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Casualities in the CWGC Register for

Rank Name, Number, Trade & Details DateUnit Country Cemetary/Memorial & Loc Ref
Aircraftman 1st ClassJohn Duff CAMERON (24119) A34-2  Forum Post 1940-11-111 AOS (Aus) AustraliaToowoomba Cemetery
Leading AircraftmanJohn HEAD (402016) A34-2  Forum Post 1940-11-111 AOS (Aus) AustraliaCootamundra General Cemetery
Flying OfficerJames Frederick HEARNE (676) A34-2  Forum Post 1940-11-111 AOS (Aus) AustraliaBathurst General Cemetery
Leading AircraftmanRobert MONTGOMERY (4113) A34-2  Forum Post 1940-11-111 AOS (Aus) AustraliaWilliamstown General Cemetery
Leading AircraftmanErnest Arthur PIERCY (404202) A34-2  Forum Post 1940-11-111 AOS (Aus) AustraliaCootamundra General Cemetery
Leading AircraftmanJames Clifford STANLEY (400197) A34-2  Forum Post 1940-11-111 AOS (Aus) AustraliaBarrabool Hills Cemetery

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1940 Unaccounted Airmen Database ReconciliationFlying Officer James Frederick HEARNE (676) 1940-11-11 Australia Bathurst General Cemetery Aircraftman 1st Class John Duff CAMERON (24119) 1940-11-11 Australia Toowoomba Cemetery Leading Aircraftman James Clifford STANLEY (400197) 1940-11-11 Australia Sydney (Waverley) General Ceme Leading Aircraftman Robert MONTGOMERY (4113) 1940-11-11 Australia Williamstown General Cemetery Leading Aircraftman Ernest Arthur PIERCY (404202) 1940-11-11 Australia Cootamundra General Cemetery Leading Aircraftman John HEAD (402016) 1940-11-11 Australia five students on a training exercise in a No. 1 Air Observer School DeHavilland DH84 Dragon aircraft A34-2 that crashed and burst into flames 2 miles south-west of Cootamundra at 1130 hours on 11th November 1940 SIX R.A.A.F. MEN KILLED Training Plane Crashes In N.S.W. Six members of the R.A.A.F. lost their lives when a training plane crashed on Monday morning near No. 1 Air Observers' School at Coota mundra, N.S.W. They were: Pilot-Officer James Frederick Hearne, 20, formerly of Hornsby, N.S.W. Leading Aircraftsman John Dutt' Cameron, 26, formerly of Innisfail, Queensland. Leading Aircraftsman Robert Mont gomery, 26, formerly of S5'dney and Walcha, N.S.W. Leading Aircraftsman Ernest Arthur Piercy, 30, formerly of Lis more, N.S.W. Leading Aircraftsman James Clif ford Stanley, 24, formerly of Gee long, Victoria. Leading Aircraltsman John Head, 25, formerly of Sydney and Fiji. According to eye-witnesses, the plane appeared to go into a spin at about 11.30 a.m. It crashed and was totally destroyed. Five members of the crew were killed outright, and Leading Aircraftsman Head was seriously injured. He was taken to the Cootamundra District Hospital, where he died at 3.45 p.m. The Air Department announced that the machine was a multi engined aircraft and was engaged in training exercises about two miles south-west of Cootamundra aero drome when the crash occurred ....Read More.paulmcmillan on 11th December 2018 03:45:53

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