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Vengeance II AN721 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Vengeance II AN721

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Aircrew of 110 Sqn sent to West AfricaFirst Detachment (one was my father) Sqn Ldr L. F. Penny and Flt Lt D. P. Goodall Flt Lt J. D. Hedley and F/Sgt L. C. Hodges Flt Lt J. Corbishley and Sgt K. R. Godwin F/O K. F. Norman and P/O K. B. Mosher F/O J. N. Parrish and W/O D. Reid W/O R. Knight-Clark and F/Sgt A. Watson Sgt R. C. Merchant and F/Sgt H. Braden Sgt D. D. Carter and W/O J. Turner Second Detachment AN836 A Flt Lt R. C. Topley and F/O N. L. Henson AN679 D F/O J. M. Robertson and F/Sgt R. G. Collingham AN623 K F/O G. L. Puttock and F/Sgt J. Higgs AN754 V W/O R. O. Yeates and W/O L. H. Ward AN721 G W/O R. P. Newman and P/O F. C. Foakes AN813 Q F/Sgt A. R. Fletcher and F/Sgt A. J. Richardson AN811 B F/Sgt M. E. G. Dalton and Flt Lt D. G. Cummin AN775 R F/Sgt J. A. Christie and F/Sgt A. I. Osborne AN749 P F/Sgt J. H. Crowther and W/O G. Yates AN804 Z F/Sgt D. A. Blair and W/O C. T. H. Payne ....Read More.Sara on 21st January 2010 09:16:53

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