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Vengeance II AN788 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Vengeance II AN788

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Anson I L7056Rob, concerning the windows: The RCAF had a winterization kit for standard welded tube fuselage Ansons that included blanking some of the fuselage windows. The few windows remaining were square, not round. The same "kit" was built into Canadian built Mk. II Ansons. There was one low fuselage Anson with round windows, the "Vidal Anson" 8649. This was a conversion of UK built 6013, and was the prototype for the Mk. V. It had a molded wooden fuselage, but it did not have the raised roof line of the final Mk. V. There is a good photo in "Canadian Aircraft Since 1909", on page 61. Concerning 7056 and L7056, these were two different aircraft. The former RAF serial for 7056 comes from the Record Card, I guess it is a typo. This block of RCAF serials has several similar typos, 7053 was listed as AN788, 7062 is listed as AN811, etc. All Vengeance serial numbers, as you pointed out. Can anybody sort out the real serial numbers from the UK end? RCAF records of the time often dropped the letter prefixes from RAF style serials. This probably wasn't a problem at the time - L7056 was at 32 OTU on the west coast, while 7056 was a few thousand miles away with 1 TC in Ontario or Quebec. It does make it more "interesting" trying to read those records today. You need to check the context to make sure you have the full serial number. BTW, as far as I know the full RAF style serial, with all letters, was always applied on the aircraft when that was the official RCAF serial, it was only the written records where letters sometimes were dropped. There are several documented cases of the RAF style serial remaining on the fuselage several months after the RCAF serial was officially issued. ....Read More.Bill Walker on 27th February 2014 09:12:53

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