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Hudson V AM762 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Hudson V AM762

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Hudson AM788 'A' of 206 SqdnHi Robert, The No.206 Hudson Cat E from Bremen Raid were: AM606 AM762 For completeness the other Coastal Command Cat E losses were: Hudson T9435, No.320 Sqn Wellington DV441, No.304 Sqn Wellington Z1090, No.311 Sqn Regards Ross ....Read More.Ross_McNeill on 11th December 2007 05:46:32
Lost 206 Sqn Hudsons - June 25, 1942Can anyone confirm how Hudsons AM606 and AM762 were lost on the 1,000 bomber raid to Bremen? For family members of crew from each aircraft. Thanks and regards: Robert ....Read More.robstitt on 3rd January 2011 11:28:59
Lost 206 Sqn Hudsons - June 25, 1942Hi Robert AM606 S/L C N Crook DFC P/O J C Watson RCAF F/Sgt G McGlynn F/Sgt R A W Hubbard W/C H D Cooke Shot down by a night fighter and crashed into the North Sea at 01:32 hrs. W/C Cooke, F/Sgt McGlynn and P/O Watson, from Winnipeg, all rest in Hamburg Cemetery, while S/L Crook and F/Sgt Hubbard lie in Kiel War Cemetery. AM762 F/Sgt K D Wright P/O D T W Phillips Sgt R W Payze Sgt J H Peet (pow) Sgt J W Speed (pow) Crashed into moorland after being shot down by a nightfighter. The two gunners bailed out but the remaining crew were trapped in the aircraft. German investigation teams found it impossible to recover them and they remained in the wreckage until an excavation was undertaken by the MRES team. F/Sgt Wright, P/O Phillips and Sgt Payze all rest in Kiel War Cemetery. Ross ....Read More.Ross_McNeill on 3rd January 2011 11:52:44
Lost 206 Sqn Hudsons - June 25, 1942Hi Ross: Many thanks. The following comes from John Lowe's impressive and growing 206 Sqn web site, which I should have re-checked first - it contains a couple of recent and relevant additions. From: In August 2009 I was contacted by Adriano Baumgartner who was researching RAF and Luftwaffe pilots. His research led him to Major Werner Hoffmann who was a German Ace with over 50 claims to his credit. We believe that Werner was responsible for the loss of one of the 2 Hudson's from 206 Squadron when he was in unit NJG 3, below is his account of that night supplied by Adriano. "I flew to West of Schleswig, to wait for the bombers on their return leg from Bremen. I was guided by Ground Control (Radar) onto a target. We located it visually and came in from behind, flying almost at the same level. I chose a Lockheed Hudson that was flying away from the main box. I drew very close until he filled the gun sight. I opened fire and saw his right wing on fire. Immediately after being hit the Hudson pulled up sharply, then the aircraft spinned to the right until the impact with the ground at 2:26hrs. I continued to orbit and was guided onto another target some time later. We identified it as a Whitley Bomber (serial number V6730). After my attack this bomber tried to runaway by diving but it was so heavily damaged that it made a forced landing some 6km North of Busem." It would seem that this was very likely F/Sgt Wright's aircraft, AM762, which crashed on land. For more on WOP/AG Joe Peet: Regards: Robert ....Read More.robstitt on 3rd January 2011 08:40:57
W/C Ring, RAF BensonI shall be keenly interested in any more information that comes to light, assuming this is your man: RING, F/L Spencer Leonard (39031) - Distinguished Flying Cross - Photographic Development Unit, Heston - Awarded as per London Gazette dated 30 July 1940. Born in Regina, 20 September 1910; home there; married in UK. Appointed Acting Pilot Officer on Probation, RAF, 24 August 1938. Served with No.12 Squadron, 2 September 1939 to 21 February 1940; with PDU, 21 February to 27 December 1940. Subsequent career uncertain, although he appears to have been with Ferry Command, March to July 1941, delivering B-17 AN522 (April-May 1941), Liberator AM260 (June 1941), Liberator AM262 (June 1941) and Hudson AM762 (June 1941). Specifically listed in AFRO 1292/41 dated 7 November 1941 as a Canadian in the RAF who had been decorated as of that date. Air Ministry Bulletin 1251 refers. No citation other than "for gallantry and devotion to duty in the execution of air operations". Originally recommended 14 July 1940. Public Records Office Air 2/6085 (Non-Immediate Awards, 1940-1941) has recommended citation: This officer has carried out over twenty operational flights from Heston and several from bases in France. All were undertaken in unarmed, single-engined aircraft without W/T at very great altitudes often in bad weather. His success is due to his skill and determination as a pilot. RING, W/C Spencer Leonard (39031) - Air Medal (United States) - awarded as per London Gazette dated 18 January 1944. ....Read More.HughAHalliday on 5th January 2013 07:11:49
Coastal Command Ops for 23/6/42Thanks Robert I have the following T9436/R AM175/U AM762/S AM606/M AM722/G AM788/A AM792/B AM587/D If you can confirm these that would be great THanks for your help ....Read More.bloodhound1234 on 18th January 2014 04:48:19
Are these stories feasible? (Please use discretion; no names, service numbers, etc.)"Brian, I have not found evidence of CC aircraft attacking pre-planned German targets, with the possible exception of a German port, or two, while searching out U-boats." It did not happen often but on the 25th June 1942 several Coastal Command aircraft and crews took part in the first 1,000 bomber raid to Bremen . Squadron Cat E losses were: No.320 Sqn T9435 No.206 Sqn AM606 No.206 Sqn AM762 (2 PoW) No.311 Sqn Z1090 Along with the CC line Squadrons No.6 OTU sent 10 Hudsons and No.1 OTU 20 Hudson with one aircraft failing to return. Ross ....Read More.Ross_McNeill on 24th February 2014 04:16:31
Coastal Command June 1942COASTAL COMMAND June 1942 3/. Spitfire PR.IV - 1PRU - R7037. 4/. Blenheim IV - 254 Sqn - Z6027. 5/. Hudson I - 320 Sqn - T9286. 6/. Beaufort I - 5(C) OTU - AW306. 8/. Hampden I - 415 Sqn - AT237. 9/. Hudson I - 1(C) OTU - N7307. 9/. Hudson III - 6(C) OTU - V9020. 11/. Sunderland I - 201Sqn/95(?)Sqn - L5805 - (lost in October'42 ). 11/.Sunderland I - 4(C) OTU - P9604. 12/. Blenheim IV - 404 Sqn - Z6175. 12/. Hudson V - 500 Sqn - AM658. 13/. Beaufighter Ic - 235 Sqn - T5006. 13/. Hudson V - 407 Sqn - AM711. 15/. Beaufighter VIc - 235 Sqn - X8078. 16/. Blenheim IV - 404 Sqn - V5765. 18/. Beaufighter Ic - 248 Sqn - T3326. 20/. Beaufort I - 217 Sqn - DD959. 21/. Sunderland III - 10(RAAF) Sqn - W3999. 21/. Beaufort I - 217 Sqn - W6502. 21/. Beaufort I - 217 Sqn - DD996. 21/. Hudson III - 407 Sqn - FH346. 24/. Beaufort I - 5(C) OTU - L4459. 24/. Beaufort I - 217 Sqn - L9826. 25/. Hudson V - 1(C) OTU - P5147. 26/. Hudson V - 206 Sqn - AM762. 26/. Beaufighter Ic - 235 Sqn - T4761. 26/. Hudson III - 320 Sqn - T9435. 28/. Sunderland I - 204 Sqn - T9041. ....Read More.Alex Smart on 17th August 2018 05:39:02

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