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Hudson III AM940 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Hudson III AM940

Casualities in the CWGC Register for Hudson III AM940

Rank Name, Number, Trade & Details DateUnit Country Cemetary/Memorial & Loc Ref
SergeantWilliam Ronald LANCE (R/70035) Hudson III AM940  Forum Post 1941-09-27 CanadaOttawa Memorial
Flying OfficerHarold Wilson OLDHAM (C/2397) Hudson III AM940  Forum Post 1941-09-2711 Sqdn AIR27 CanadaOttawa Memorial

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Air Crashes at Sea Civilian War Dead CWGCI noticed this group before, my interest being in Thomas Allitt who was killed very firmly on the hard rocky slopes of Sleiveglas in Kerry, below Mount Brandon, Ireland. Infact, T Allitt is listed twice on CWGC, this listing and another showing his burial in Liverpool. Here they are sorted by date of death, this probably won't display very well. Name Rank Service Regiment Date Of Death Age Lost on Blenheim L1408 - See message number #20 below from Col. Bruggy. Radar Technician GORDON , D M Civilian * Civilian War Dead 31/07/40 Unknown Listed twice on CWGC, On Vildebeest IV, K6408, see post #10 below. DAWSON, HARRY, H Civilian * Civilian War Dead 01/08/40 Unknown CAMERON, GEOFFREY VALENTINE, G V Civilian ( Batchelor of Arts ) * Civilian War Dead 23/05/41 37 These people all on Dragon G-ACPY shot down. ANDERSON, WILLIAM DONALD, W D Civilian * Civilian War Dead 03/06/41 Unknown GRIFFITH, GEORGINA EDITH LUCY, G E L Civilian * Civilian War Dead 03/06/41 Unknown LEGGITT, JOHN, J Civilian * Civilian War Dead 03/06/41 Unknown LEGGITT, SHEELAGH MARGUERITA, S M Civilian * Civilian War Dead 03/06/41 Unknown LEGGITT, JEANINE, J Civilian * Civilian War Dead 03/06/41 11 LEGGITT, RONALITA, R Civilian * Civilian War Dead 03/06/41 9 I might suggest these men might be connected to RAF FC Hudson AE545, who Christie in Ocean Bridge lists the crew as F/L R F Leavitt, Elwood Wallace McFall and Robert Desmond Anderson. Tho Anderson below is credited with a DFC by his CWGC entry. McLEAN , W Civilian * Civilian War Dead 20/09/41 Unknown ANDERSON , H D Civilian * Civilian War Dead 21/09/41 Unknown Lost per Ocean Bridge by Christie with Hudson AM940 out of Gander with RAF FC. SMALL , C H Civilian * Civilian War Dead 27/09/41 Unknown DAVIDSON, CHARLES JOHN, C J Civilian * Civilian War Dead 16/12/41 45 His entry lists him as: of H.M. Dockyard, Malta. Husband of Winifred Gladys Davidson. This man lost per Ocean bridge with Hudson AM932 out of Gander with RAFFC. MEYERS, HORACE GAYZAL, H G Civilian * Civilian War Dead 24/01/42 Unknown Lost on Hudson AM946 of the OADU 1. (confirmation required) See message #19 from Col bruggy below. VINTCENT, NEVILL, N Civilian * Civilian War Dead 29/01/42 Unknown Google Books results suggest these men were on board Short S.23 G-AEUH which was shot down off the coast of Timor this date. CUTFIELD , H E Civilian * Civilian War Dead 30/01/42 Unknown FARRELLY , G A Civilian * Civilian War Dead 30/01/42 Unknown These next two, On Liberator G-AGDR BELL, HAROLD EDWARD, H E Civilian * Civilian War Dead 15/02/42 Unknown PARKER, THOMAS EDWARD, T E Civilian * Civilian War Dead 28/02/42 Unknown <--- Not confirmed Ocean Bridge by Christie list this man, Flight Engineer, lost on Liberator 41-1119 out of Ga ....Read More.dennis_burke on 26th August 2009 03:00:04
1941 Unaccounted Airmen Database ReconciliationSept/Oct 1941 Canadian Burials Another Lot of Canadian Casualties Aircraft from Bill Walker site Sergeant James Mcintosh FAWKNER (404679) 1941-09-16 Canada St. Thomas (South Park) Cemete Ref : Air Force Plot. Grave. Killed in Automobile Accident - He was hit by a car in Blenheim Ontario - He was in RNZAF Leading Aircraftman Barrington Vincent CASTLE (1385530) 1941-09-17 Canada Medicine Hat (Hillside) Cemete Ref : Lot 11. Block 139D. Sec. C. Died of injuries in hospital from result of training plane crash No 34 Service Flying Training School Medicine Hat Airplane was Airspeed A.S.10 Oxford #AR937 which crashed on 16th Sept 1941 Taken on strength at RCAF Station Dartmouth, NS. To No. 4 Training Command on 18 August 1941, for use by No. 34 Service Flying Training School at Medicine Hat, Alberta. Stalled at low altitude on take off from Medicine Hat at 16:00 on 16 September 1941 and crashed. Lone occupant, LAC Barrington Vincent Castle, RAF died shortly after being removed from the wreckage. Newspaper reports confirmed he died 17th Sept 1941 Leading Aircraftman Roy Peter MARSHALL (1379831) 1941-09-21 Canada Kingston (Cataraqui) Cemetery Ref : Sec. G. Range 6. Grave 12. Killed in Harvard Plane crash at Kingston Ont No. 31 Service Flying Training School (SFTS) Reopted "last night" in newspapers for 22 Sept 1941 Possibly: North American Harvard AJ579 Used by No. 31 Service Flying Training School at Kingston, Ontario. Category C crash at Kingston at 17:20 on 21 September 1941. To No. 3 Training Command on 19 February 1944, for records purposes only. To Noorduyn Aviation on 4 August 1944 for overhaul Squadron Leader Kenneth Lewis ASHFOLD (37273) 1941-09-22 Canada Ottawa (Beechwood) Cemetery Ref : Sec. 29. Lot 1. Grave 113. Flying Officer David Francis LANGMACK (C/2492) 1941-09-22 United States of America Albany (Willamette) Memorial P Killed in Aircraft crash at Medicine Hat, Alberta Also killed Flying Officer David Francis Langmack RCAF C/2492 Westland Lysander #417 Category A crash on 22 September 1941, when it flew into rising ground near Suffield, Alberta, 2 fatalities. Sergeant William Ronald LANCE (R/70035) 1941-09-27 Canada Ottawa Memorial Ref : Panel 1. Column 2. Flying Officer Harold Wilson OLDHAM (C/2397) 1941-09-27 11 Sqdn AIR27 Canada Ottawa Memorial Ref : Panel 1. Column 2. Oldham: Pilot Lance: Navigator Also Cyril Harvey Small (Civilian radio Operator) Both Missing on Transatlantic a Ferry Trip Hudson AM940 (Ocean Bridge) [url][/url] [url][/url] Leading Aircraftman Bruce Trevor EVANS (1294171) 1941-09-30 Canada North Battleford Cemetery Ref : Plan M. Block 18. Grave 8. Pilot Officer Douglas Henry HODGKISON (63109) 1941-09-30 Canada North Battlef ....Read More.paulmcmillan on 17th May 2019 04:38:14

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