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National Archives AIR81

Citation AIR81 Casualty File Description Link
AIR81/7409Pilot Officer J F Kelham: injured; aircraft accident at RAF Fairwood Common, Hurricane Z28?0, 79 Squadron, 5 July 1941.C16756706

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How to access posts on old boardHi Ladies and Gents, Go to the old board [url][/url] Select the forum eg General Click on archive on top right of table. Click page 446 etc on top right Select the required thread Or use the old board search function but click the "search archives box" and limit the period to 1 year. Regards Ross ------------------------------ [B]Updated [/B]The dcboard messages have been migrated - Jump to this post to read about how to access old messages [url][/url] ....Read More.Ross_McNeill on 13th November 2007 12:09:11
Welcome and thanks..Thanks and well done, you two. You had some of us worried for while, though [Wot ! - No Champagne for the relaunch? Never mind, we'll raise a glass later...] ....Read More.Chris Scott on 13th November 2007 12:20:45
Stirling V8-'A', 570 SquadronHello, This Stirling would be LJ622 of 570 Squadron that was badly hit on 23 September 1944 and crashed at Manston on return of the operations of 'Market Garden'. Unfortunately I don't have the ORB of this day so I would like to know if an airman named 'Browne' was onboard. In more in other files LJ622 is known as V8-W so which is the good letter? And is LJ622 V8-'A'? I thank you in advance for your help. Bruno LECAPLAIN ....Read More.Bruno on 13th November 2007 12:58:39
Abbreviations and acronymsJason, I found your thread 'Abbreviation and acronyms' in the old archives, but could I suggest you repeat the link here? While I'm about it here's a few more to add: ATD - Actual Time of Departure ETD - Estimated Time of Departure ETA - Emergency Temporary Accommodation (this was actually the code name for the wartime location of the Central Forecasting Office at Dunstable. The CFO moved into what was intended to be temporary wartime accommodation in Feb 1940 - and remained there until 1961!) Brian ....Read More.Lyffe on 13th November 2007 01:52:41
North Coates and Langham Wings strike 15/6/1944Hello, I'm from Holland and I am looking for information on a strike at 15/6/1944 above the frisian islands. I have an book called: The Ship Busters from Ralph Barker, in this book is a lot of information about the attack but I wonder if there is a possible way to find out more about this attack? The Coastal command striked many times above the frisian islands, is there a good book (serie) that will explain every attack? I will paste a part of the attack: "Some days earlier, a report had filtered through from the Dutch underground that a large convoy was preparing to leave Rotterdam for the Baltic, consisting of two new vessels which had just been completed and would be on their maiden voyage, the 8000-ton merchant vessel Amerskerke and a 4000-ton naval auxiliary, escorted by no less than eighteen smaller vessels. The disruption and chaos wrought amongst German rail and road communications prior to D-Day had forced the Germans to rely more than ever on their sea routes, so that the destruction of these two new vessels, almost as soon as they were launched, would represent an important contribution to the breaking down of the enemy's power to resist and to the shortening of the war. The advance information given by the Dutch resistance gave us the chance to plan a large-scale operation, the biggest of its kind so far. A new wing had been formed at Langham in Norfolk to deal with enemy shipping that might attempt to interfere with our invasion convoys, and it was decided to send two squadrons of this wing together with two of the North Coates wing, the whole to be escorted by ten Mustangs of Fighter Command. Of the four squadrons, three were to dive on the convoy and smother the defences with cannon and rockets, and the fourth was to come in at low level and aim torpedoes at the two new ships. The two squadrons of the Langham wing, 455 (Australian) and 489 (New Zealand), had done most of their earlier operations off the Norwegian coast, too far from base to allow escort by single-seater fighters" Best regards, Remy, ....Read More.Remy on 13th November 2007 04:21:52
