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Hurricane IIB BG952 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Hurricane IIB BG952

4m S of Berandi, Bengal, Engine cut, crashed in forced landing ,136 Sqn lost 1942-05-28 More information in: Databases

Block 4/G , Gloster Aircraft Limited , RR Merlin XX - Sept 1941 - Dec 1941 More information in: Dr. Colin James Pratt-Hooson's Hurricane Site

Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Date of Crash  27 May 42 Aircraft Name  Hurricane IIB Serial Number  BG952
Unit  136 Sqdn Operating Airfield  Alipore Country  India
Aircrew details Sgt Lawrence Banikhin(798501)
Details 4m S of Berandi, Bengal, Engine cut, crashed in forced landing. Twelve Ac left for Chittagong for Special Op from Alipore. When approaching islands, SGt Banikhin broke formation and headed back towards Alipore. Not seen again. He reported by wire saying he made a forced landing due to engine failure and was unserviceble where he broke formation

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No.1 Squadron IAF - Hurricane Losses - Aircraft Numbers neededI am researching the aircraft identities involving the following accidents/combat losses for No.1 Squadron, Indian Air Force at Imphal. The ORBs for 1 Squadron do not record the serials of the aircraft. These happened till the end of the Battle of Imphal. They are all supposed to be Hurricane II Bs DATE AC RANK1 NAME1 SERVICE NUMBER SQN SNO REMARKS 03-Feb-44 Hurricane II B Fg Offr S K Ibrahim 1 Imphal - Overturned on landing. He landed on the katcha strip next to the paved runway and the aircraft tumbled over on its back 04-Apr-44 Hurricane II B Fg Offr Noel Ruxton Clarke Murcott* 1717 1 SD attacking GroundTargets at Tamu Road 27-Apr-44 Hurricane II B Plt Offr Augustine Roy* 2389 1 TaC/R mission of Lessami area. Roy failed to return as he went in too low shooting up a target at Ukhrul. 08-May-44 Hurricane II B Fg Offr Theodore Alex Manuel Andrade* 1703 1 SD in flames Arakan front 21-May-44 Hurricane II B Fg Offr N S Masih* 2453 1 SD by Oscars over Bishenpur Area Some of the Hurricanes operated by the Squadron in the above period. I checked up Air Britain for most of them and they do not match any of the above. BG865 BG945 BG952 BH127 BN208 Lost in a separate accident BN209 BN496 BX117 HL856 HM128 HM139 HV474 HW172 HW474 JS376 JS393 JS403 JS407 JS420 [TABLE="width: 64"] [TR] [TD="class: xl66, width: 64"][/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] Additionally , These happened after the battle of Imphal. till the withdrawal of the squadron from the front line. All of them are supposed to be Hurricane IIcs 29-Sep-44 Hurricane IIc Fg Offr Rajendra Singh* 1642 1 Crashed between Silchar and Imphal during a routine flight 26-Feb-45 Hurricane IIc Fg Offr Cecil Owen St Vincent Norris* 1 Pt force landed aircraft, died of wounds on 27th 03-Apr-45 Hurricane IIc Fg Offr Prem Sagar Gupta DFC* 1 Cr near Kumbhirgham * Killed/Missing believed killed. Does anyone have any additional information on what aircraft were involved in these eight losses? ....Read More.Jagan on 9th December 2014 06:16:59
Flight Sgt. Lawrence Banikhin, 136 Squadron[url][/url] and [url][/url] ....Read More.Jagan on 14th July 2018 01:16:18
Flight Sgt. Lawrence Banikhin, 136 SquadronHello Dave, I am the niece of RAF Flight Sgt. Lawrence Banikhin 136 Squadron. A few years ago while researching Google, I came across RAFCOMMANDS and an online conversation about Lawrence, between Henk Welting, Don Clark and yourself. At the end of three conversation, you all discussed locating Banikhin family in Canada. Dave, I am replying in short bursts because I typed in a long explanation earlier and lost that reply because the site logged me out ! I saved the online conversation between the three of you, as a screenshot and have to email it to you as I seem to be unable to cut/paste it here. May I email it to you. I think Don Clark has found some names in the Toronto and Calgary directory who are Lawrence’s cousins. I appreciate it’s taken me some time to connect with you and RAFCOMMANDS forum, but I wanted to follow this up for interest and closure to that conversation between you, Don and Henk. My uncle’s life in India has always been a source of great interest to me. I wonder if you or the forum members could answer a question that has been a pressing one in our family for many years. Why was someone trained as a fighter pilot be testing aircraft? I assume new Hurricanes. He wasn’t a test pilot. I have old photos of Lawrence if this is of interest. He was a volunteer from Newfoundland. Over the years he has been mentioned in a number of books about the RAF, 136 Squadron. e.g “A Bloody Shambles”. Norman Franks book “ RAF Fighter Pilots Over India”. According to my mother ( Lawrence’s sister) - Lawrence, before he was killed in the crash from the stall while “testing”, Lawrence had earlier in the year been forced to land somewhere in Burma. Problem with the aircraft I suppose. He was missing for ten days but showed up eventually after hiking through the jungle. My mother is now age 96. I guess that story is related to this link found by Jagan. [url][/url] I also have Lawrence’s flight log. Small notebook with a few entries. Here’s one entry: While stationed in Egypt for training 7 January 1942 Wadi Natrun to Wadi Halfa (then this)” H.00” or “21:00” 8 January 1943. Wadi Halfa to Port Sudan. .45 ....Read More.lynn on 14th July 2018 04:35:44

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