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Spitfire Vb  BL784 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Spitfire Vb  BL784

Vb CBAF M45 39MU 10-.....[TRUNCATED] More information in: Spitfire Site


DateAircraftUnitPilot NameLocation
25 Apr 42 Spitfire Vb BL784 412 Sqdn France
RemarksHenk Welting's Database

National Archives AIR81

Citation Aircraft AIR81 Casualty File Description Link
AIR81/13686Spitfire Vb BL784Pilot Officer J A McCague (RCAF): prisoner of war, Spitfire BL784, 412 Squadron, enemy action, pilot baled from aircraft near Abbeville, France, 25 April 1942.C17206323

Prisoners of War for Spitfire Vb BL784

RankName, NumberDetailsDate CapturedUnitPOW NoCamp
Plt OffJames Ashford MCCAGUE (J/7435) Spitfire Vb BL784 1942-04-25412 SqdnStalag Luft L3 Sagan and Belaria

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