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Catalina I  AH545 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Catalina I  AH545

Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Date of Crash 15 Jul 42 Aircraft Name Catalina I Serial Number AH545
Unit 119 Sqdn Operating Airfield Country
Aircrew details
Source Coastal Command and Fleet Air Arm Losses Forum Henk Welting's Database

Casualities in the CWGC Register for Catalina I AH545

Rank Name, Number, Trade & Details DateUnit Country Cemetery/Memorial & Loc Ref
Flight SergeantJames Edward BACON (907761) Catalina I AH545  Forum Post 1942-07-14119 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomRunnymede Memorial
Flight SergeantSydney Leslie BEAMONT (533794) Catalina I AH545  Forum Post 1942-07-14119 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomRunnymede Memorial
Squadron LeaderLawrence George BELCHAM (26172) Catalina I AH545  Forum Post 1942-07-14119 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomRunnymede Memorial
SergeantPeter BRAY (1109049) Catalina I AH545  Forum Post 1942-07-14119 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomRunnymede Memorial
SergeantChristopher William COOKE (959044) Catalina I AH545  Forum Post 1942-07-14119 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomRunnymede Memorial
SergeantAlbert Henry Thomas DAVIES (525451) Catalina I AH545  Forum Post 1942-07-14119 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomRunnymede Memorial
Pilot OfficerAdrian FENNELL (47391) Catalina I AH545  Forum Post 1942-07-14119 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomRunnymede Memorial
SergeantWilliam Roy NORLEY (911704) Catalina I AH545  Forum Post 1942-07-14119 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomRunnymede Memorial
Flight SergeantJohn Nevil TEW (981687) Catalina I AH545  Forum Post 1942-07-14119 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomRunnymede Memorial

