also reported as 2 FPP, Engine failure, Force-landed hit building Willsbridge near Bristol. Pilot Sgt WILSON killed P7857: 2FPP engine failed hit house force-landed Willsbridge nearr Bristol 8-3-42 SOC 7-4-42 If anyone could give me the correct 2 Spitfires in the collison - Great! Many Thanks ....Read More.paulmcmillan on 21st August 2008 12:35:18
410409 - Unaccounted airmen - 9-4-1941Hard to believe but no match in Flight Global archives for the next NINETEEN airmen !! What caused the death of and/or what were the places of death registration for: AC2 (Wop/Ag u/t) George W. BECKETT - 1165277; AC2 John T. BENNETT - 1191465; AC1 Arthur W. BLAKE - 1182920 - 6 BC, 916 (Balloon) Sqn, Coventry; AC2 Irvine D. BOWLES - 701578; F/Sgt Edwin C.W. BROAD - 353669; W/O Robert GOWLAND - 345161; AC1 Joseph S. HEMLEY - 1104776; LAC Herbert A.J.E.R. HILL - 743644; Sgt William NEWELL - 313188; AC1 Edward M.J. O'DONOVAN - 1187116; AC1 Arthur L. PRICE - 1198183 - 6 BC, 916 (Balloon) Sqn, Coventry; AC1 Leonard J. REYNOLDS - 1156665; AC1 Cyril T. ROBINSON - 961718 - 6 BC, 916 (Balloon) Sqn, Coventry; Sgt Thomas R. SAVIN - 542315; AC2 John SHAW - 1053902 - 6 BC, 916 (Balloon) Sqn, Coventry; P/O Alfred G. SLADE - 851462 - 6 BC, 916 (Balloon) Sqn, Coventry; LAC Leswlie H. SMITH - 1110716; LAC Alfred E. WEBB - 39552, and LAC Joseph WOOLGAR - 799787. Proposed aircraft losses for this day: Blenheim I - L1357 - 2 SAC - crashed in forced landing Kimpton, Hants. Magister I - L8085 - 5 EFTS - spun into ground Wood Farm, Leigh, Shropshire. Oxford II - T1333 - 2 FTS - crashed on overshoot at night, Akeman Street. Regards and thanks for your help. Henk. ....Read More.Henk Welting on 27th August 2008 10:28:55
410409 - Unaccounted airmen - 9-4-1941Hi Henk, Smith was on Magister L8085. I puzzled over this one for a while as i thought he was one of my Shropshire casualties, but Air Britain has "Shropshire" wrong (I checked the accident cards a while back). I think the crash site should be in the Lower Leigh, Upper Leigh or Church Leigh area (just south of Cheadle in Staffordshire). This ties in with the unit as i have a feeling it was based at Mere which is not far away. Hope that helps, Tom ....Read More.thorne83 on 27th August 2008 05:54:56

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