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Vengeance II AN623 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Vengeance II AN623

c/n: Mk.I 110RAF Collided with EZ804 near Ranchi 21-4-43 More information in:

Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Date of Crash  21 Apr 43 Aircraft Name  Vengeance II Serial Number  AN623
Unit  110 Sqdn Operating Airfield  Ranchi Country  India
Aircrew details Flt Lt Donald James Jack RITCHIE(404357)
Flt Lt Reginald Cecil Dixon VINCENT(136173)
Details Collided with EZ804 near Ranchi 21-4-43 . Third occupant was Pilot Officer George Herbert LAWRENSON (51017) seriously injured . Photo of crashed AN623 published in Peter C Smith's Vengeance! . AWM NAA file : A705, 166/35/42. [orb]. 8 aircraft flew to Ranchi for air firing tests of rear guns. At 2200 hours it ws infomred that two aircraft of B Flight AN623 and EZ804 of B Flight had collided and crashed approximately 3 miles from the Aerodrome. . AN623 had crew of three including Laurenson, an armorer from 168 Wing. Sgt Thorpe coming in to join formation at No.2 position landed on top of Flt Lt Ritchie, flying in No.1 position. One report states that Sgt Thorpe was slupmped over his controls before the accident took place, another states, there was a flash before the collision. Flt Lt Ritchies resultant forced landing was a fine bit of flying, of that there is no doubt. the aircraft was between 400 and 600 feet and vision of th e cokcpit hood was distorted owing to the buckling following the crash in mid air. The aircraf had bad forward flow. it sinks like a brick unless glided between 120 and 130 mph. LAURENSON died of his injuries on 23rd. he never regained conciousness
Source ORB

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