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Vengeance I AN903 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Vengeance I AN903

Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Date of Crash  04 Nov 44 Aircraft Name  Vengeance I Serial Number  AN903
Unit  22 AACU Operating Airfield   Country  India
Aircrew details F/Sgt Maurice Benjamin JONES* (1576227)
F/Sgt David Mcleod LIVIE*(1022722)
Details Cr after aircraft hit tree during unauthorised low flying with B Flight 5 m SW of Piardoba
Source ORB

Casualities in the CWGC Register for Vengeance I AN903

Rank Name, Number, Trade & Details DateUnit Country Cemetary/Memorial & Loc Ref
Flight SergeantMaurice Benjamin JONES (1576227) Pilot Vengeance I AN903   1944-11-04 IndiaRanchi War Cemetery

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441104 - Unaccounted Airwomen & Airmen - 4-11-1944Hello, INDIA - JONES & LIVIE (both KOAS). Possibly crewed No.22 AACU Vengeance I AN903, that hit a tree low flying, 5m SW of Piardoba, Bengal, on 4 November, 1944, 520380/(54997) P/O Albert Edward BURGESS RAF A&SD. Can't locate Burgess in Flight, or The Times. He has an A705 File at the NAA (mentions CUTTACK, as location), but can't establish an Australian connection. His NCO number - 520380 - suggests the following; 505001-549999 Aircrafthands, June 1925 - March 1938 enlistment. Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 24th August 2014 11:29:37

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