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Bismarck sightingMalcolm, No.209 Sqn Catalina I AH545 WQ-Z P/O D A Briggs Ens L B Smith USN P/O Otter F/O Lowe Sgt Edmonds Sgt Burton Sgt Leigh Sgt Dunning Sgt Stenning LAC Martin Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 3rd October 2010 11:17:53
Catalina AH545Thanks for the leads. However nothing is reported on 119 ORB which was not operational at that time. May be a crew sent to collect the Catalina from 210 Sqn and lost during ferry flight. Does anyone has 210 ORB for checking if something is told about AH545 in July 42? Thanks Phil ....Read More.Phil Listemann on 28th September 2011 05:39:56
Bismarck sighting[QUOTE=Resmoroh;54584]A number of Googled sites disagree! From It was not until 1010 on 26 May [1941] that British luck changed. A British Catalina aircraft of No. 209 Squadron [Castle Archdale], piloted by US Navy observer Ensign Leonard B. Smith, USNR (US Naval Reserve), spotted Bismarck at a range of about eight miles. While Ensign Smith flew the aircraft and evaded accurate German antiaircraft fire, his British copilot radioed a report of the enemy warship's location. See also and The plot thickens!! Who was in the left-hand seat up the Front Office? Also (and this is a minor neutrality point), from Lough Erne (in N Ireland) the shortest route to the N Atlantic was across c. 5 miles of Irish (Eire) territory! Every time an RAF Catalina transgressed did the Irish Govt send 'stiff note' of complaint - and the UK Foreign Office send a voluminous apology!! And everybody got on with what they had been doing before??!!! And what, one might ask, was Lt L B Smith, USNR, doing in a belligerent a/c a few months before his Boss had included the USA in WW2 subsequent to Pearl Harbour (7 Dec 41)?!!! The Kreigsmarine could have called an international foul!, and demanded a replay! HTH Peter Davies[/QUOTE] An old posting that, hopefully, somebody is still follow. FYI, the source provided above does not have the correct details on the American naval pilot in the aircraft - the internet is wrong - oh my God! Ensign Smith was regular navy (USN), not a reserve officer (USNR) and "B" is his complete middle name. There were several other USN aviators flying in aircraft that were hunting for Bismarck. As mention below, all were part of the USN technical team instructing the RAF Coastal Command flight crews in proper operations with the new planes. The group consisted of seventeen (17) men, all of whom were regular navy. The others that flew operational sorties patrols during the hunt included: Lt. George Ervin Hughes, USNA32 [Catalina AH547: DA-H/210 Squadron, F/O Southwell] Lt. Robert John Costley Maulsby, USNA32 [Catalina AH531: DA-A/210 Squadron, F/Lt Aikman, DFC] Ens. Joseph Lee Hall, USN [Catalina W8416: DA-O/210 Squadron, P/O Powell] Ens. Leonard “B” Smith, USN [Catalina AH545: WQ-Z/209 Squadron, F/O Briggs] Ens. Carl Ward Rinehart, USN [Catalina W8416: DA-O/210 Squadron, F/Lt Hatfield - (VLR, endurance 32 hrs)] Lt. Johnson USN [Catalina AH546: BN-M/240 Squadron, P/O H. Godden - I need to look up Johnson's details and verify the rank is correct.] Of course, the RAF had no rank of Ensign, and as regular officers they were universally referred to "Lieutenants" and written up as such in the ORBs. Correct ranks and complete names come from USN records. Mark E. Horan ....Read More.CharlesRollinsWare on 14th March 2012 11:17:19
Bismarck sightingWith respect to the discussion thread on Ensign Smith and his PBY-5 Catalina, I will add some background to the fine comment posted by @CharlesRollinsWare. By way of introduction, I am a professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, and the following is drawn from research I conducted at the National Archives and Records Administration of the United States as part of a forthcoming book on U.S.-Iraqi foreign relations. The question was raised regarding Ensign Leonard B "Tuck" Smith (whose middle name was, in fact, just the letter, "B"), "Why was an American naval officer at the controls of a Coastal Command Catalina?" One proposed answer was that he was assigned to help convert R.A.F. crews to the Catalina. That is true, if incomplete. In addition to the Catalina crews listed below, there were other Americans directly involved in the engagement with Bismarck besides Ensign Smith; there were two American Chief Petty Officers and one officer, Lieutenant Commander Joseph H. Wellings, embarked in HMS Rodney. Smith and the other Americans were part of a technical advisory team attached to the American Embassy in London to help transition RAF aircrew to the Catalina; the petty officers and Wellings were assigned to the Embassy on other duties, and, at the time of the engagement, were aboard HMS Rodney in expectation of sailing to Boston. All four were part of a then-classified program of assigning "naval observers" to British forces worldwide in order to share technical and tactical knowledge and learn the tactics, techniques, and procedures in place for combat against the Germans. Each was assigned a diplomatic title: "Naval Air Attaché" for Smith, "Naval Attaché" for Wellings, and "Special Naval Observer" for the two petty officers. Another naval observer was U.S. Marine Captain James "Jimmy" Roosevelt (FDR's son), who was in the Anglo-Iraqi War of 1941 as part of