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Casualities in the CWGC Register for

Rank Name, Number, Trade & Details DateUnit Country Cemetary/Memorial & Loc Ref
Flying OfficerWilliam Wynward ADRIAN (769) A33-2  Forum Post  Ext Link 1941-06-201 AOS AustraliaCootamundra General Cemetery

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1941 Unaccounted Airmen Database ReconciliationHi. More Australia for 1941 Aircraftman 1st Class Thomas Joseph DORAN (19465), RAAF Point Cook. Died from illness at home in Glen Iris, Vic [URL][/URL] [URL]¬Words=&requestHandler=&dateFrom=1941-06-01&dateTo=1941-08-31&sortby=[/URL] Flying Officer William Wynward ADRIAN (769), RAAF. 1 AOS (No 1 Air Observers School, Cootamundra, NSW). Pilot. Aircraft: De Havilland Dragon Rapide A33-2 Fatally injured when undertaking a forced landing near Cootamundra and hit a tree. The four others onboard were injured. [URL][/URL] Title: Accident to Rapide A33-2 [URL][/URL] [URL][/URL] [URL]¬Words=&requestHandler=&dateFrom=1941-06-01&dateTo=1941-08-31&sortby=[/URL] Aircraftman 1st Class William Carnaby HUNTER (21347), RAAF. 1 AOS, Cootamundra, NSW Died suddenly (illness) at 1 AOS [URL][/URL] [URL]|||anyWords=cootamundra|||notWords|||requestHandler|||dateFrom=1941-06-01|||dateTo=1941-08-30|||sortby[/URL] Aircraftman 1st Class Don Lionel CARLOSS (28456), RAAF. 1 STT Died from illness at Ascot Vale, Vic [URL][/URL] [URL]¬Words=&requestHandler=&dateFrom=1941-07-01&dateTo=1941-09-30&sortby=[/URL] Corporal Donald WILKINSON (14027), RAAF. 6 ETS, Tamworth, NSW Killed in car accident at Armidale, NSW. Was a passenger and was thrown from the car when it failed to take a corner due to high speed. [URL][/URL] [URL]¬Words=&requestHandler=&dateFrom=1941-07-01&dateTo=1941-09-30&sortby=[/URL] Flying Officer Murray Donald ORR (1700), RAAF. Air Force Headquarters, Melbourne, Vic Died from illness at home (Lake Meran Estate, Kerang, Vic) [URL][/URL] [URL]|||anyWords|||notWords|||requestHandler|||dateFrom=1941-07-01|||dateTo=1941-09-30|||sortby[/URL] Aircraftman 1st Class Keith Lewis HOCKEY (20703) RAAF. 4 Squadron RAAF, Canberra, ACT. Instrument Fitter. Died from accidental death due to heart trouble after playful wrestling on the base (Coronerís Inquest). [URL][/URL] [URL]https://trove ....Read More.Andrew Curtis on 7th May 2019 09:23:04

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