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Mohawk III  BK584 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Mohawk III  BK584

Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Date of Crash 01 Jan 43 Aircraft Name Mohawk III Serial Number BK584
Unit 155 Sqdn Operating Airfield Country
Aircrew details Plt Offr Allan Henry HALEY*
Details AA Fire over Chindwin River [ ] Last seen 22 45 N 94 40 E. Lost in the vicinity of Yeu, burma while on an operational flight. Patrol along river boats. Attacked . Return fire experienced. Aircraft got seperated from patrol and was not seen again. Squadron report states 4 attacks made on river boats. After that Haley and his leader attacked several small boats. Leader noticed Haley was not with him. He returned and searched area without any trace. Letter from June22 1948 reveals that Body was recovered from a grave near Monywa 50 miles west of Mandalay. Remains re-interred at Barrackpore near Calcutta.
Source ORB Henk Welting's Database

Casualities in the CWGC Register for Mohawk III BK584

Rank Name, Number, Trade & Details DateUnit Country Cemetery/Memorial & Loc Ref
Flying OfficerAllan Henry HALEY (402054) Pilot Mohawk III BK584  Forum Post 1943-01-01155 Sqdn AIR27 IndiaRanchi War Cemetery

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Mohawks Over Burma - Book ?From Beauchamps book "Mohawks over Burma" - Appendix C - Mohawk Tragedies 1 Sgt Cameron of No.5 Squadron. On 16 May 1942 Cameron lost control of BJ542 while flying in the clouds on a sortie to Myitkynia. He crashed in the jungle. 2,3 Sgts W.W. Wood and Gordon Campbell of No. 5 Squadron. On 23 May 1942 Campbell and Wood were on a sortie to Fort Hertz in AR676 and BJ546M when they crashed in the jungle. Possibly they collided while in clouds. 4 Sgt E.W.J. Blake of No. 5 Squadron. On 19 June 1942 Blake in B1534. had a mid-air collision with AR641, flown by P/O T.J. Trimble. Blake crashed in the Brahmaputra River near Murkong Sellek. Trimble bailed out succcessfully 5 Sgt W.G. Thomas of 5 Squadron. On 30 September 1942, Thomas did not recover from a strafing run on Akyab, and AX895 hit a tree_ 6, 7 F/O J. Dawson-Squibb and P/O R. McClumpha of 155 Squadron Dawson- Squibb in AX898 and McClumpha in BB929 were shot down by enemy fighters near Akyab on 10 November 1942. 8 P/O A. Haley of 155 Squadron. On 1 January 1943 Haley in BK584 was shot down by flak over the Chindwin River. 9, 10 F/Sgt G. Potter and Sgt D. Boult of 155 Squadron. On 14 January 1943 Potter in AX893 and Boult in BT471 or BT472 were on a sortie to Magwe when they collided while in clouds. 11 F/O A. Allen of 155 Squadron. On 28 January 1943 Allen bailed out unsuccessfully over the jungle when his aircraft’s engine failed during a sortie to Taungup. 12 F/O R.S. Tovey of 5 Squadron. On 19 February 1943, Tovey crashed during an airframe and engine test in BB977. It is believed he was practising slow flying on lean mixture and the Mohawk stalled due to a loss of power 13 F/O R.W. Chancellor of 5 Squadron. On 18 April 1943 Chancellor crashed into an enemy basha during a strafing run at Hpaukkyichaung while flying BS790. 14 F/Sgt ‘Junior’ Freeman of 155 Squadron. On 20 April 1943 Freeman crashed in the jungle near Imphal when his aircraft’s engine failed. 15 Sgt J. Simpson of 155 Squadron. On 20 April 1943 Simpson was shot down by an enemy fighter near Imphal. 16 F/L B.M. Ross-Magenty of 155 Squadron. As Ross-Magenty as taking off from Imphal in AR677 on 13 November 1943, the bombs fell off the wings and exploded. Hope this is of some help, ...geoff ....Read More.bearoutwest on 24th March 2020 01:02:40

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