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Spitfire Vb  BL548 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Spitfire Vb  BL548

Vb CBAF M45 6MU 6-1-.....[TRUNCATED] More information in: Spitfire Site

National Archives AIR81

Citation AIR81 Casualty File Description Link
AIR81/13337Squadron Leader B E Finucane: injured; Spitfire BL548, 602 Squadron, enemy action over Mardyke, France, 20 February 1942.C17205974
AIR81/13995Flight Sergeant B J Hull: injured; Spitfire BL548, 124 Squadron, enemy action over Worth Matravers, Dorset, 4 May 1942.C17206632

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Pilot Officer Richard LewisCan anyone provide me with info on Pilot Officer Richard Lewis who was apparently accompanying Wing Commander Brendan 'Paddy' Finucane on 20 February 1942 when Finucane was wounded during an engagement with two FW190s? Paddy Finucane was in a Spitfire Vb (BL548)of 602 City of Glasgow Squadron, so I assume Richard Lewis was with 602 also. David Masters has referred to him as Australian but I can't trace him. There is no record of a Richard Lewis on the Commonwealth War Graves Site so I assume he either survived the War or had other first names. Over to you Hugh?! Many thanks, in anticipation, Gerry ....Read More.Wee Gerry on 13th October 2008 07:45:08
Casualty in Circus 153 to Le Havre Power Station, 4 May 1942 (124 Sqn)The serial was BL548 and the reason was out of fuel. Sean. ....Read More.Sean Welch on 28th March 2014 06:23:09
Casualty in Circus 153 to Le Havre Power Station, 4 May 1942 (124 Sqn)[QUOTE=Sean Welch;98019]Sometimes books are wrong........[/QUOTE] Hi Sean Yes, you're quite right; I won't argue with you on that point, but Chris Shores, who wrote Aces High, is one of the best in his field, so I just wanted to check. Thanks for explaining your source; I appreciate the clarification and will go with BL548 and running out of fuel. Regards Steve ....Read More.Steve Brew on 29th March 2014 06:48:05

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