KingCol, the strike force dispatched from Palestine and Transjordan to Baghdad in the wake of the Rashid Ali uprising. Another -- and the original focus of my research, which is how I came to acquire this information -- died in the crash of an Airspeed Oxford (P. 1942) assigned to No. 4 Flying Training School at RAF Habbaniya during the Rashid Ali uprising in spring 1941. Smith's after-action report was included in Wellings' report to the Department of the Navy, which is included in Wellings' papers in the Naval Historical Collection at the Naval War College, Newport, Rhode Island. Excerpts were published in Joseph H. Wellings, On His Majesty's Service: Observations of the British Home Fleet from the Diary, Reports, and Letters of Joseph H. Wellings, ed. John B. Hattendorf (Newport, R.I.: Naval War College Press, 1983). It is also available here: * Smith took off from Lough Erne at 0325 on 26 May 1941 * PBY-5 AH545 was equipped with 4 depth charges rather than bombs or torpedoes because (Smith wrote) "the British felt i ....Read More.RussellB_in_LA on 16th March 2012 05:37:48
Bismarck sightingHi Brian, Catalina AH545 was now destined to become part of history. AH545 of No.209 Squadron coded WQ-Z was airborne from Lough Erne in Northern Ireland at 03:45 hours on 26 May (1941), captained by Dennis A. Briggs, who had been detailed for a cross-over patrol. Furthermore, Hendrie states that: The rank of Pilot Officer belied Briggs' experience and ability, as at that time in his service he had completed about 1,500 hours' flying and was rated by his CO as an 'above average pilot-navigator'. There is a reproduction of the relevant page from Dennis Briggs' Log Book, clearly showing him (Self), as Pilot, or 1st Pilot. I might add: After flying south-west for six hours the Catalina reached its search area where the wind was reported as 40kt. At 10:30 hours they sighted the enemy battleship. Of this Capt Leonard B. Smith now writes: 'The weather was ideal for the mission, reasonably good visibility below 1,500ft altitude and plenty of nice clouds to hide in if one had encountered air opposition. 'After the original sighting, Briggs turned the controls over to me and went aft to prepare the contact report. The general idea was to take cover in the clouds and close the range somewhat in order to make positive identification. While in the clouds I misjudged the wind rather badly, and as the record shows, got much too close - right over the ship.' Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 18th March 2012 08:13:12
Did flying boats use floating dock?Hello Christopher, and Welcome. It was a No.209 Squadron Catalina (AH545), that first sighted the Bismarck. No.210 Squadron was also operating Catalinas at this time. Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 13th June 2016 10:08:19
26172 Sqn/Ldr Lawrence Belchem, kia 14 July 1942 with 119 SquadronHi Greg, Catalina AH545. [url][/url] Cheers, mate Dave ....Read More.alieneyes on 13th July 2018 03:55:35
26172 Sqn/Ldr Lawrence Belchem, kia 14 July 1942 with 119 SquadronDon't know if it is any help, Greg, but the aircraft was the subject of a thread on RAF Commands in 2011, see [url][/url] Brian ....Read More.Lyffe on 13th July 2018 06:16:11
Coastal Command July 1942COASTAL COMMAND July 1942 1/. - Hampden I - 415 Sqn - AT235. 1/. - Hampden I - 415 Sqn - AT239. 3/. - Beaufort I - 217 Sqn - L9893. 3/. - Beaufort I - 217 Sqn - DD993. 3/. - Beaufort I - 22 Sqn - AW240. 4/. - Hudson III - 1404(Met) Flt - V9111. 5/. - Hudson II - 1(C)OTU - T9372. 8/. - Hudson - 1(C) OTU - N7277. 9/10. - Beaufort IIa - 5(C) OTU - DD874. 11/. - Battle I - 1(C) OTU - L5717. 11/. - Hudson I - 1(C) OTU - T9353. 11/. - Beaufighter VIc - 248 Sqn - T5142. 12/. - Mosquito PR.1 - 1 PRU - W4089. 12/. - Blenheim IV - 2(C) OTU - T1810. 12/. - Hampden TB.I - 489 Sqn - AT131. 13/. - Blenheim IV - 404 Sqn - K7120. 15/. - Wellington Ic - 3(C) OTU - W5619 ? 15/. - Hudson IIIa - 48 Sqn - FH378. 15/. - Catalina I - 119 Sqn - AH545. 16/. - Hampden TB.I - 455 Sqn RAAF - P2145 17/. - Beaufort I - 5(C) OTU - N1003. 18/. - Spitfire IV - 1PRU - BP921 19/. - Hampden I - 5(C)OTU - P2100. 20/. - Wellington Ic - 7(C) OTU - DV772. 20/. - Botha - 3 SGR - W5142. 21/. - Blenheim IV - 2(C)OTU - Z5723. 21/. - Beaufighter Ic - 235 Sqn - T4794. 21/. - Beaufighter VIc - 248 Sqn - X8090. 21/. - Hudson V - 608 Sqn - AM791. 21/. - Hudson III - 1404(Met) Flt - T9460. 22/. - Hampden I - 489 Sqn - P1219. 24/. - Hampden I - 5(C) OTU - P5313. 24/. - Beaufort IIa - 86 Sqn - AW308. 24/. - Beaufort IIa - 86 Sqn - AW355. 24/. - Beaufort IIa - 86 Sqn - AW356. 25/. - Beaufort IIa - 86 Sqn - AW274. 26/. - Sunderland I - 230 Sqn - L5806. 26/. - Beaufort I - 5(C)OTU - W6480. 26/. - Mosquito IV - 1401(Met) Flt - DK289. 27/. - Beaufighter VIC - 2(C)OTU - T5160 27/. - Mosquito PR.IV - 1(C) OTU - W4067. 28/. - Beaufort II - 86 Sqn - AW296. 28/. - Hudson V - 206 Sqn - AM805. 28/. - Beaufort I - 217 Sqn - L9820. 30/. - Spitfire PR.IV - 1PRU - AA800. 30/. - Spitfire IV - 1PRU - AB301. 30/. - Whitley VII - 502 Sqn - Z9192. 30/. - Hudson V - 407 Sqn - AM-860. 31/. - Hampden I - 415 Sqn - AD762. 31/. - Sunderland - 10Sqn RAAF - W3994. 31/. - Sunderland III - 201P2145.W4025. 31/. - Hudson III - 500 Sqn - FH375. ....Read More.Alex Smart on 24th August 2018 07:27:42

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