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Hampden I AD964 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Hampden I AD964

National Archives AIR81

Citation AIR81 Casualty File Description Link
AIR81/8548Sergeant O B McMahon, Sergeant G F Upton, Sergeant I D McKinnon, Sergeant E Welbourne, Flight Lieutenant A J G Mills, Sergeant J A Somerville, Sergeant D I Sharp, Sergeant B V Mason: killed; mid air collision between Hampden AD967, 49 Squadron, and Hampden AD964, 83 Squadron, 25 August 1941.C16924390

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Can anyone identify this Hampden?Dear Dee I'm a simpleton too ! The basis of my search is from a raid photograh that I found in a folder at Kew in Air 14 3660. The photo was labelled "No 83 Squadron, No5 Group, Aircraft N, Camera A, NFR NT 446, Print no 1, Time 04.55" I hope I am not being stupid in assuming that "Aircraft N" refers to OL-N A while ago Russ sent me a page of the ORB for this day which had the following aircraft listed AE364 P5324 AD870 AE389 AE388 I know that AE191 was also flying that night, but must appear on the previous page of the ORB which Russ did not have. There may have been other aircraft on that page too. AE364 was later converted to be a TB and was SOC on 1/5/44 P5324 went to 49 sq and was lost as EA-T on 12/2/42 AD870 was later converted to be a TB and was SOC on 17/2/44 AE389 went to 420 sq and was lost as PT-D on 7/5/42 AE388 eventually went to 5 OTU and was SOC on 4/6/44 AE191 was lost on 7-8/12/41 OL-Z I know the following aircraft had these codes in Dec 41 AD964 - S AE358 - U AE371 - V AE359 - W AE133 - X AE388 - Y AD934 -T If there is anyone out there who could tell me who N was that would be great. Also if anyone thinks I am barking up the wrong tree please let me know. Best wishes James ....Read More.James Castle on 4th May 2010 09:32:56
5 OTU Hampden CodesMy father flew the following Hampden's while at OTU 5c Turnberry. Does anyone have the aircraft codes (WA-?) or can you tell me where to find them. He did not specify in his logbook. P1284 P2075 AD764 AD964 TIA Rodger ....Read More.rmventuri on 2nd March 2014 06:13:32
5 OTU Hampden CodesRodger P1284 was with 16 OTU prior to its Torpedo conversion joining 5 OTU. It was lost on the 28 October 42 during a training flight. The pilot Sgt D Montgomerie force landed while lost and out of fuel over the Irish Republic. There were no casualties, he and his crew are recorded as being interned. P2075 had previously been flown by 14 OTU then with 455 Squadron before its conversion. After 5 OTU it passed to 1 TTU (Torpedo Training Unit), surviving its flying life and was SOC (Struck of Charge) 16 December 43. AD764 was with 50 Squadron before its conversion and joining 5 OTU. It too survived to be SOC also on the 16 December 43. AD964 Began its life with 83 Squadron then 49 Squadron both based at Scampton. It transferred to 144 Squadron after 144 Squadron moved from Bomber Command to Coastal Command, I have no record of it flying bombing operations with 144 Squadron while at North Luffenham, from July 41 to April 42 the last nine months the squadron was with Bomber Command. The conversion is recorded as following its period with 144 Squadron, prior to joining 5 OTU. It too was a surviver, SOC 4 March 44. It would have been nice to tell you my father had flown one of these four Hampdens, but he did not. He trained on Hampdens at 16 OTU and flew Hampdens with 144 Squadron while with Bomber Command. He also went on to Scampton. The closest number I have found is AD965 which he flew to Brest on the 13 September 41, the target being the German Cruisers, Bomber Command paid them a lot of attention at this time. Hope this gives you more leads. John ....Read More.WOODHEAD on 5th March 2014 04:03:08

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