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ORB 15 SqnHi Henk, Via the No.15 (B) Squadron ORB. Short Stirling BF427 LS-A Take Off 2220hrs Landed 0435hrs Crew in order as per ORB, no ref to their roles given, I have added what I have on file. F/O Waugh * (Pilot) * Sgt Boards D ( 2nd Pilot) ** Sgt Bamberger F Sgt Slatter A (Nav) Sgt Cole A (BA) Sgt Branston N Sgt Hyde N Sgt Watson F ( F/E ) At position 5410N - 1025E pressure dropped in S/I engine and caught fire. Captain tried diving and feathering but fire continued. P/I revs then dropped, bombs jettisoned. Both port engines gave trouble and captain ordered crew to bail out. Captain, 2nd pilot and F/E S/O (sic) base at 3000ft and on way jettisoned equipment. Landed safely. * Arrived from No.1651 CU 25.04.1943 * Promoted to F/O 03.01.1943 * Awarded DFC for this action * Completed tour and was posted to No.1657 CU September 15th 1943 ** Awarded DFM for this action. All the best Steve ....Read More.Steve Smith on 12th January 2008 04:05:30

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