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Fortress I AN534 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Fortress I AN534

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90 Squadron Flying Fortress MK1Hi All: Here is the list. I realize it's not totally satisfying as it only contains ranks and surnames. Hopefully Colin can recognize some. AN518 F/O Uprichards AN519 F/O Tacon AN520 F/O Fleming AN521 F/L Bailey AN522 F/L Ring AN523 P/O Fitchen AN524 S/L Gates AN525 F/L Thomas AN526 F/O James AN527 F/L Biddle AN528 S/L Foulsham AN529 F/L Clark, RNZAF AN530 Capt Hunter AN531 F/L Ross AN532 F/O Llwellyn AN533 S/L Winn AN534 F/L Bulloch AN535 F/L Barclay AN536 Capt White AN537 P/O Crook This was not the delivery sequence - I have the dates if anyone is interested. I have more details on Gates and I believe Ross was a staff pilot at Dorval. The listing came from research done by Peter Berry at TNA. Regards: Robert ....Read More.robstitt on 17th February 2010 12:07:48
90 Squadron Flying Fortress MK1Here they are - all were overnight flights and took between nine and eleven hours: AN531 F/L Ross 13-Apr-41 14-Apr-41 Gander-Ayr AN534 F/L Bulloch 13-Apr-41 14-Apr-41 Gander-Ayr AN529 F/L Clark, RNZAF 15-Apr-41 16-Apr-41 Gander-Ayr AN521 F/L Bailey 19-Apr-41 20-Apr-41 Gander-Ayr AN527 F/L Biddle 7-May-41 8-May-41 Gander-Prestwick AN537 P/O Crook 11-May-41 11-May-41 Gander-Ayr AN520 F/O Fleming 14-May-41 15-May-41 Gander-Ayr AN522 F/L Ring 14-May-41 15-May-41 Gander-Ayr AN533 S/L Winn 14-May-41 15-May-41 Gander-Ayr AN523 P/O Fitchen 15-May-41 16-May-41 Gander-Prestwick AN519 F/O Tacon 17-May-41 18-May-41 Gander-Prestwick AN535 F/L Barclay 18-May-41 18-May-41 Gander-Prestwick AN524 S/L Gates 21-May-41 22-May-41 Gander-Ayr AN526 F/O James 21-May-41 22-May-41 Gander-Squires Gate AN536 Capt White 22-May-41 23-May-41 Gander-Ayr AN528 S/L Foulsham 23-May-41 24-May-41 Gander-Leuchers AN525 F/L Thomas 26-May-41 27-May-41 Gander-Ayr AN530 Capt Hunter 26-May-41 27-May-41 Gander-Prestwick AN532 F/O Llewellyn 27-May-41 28-May-41 Gander-Prestwick AN518 F/O Uprichards 13-Jun-41 14-Jun-41 Gander-Ayr Of course there is always a little wrinkle... A supplementary sheet with the movement card for AN521 says *it* was the first to be delivered (with AN534). It also says it was flown by one "Major Walshe, USAAF", who I understand became head adviser to 90 Squadron crews, albeit unofficially as the US was still not at war. Have seen other sources quote AN521 as the first across. Not sure if the error is on the movement card second sheet or in the TNA file but the entry on the movement card sheet was almost certainly made later (the USAAC became the USAAF two months later in June 1941) and is perhaps more likely in error. [See posting #24 for confirmation of AN534 and AN531 as first delivered] I have a copy of S/L Gates' logbook somewhere and will look up which unit he was with prior to delivering AN534. Regards: Robert ....Read More.robstitt on 17th February 2010 08:12:10
90 Squadron Flying Fortress MK1My pleasure, Andy. Found W/Cdr R T F Gates' logbook copy. He and F/O Rust plus two other crew members, Sgts Garrity and Conley, flew training flights from McChord in Washington state with USAAC instructors on AAC B-17Cs 40-2062, -2067 and -2072 as well as Fortress Is AN518 and AN532 from April 20 to May 5, 1941. They also flew a cross-county McChord-Hamilton-Seattle-McChord.They moved onto AN534 on May 6 and flew Portland-Salt Lake City-Wright Patterson over May 6 to 13. Flew locally until May 18 then flew New York-Sidney, Nova Scotia-Gander-Ayr-Prestwick-Silloth-Burtonwood over May 18-24. Trying to find out which unit Gates was with before he was sent to the US. Regards: Robert ....Read More.robstitt on 19th February 2010 12:13:23