Replacing Lost MedalsHi folks, I've had a request from a friend who's father served as aircrew during WW2 (ops over Norway is all i know at present), who has lost/misplaced/sold or had stolen his original medals. Is there some method of replacing these with new versions? The chap in question is still alive. Can he request a new issue? If so how? Would he have to pay for replacements and if so how much? I'm hoping to get more information regarding this chap, eg Name, Sqn, and medal entitlement, but in the mean time if some one could point me in the right direction that would be great. Ps ..... carry on the good work Ross. Jon (jonshell on the old forum) ....Read More.Jon on 13th November 2007 05:43:48
Norman Franks, Beyond Courage, ASR by Walrus squadronsI have just picked up Franks' Beyond Courage seeking further information on an incident on 20 March 1943 during which Danish Luftwaffe pilot Poul Sommer shoots down a Spitfire protecting a Walrus rescuing Canadian P/O Miller of No 185 Squadron flying Spitfire (BR109) in the sea outside Cap Scaramia. The book has no mention of this incident. Would anyone be able to direct me to other sources on the incident. That is apart from Prien et al's book on II./JG27 quoted on my website: TIA, Mikkel Plannthin ....Read More.Mikkel Plannthin on 13th November 2007 06:04:44
Photos of airmen of 500 SqHi All, Is there anyone out there researching 500 Squadron 1942? I am trying to find photos of 3 airmen killed in a crash on the Isle of Lewis, So I am wondering if anyone has photos of these airmen? Perhaps taken in a group. They are: Pilot F/O John D.B.Rigby. RAFVR B-Sanwick, Stornoway. Radio/Mech Sgt Bernard F.C.Rixon. RAFVR. B-Hoddesdon,Herts. W/AG F/O Frank R.Hancock. RAFVR. B-Sandwick,Stornoway. All killed in Hudson FH375 on the night of 31/7 - 1/8/42 I have all details of the loss & burials etc, but am just looking for photos of these airmen. Regards Dave. ....Read More.highgroundsman on 13th November 2007 07:13:01
29 March 1945 - Italian crash siteGreetings Everyone, Back again with another curly one from my Italian contact. The only information I have on this crash in 1945 is:- 29 March 1945 Twin engined aircraft. Near QUINZANO d'OGLIO (BRESCIA) 12 km E of GENIVOLTA. This time I have only found a possible Mosquitoe of 237 Squadron and one crew members name - F/O. Harold Edgar Cecil AYLWARD. Did he crash at the above location? If anyone can come up with anything it would again, be most appreciated. Cheers, Digger. ....Read More.Arthur Arculus on 13th November 2007 08:01:52
Replacing Lost MedalsIf you go to:- you will see all about medals, including:- Can I obtain replacements of lost medals? The Medal Office only issue replacement medals to service veterans or, if deceased, the member of the family who now holds the medals, under certain strict conditions where the loss is completely outside the individual’s control in such instances as burglary, street theft or house fire. Only World War II medals and those issued subsequently can be replaced, provided that the criteria described here are met. The Medal Office is unable to replace medals issued before World War II, such as First World War medals, under any circumstances. Should you wish to claim for replacement medals in these circumstances, you should please provide details of the incident (i.e. burglary, fire etc.) and submit supporting contemporary evidence from the time of loss, by way of a copy of a successful insurance claim, or a Police crime report, either/both of which should include reference to the loss of the medals. A crime reference number alone is not sufficient. A lost property report is also insufficient. If these criteria are met then the Medal Office can issue replacement medals, but please note that there will still be a charge for the medals. The Medal Office will also check official records to confirm that the medals requested had been awarded to you or your relative. In all other cases, you may wish to consider purchasing replica medals from a specialist medal company or reputable medal dealer. Stewart ....Read More.Stewart McLoughlin on 13th November 2007 09:45:33
F/O O'Brien 414 SqdnF/O O'Brien Henry J S J/40218 414 Sqdn RCAF was killed on 29/11/1944 when he crashed his Spitfire MK-731.He is buried at the Hotton cemetery in Belgium. Does somebody knows were he crashed ? ....Read More.Alain on 14th November 2007 04:00:11
Mosquito MM-760During an overshoot on Melsbroek B-58 the engine from Mosquito NF XXX MM-760 cut and the aircraft turned over. This all happened on November 11th 1944. Who was the crew flying this aircraft and what happened with them ? ....Read More.Alain on 14th November 2007 04:25:48
Mosquito MM-753On November 3th 1944 Mosquito NF XXX MM-753 219 squadron belly-landed somewhere in Belgium after being hit by fire from a Stirling bomber. Where did this bellylanding happened and what became of the crew ? ....Read More.Alain on 14th November 2007 04:47:57
Awards, 1 January 1943Having viewed this post, I am not sure I am cross-posting correctly and shall await further instructions (I also want to repost the DFC citations list). Okay, I see how this works. I shall not repost the entire item from the old board, but I shall repeat here the introductory remarks which prefaced the list. The following represents over 300 awards that were gazetted 1 January 1943 without units being identified or citations. Units and citations are now available from myself via hughhall AT allstream DOT net. The list covers 57 Air Force Crosses, one Bar to the Air Force Cross, nine Air Force Medals, seven Associates of the Royal Red Cross, one Royal Red Cross, one Companion of the Bath, three Commanders of the Order of the British Empire, 42 Members of the Order of the British Empire, 31 Officers of the Order of the British Empire, 39 British Empire Medals, 14 Commendations and 92 Mentions in Despatches. It is not complete. The number of Mentions in Despatches is quite small compared to the total gazetted and those that are now available are the results of recommendations for higher awards (BEM, OBE, etc) which were downgraded to MiDs.. This listing would be impossible without help from Steve Brew and frequent checks with Michael Maton's "Honour the Air Forces". ....Read More.HughAHalliday on 14th November 2007 06:03:08
Malta Stations?Hi Adrian Is it possible that when that close to leaving Malta or after one of his Hospital visits your Father was posted on rest to become the Officer I/C(in charge) of a/the W/T(Wireless Telegraphy) Station on Malta? I don't know where it was but there must have been such a facility for long range communication and probably in or near the Malta HQ and on a small Island only the one for the RAF.Just a guess. Regard Dick ....Read More.Dick on 14th November 2007 06:05:17
Awards, 1 January 1943Hugh, et al, I tried to re-post the RAF OR Service Numbers list. The copy was 25K characters big (roughly 8 A4 pages). The UB & RM section will only accept up to 10K characters. Perhaps this latter figure could be "re-engineered"? Rgds Resmoroh ....Read More.Resmoroh on 14th November 2007 06:33:59
Hurricane losses ?Hello, On the other hand I possesses a list with next dates on the loss of Hurricane. True or false informations? 12/02/40 = THURGAR, PERCY FREDERICK. Loss at Pléchâtel. Aera Rennes. 27/03/40 = Hurricane. Aera Rennes ? 16/06/40 = Hurricane. Aera Rennes ? 17/06/40 = Hurricane. Aera Rennes ? 23/06/40 = Hurricane. Aera Rennes ? Regards, Dan ABSA 39-45 ....Read More.dan35 on 14th November 2007 07:54:49
RAF/RAF OR Service NumbersRFC/RAF SERVICE NUMBERS (Courtesy of Air Force Deaths site) At least until the 1950s, the service numbers of RFC and RAF personnel indicated the date and manner of joining the service. The RFC numbering system began at 1 in 1912, the initial allocations being to men who had transferred in from the Royal Engineers and subsequent ones to civilian recruits. The RNAS commenced its own numbering system when it became a separate entity in July 1914 - again commencing with 1, but prefixed by the letter F. When the RAF was formed, RFC men kept their original service numbers. However, as the RNAS numbering system had also begun at 1, all RNAS men inherited by the RAF had 200000 added to their original numbers, and the prefix F was dropped. All RNAS personnel were renumbered in 1918, including the dead. (RNAS squadrons had 200 added to their numbers). NCOs who were commissioned received new service numbers. In most cases all the numbers in a block were allocated; figures given in brackets indicate the highest numbers actually issued if the allocation was not total. NUMBERS LAST NUMBER DATE OF TO WHOM ALLOCATED USED IF BLOCK ALLOCATION NOT EXHAUSTED 1 to 515 1912 RFC: transfers and civilians 516 to 1013 1913 RFC - transfers and civilians 1014 to 2690 1914 RFC - transfers and civilians 2691 to 17400 1915 RFC - transfers and civilians 17401 to 39639 1916 RFC - civilians 39640 to 40300 Jly-Oct 1916 RFC - transfers 40301 to 45300 Jly-Aug 1916 RFC - transfers 47301 to 49300 Aug-Nov 1916 RFC - civilians 49301 to 49800 Aug-Oct 1916 RFC - transfers 49801 to 50800 Nov-Dec 1916 RFC - civilians 50801 to 51800 Oct 1916-Jan 1917 RFC - transfers 51801 to 52800 Dec 1916 RFC - civilians 52801 to 52950 52949 Dec 1916-Jan 1917 AID Examiners 52951 to 56950 Jan 1917 RFC - civilians 56951 to 57950 Jan 1917 RFC - transfers 57951 to 60950 Feb 1917 RFC - civilians 60951 to 61950 Jan-Feb 1917 RFC - transfers 61951 to 64950 Feb-Mar 1917 RFC - civilians 64951 to 65950 Feb-Mar 1917 RFC - transfers 65951 to 68950 Mar 1917 RFC - civilians 68951 to 69000 