90 Squadron Flying Fortress MK1Following up, Richard Gates, son of W/Cdr Gates, advises that his father flew G-Class flying boats (Golden Fleece, Golden Hind and Golden Horn) with the Special Operations Flight prior to being assigned to Ferry Command. He delivered Fortress I AN534 and Hudson AM830. I would suspect he was selected because of his four-engined aircraft and long-distance flying experience. Regards: Robert ....Read More.robstitt on 26th March 2010 12:21:23
AiB AVIA Class ReportsThis file is in better condition in the TNA. More files have photos and the extent of report is expanded from those previously in AVIA5/19 Far fewer mistakes in aircraft serial transcription AA759 Spitfire V 22/10/1941 W1129 AA801 Spitfire IV 29/10/1941 W1132 AB646 Oxford II 30/11/1941 W1149 AB693 Oxford II 20/09/1941 W1111 AH432 Havoc II 21/11/1941 W1143 AH582 Airacobra I ??/10/1941 W1125 AH847 Tomahawk Ia 20/10/1941 W1126 AH856 Tomahawk Ia 31/05/1941 W1031 AH888 Tomahawk Iia 30/04/1941 W1015 AH922 Tomahawk IIa 11/09/1941 W1105A AL562 Liberator II 23/11/1941 W1146 AM260 Liberator I 14/08/1941 W1089 AM261 Liberator I 10/08/1941 W1086a AM915 Liberator I 01/09/1941 W1100 AN522 Fortress I 22/06/1941 W1048 AN534 Fortress I 28/07/1941 W1072 AN536 Fortress I 09/01/1942 W1165 AP475 Oxford II 07/02/1942 W1177 AR671 Mohawk IV 30/01/1942 W1175 AW209 Beaufort I 29/07/1941 W1072a AW215 Beaufort I ??/06/1941 W1040 AW395 Havoc I 26/01/1942 W1171 AW850 Anson I 13/01/1942 W1169 BB912 Havoc I 22/04/1941 W1010 BD786 Hurricane Iib 30/08/1941 W1097 BJ494 Havoc I 29/09/1941 W1115 BL407 Spitfire V 24/12/1941 W1159 BL432 Spitfire V 14/02/1942 W1180 BL480 Spitfire V ??/01/1942 W1174 BL491 Spitfire V 08/03/1942 W1191 BL538 Spitfire V 09/03/1942 W1190 BL568 Spitfire V 10/01/1942 W1167 BT488 Hotspur II 19/12/1941 W1157 HM178 Argus I 15/03/1942 W1196 K5608 Shark II 24/02/1942 W1183 K6110 Tutor I 07/09/1941 W1103 L2887 Skua II 15/05/1941 W1023a L3152 Roc 30/07/1941 W1076a L3284 Henley I 03/06/1941 W1032 L4297 Wellington I 29/04/1941 W1013 L4575 Oxford I 05/05/1941 W1019 L4622 Oxford I 15/11/1941 W1139 L4636 Oxford I 25/10/1941 W1130 L4851 Blenheim IV 01/07/1941 W1055 L5964 Magister I 08/12/1941 W1152 L6195 Botha I 18/11/1941 W1140 L6396 Botha I 11/03/1942 W1194 L6449 Botha I 10/06/1941 W1038a L6750 Blenheim I 24/01/1942 W1173 L6845 Whirlwind P 11/06/1941 W1039 L7248 Lerwick I 21/10/1941 W1127 L7300 Manchester I 23/11/1941 W1144 L7310 Manchester I 21/06/1941 W1046 L7315 Manchester I 29/06/1941 W1053 L7318 Manchester I 15/09/1941 W1107 L7428 Manchester I 18/11/1941 W1141 L7863 Wellington Ic 06/01/1942 W1163 L8084 Magister I 25/06/1941 W1051 L8164 Magister I 11/12/1941 W1153 L9567 Halifax 14/09/1941 W1106a L9652 Oxford I 14/09/1941 W1005 L9935 Beaufort I 07/02/1942 W1178 N1474 Whitley V 17/06/1941 W1042 N3286 Spitfire I 15/08/1941 W1090 N3627 Blenheim IV 08/08/1941 W1086 N3935 Magister I 05/06/1941 W1034 N4563 Oxford I 04/05/1941 W1018 N5453 DH.82 Tiger Moth II 07/07/1941 W1058 N6019 Stirling I 08/05/1941 W1020 N6087 Stirling I 18/11/1941 W1142 N6431 Oxford II 30/01/1942 W1176 N6595 DH.82 Tiger Moth II 17/09/1941 W1108 N7574 Master I 25/09/1941 W1112b N7581 Master I 30/08/1941 W1098 N7704 Master I 07/06/1941 W1035 N7765 Master I 25/09/1941 W1113 N7927 Master I 14/05/1941 W1022 N7996 Master I 17/03/1942 W1199a N9318 DH.82 Tiger Moth II ??/06/1941 W1037 N9643 Anson I 22/04/1941 W1009 N9817 Anson I 15/05/1941 W1023 P1294 Hampden I 30/10/1941 W1133 P1368 Albemarle I 28/02/194 ....Read More.Ross_McNeill on 11th November 2011 11:47:59
F/Sgt Reginald G Bradley 90 SqnDear Pete, Chorley's B C Losses has Fortress AN534 taking off at 1700 hrs from Polebrook for a high altitude test and crashing shortly after 1700. The Fortress entered severe turbulence and the starboard wing failed. The aircraft crashed near Wilbarston, 4 miles west of Corby, Northants. The crew of F/S H C G Brook, F/S R G Bradley, Sgt R Henderson, F/S R C A Muir, Sgt R Smith, Sgt P S Pugh were all killed. 90 sqn ORB for the day: P/O Sturmey and crew made an altitude climb at 1100 hours. Sgt. Brooks [sic] and crew took off at 1700 hours for an altitude climb and this aircraft crashed soon afterwards. Every member of the crew lost their lives in this unfortunate accident. A copy of the Court of Enquiry proceedings is attached. Appendix "D3. Weather fine small amounts of cloud at 4,000 ft. Unfortunately I do not have a copy of the appendix, but assume it would have much the same info as Chorley's entry. Hope that helps, Sam ....Read More.Sam on 15th March 2012 10:36:56