68997 Jan-May 1917 RFC - cadets 69001 to 70000 Mar-Apr 1917 RFC - civilians 70001 to 75000 Feb-Sep 1917 RFC - Canadians 75001 to 77000 Apr 1917 RFC - civilians 77001 to 77100 Jan 1917 AID Examiners 77101 to 79100 Mar-May 1917 RFC - transfers 79101 to 80100 Apr- May 1917 RFC - civilians 80101 to 80200 Apr 1917 AID Examiners 80201 to 84200 May 1917 RFC - civilians 84201 to 84400 84202 May 1917 AID Examiners 84401 to 87400 Jun-Jly 1917 RFC - civilians 87401 to 88400 Jly 1917 RFC - transfers 88401 to 90400 Jly-Aug 1917 RFC - civilians 90401 to 90600 Jly 1917 AID Examiners 90601 to 93600 Aug-Sep 1917 RFC - civilians 93601 to 94600 Sep 1917 RFC - transfers 94601 to 95600 Sep 1917 RFC - civilians 95601 to 95700 Sep 1917 AID Examiners 95701 to 98700 Sep-Oct 1917 RFC - civilians 98701 to 99700 Oct 1917 RFC - transfers 99701 to 100700 Oct-Nov 1917 R ....Read More.Resmoroh on 14th November 2007 09:30:56
AttachmentsI am so pleased the forum has been changed to keep out the spam. Will it be possible in the future to post attachments? ....Read More.David Layne on 14th November 2007 11:04:16
Welcome and thanks..All the best to everyone, especially Ross. I'm sure that this site will be just as good as the old one but without the spam as it appears that all the 'old names' are registered, I'm just wondering what comes long after junior, is it geriatric? All the best, Ann ....Read More.Ann Sadler on 14th November 2007 11:47:30
Welcome and thanks..Not sure if I've got the hang of this new system yet. Oh well, here goes ... Joining the massed ranks of new "juniors" (people like Errol Martyn, Theo Boiten, Brian Cull, etc as "juniors"? Ha Ha!) in wishing Ross good luck for this new site. Where would we be without it. Thanks all for all your help in answering previous questions. Hope some of my answers have been helpful to others too. Long may it all continue. Ian ....Read More.ianh on 14th November 2007 12:04:00
German War Graves CommissionI just wondered if anyone else has had any experience of the German War Graves Commission. I wrote to them last year with a question, but got no reply. I don't see this as unreasonable as they may be very busy. However, I'm now inundated with request for donations from them. Is there anyone there who can answer researchers questions or do we all just get put on the mailing list? ....Read More.Gary Mennell on 14th November 2007 01:45:39
new site verses oldhello, My first post on the new board, although I registers and visited when it became operational. Is it only me or do other members have "bugs" when visiting the board ? My provider is aol and there are problems with "internet explorer" and the "cursor". I have to click on "ok" up to five times in order to get to a specific page. Quite annoying. Will try tomorrow from the office to see if the problem is due to my (old) computer. Thanks for any help (I'm no expert in computers at all....) Joss ....Read More.jossleclercq on 14th November 2007 01:55:00
Beechcraft Twin, Coniston, 14 Oct 1942Does anyone have an identity for this aircraft? I have found it in both the Millom and Ayr ORBs but they just give the crews names and the aircraft type (Millom suggests Lockheed aircraft, Ayr a Beechcraft Twin). The Ayr ORB states the flight was meant to be from Ayr to Hendon via Limavady with the station intelligence officer going along but he could make the flight so went with only the station operations controller and two Lockheed ferry pilots. I don't think it was an RAF aircraft, more likely a Lockheed owned aircraft for moving their crews about (one of the two pilots had flown in the day before with a P-39), though the destination of Hendon is a bit odd if it was a Lockheed aircraft. Below is what I got from the Ayr ORB and below that the Millom ORB. P. Branson, Lockheed Ferry Pilot, Pilot Keith, Lockheed Ferry Pilot, Passenger Grenfell, Station Controller Ops., Passenger P/O B. Grenfell, RAF Ayr O. B. Keith, Civilian Pilot (American) G. W. Branson, Civilian Pilot (American) ....Read More.alclark on 14th November 2007 02:16:02
Where is Henk?To Henk, Where are you?. Come and join us in our new house. To His Dutch friends; "Go round to his place and get him to join". We can not afford to lose his VAST database. His next list of "Unaccounted Airmen" was going to be for 11 Jun 40. Regretfully I will not be able to be of much help for, if there were any prangs in the Peterborough area, I would have been at my 4th birthday party (in wartime!) and my memory is not as good as it was!! Regards Resmoroh (Peter Davies) ....Read More.Resmoroh on 14th November 2007 02:20:00

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