F/Sgt Reginald G Bradley 90 SqnThank you for the confirmation Ross. After a bit of Googling I found the following which is consistent with your advice: Brian ....Read More.Lyffe on 16th March 2012 06:39:07
Climbs in large aircraft above 10/10 cloudPerhaps the explanation lies with the words "aircraft of this type". An analysis of Fortress I losses of the RAF reveals that 90 Squadron lost 3 aircraft and 19 crew in cloud: AN522 broke up in cumulo-nimbus cloud 22/6/1941 AN534 broke up in turbulence 28/7/1941 AN536 broke up in cloud 9/1/1942 So until it was sure that the Fortress II did not do the same, a restriction was placed? ....Read More.Sean Welch on 12th June 2013 12:40:41
Gander Watch LogAm trying to confirm if AN534 and AN531 were the first Fortress Is to pass through Gander to the UK on April 13/14, 1941. They are quoted as such in records at Kew but the movement cards suggest AN534 and AN521. The Gander watch log might help confirm. Thanks. Robert ....Read More.robstitt on 14th October 2013 02:53:27
Gander Watch LogAnswering my own thread from an email response, which I'll delete when I've figure out how, the Gander Watch Log confirms AN534 and AN531 were the first two delivered. Robert ....Read More.robstitt on 14th October 2013 04:16:02
90 Squadron Flying Fortress MK1With ref to my post #15, can now confirm that AN534 was the first to land at Ayr with AN531 arriving 21 minutes later. The reference on a supplementary sheet with the AM Form 59 for AN521 stating it was first across with AN534 accompanying it is in error. Source: Gander Watch Log. Robert ....Read More.robstitt on 19th October 2013 01:39:03
90 Squadron Flying Fortress MK1Wonder if anyone can help with first names of pilots and copilots for the Fortress I deliveries, full list as follows ('ranks' are as quoted in the Gander Watch Log): AN534 F/L Terence M Bullock, F/O Ian C Patterson AN531 F/L Donald G Ross, S/P Sherwood AN529 F/L Clark, P/O Maudsley AN521 F/L Bailey, F/O Baudaux AN527 F/L Biddle, Sgt Wood AN537 P/O Crook, F/O Graham AN533 S/L Winn, F/P Penderson AN522 F/L Ring, F/O Gerald Wooll AN520 F/L Womersley, F/O Robert Fleming AN523 P/O Fitchen, P/O Summers AN519 F/O Tacon, F/O Edser AN535 F/L Barclay, F/O Coles AN526 F/O James, F/O Long AN524 S/L Richard T Gates, F/O Rust AN536 Capt White, F/O Sandford AN528 S/L Foulsham, F/O Jeremian AN530 Capt Hunter, F/O Furoy AN525 F/L Thomas, Sgt Kitson AN532 F/O Llewellyn, S/L Cummings AN518 F/O Uprichards, F/O Richards Thanks in advance: Robert ....Read More.robstitt on 23rd October 2013 04:56:47
F/Sgt Reginald G Bradley 90 Sqn[h=2][B]STOKE ALBANY - B-17 Flying Fortress (AN534) Crash Memorial - Eyewitness account[/B][/h] My uncle who lived in Cottingham at the time of this incident, which is a village near this crash site, witnessed this plane fly past and also what was the cause of the plane's dive and consequent crash. His father, who was an Air Raid Warden & Bomb Reconnaissance Officer, visited the crash site with my uncle. Anyone wishing further details can contact me via this website and I'll will pass this to my uncle. ....Read More.Sunny101 on 30th January 2017 07:40:12
Early RAF B-17 Operations Questions and at least 1 anwerRob AN534 F/Lt Terence Malcolm Bulloch #39373 Note Spelling not Bullock from his Obit “Rather than have a rest, Bulloch joined the RAF’s Ferry Command in Canada and flew four-engine bombers across the Atlantic to British airfields. On one occasion, flying a B-17 Fortress, he took just over eight hours to reach Prestwick in Scotland, a record flight across the Atlantic at that time.” ....Read More.paulmcmillan on 16th March 2017 05:37:59

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