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Wellington IC DV811 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Wellington IC DV811

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Code Letters - how can I find the code to ID an A/C?Hi Nick, This will either completely confuse the issue or help, hopefully the latter. My father was in 21OTU and 1446 Ferry Flight. From his log book, Moreton in Marsh 21 OTU "C" Flight from 14/7/42 flew as W/Op in following Wellingtons. R1242, R1165, P9240, N2847, X9942, R1165, R1211, N2847, R1742, R1717, DV838, DV811. Pilots for above were F.Lt Millson, P.O Parkes, F/S Shaw, F/S Evans and Sgt McClellan. Finished time in "C" Flight 13/8/42. Moreton in Marsh 1446 Ferry Flight from 4/9/42 to 8/9/42 Wellington HX676 pilot Sgt McClellan who was an American, ( from Dads diary lovely kite we have no 676 (M) ) this was brand new straight from factory. Now I have two photographs of this Wellington with crew in one it shows the lettering but partially obscurered, as best that I can make out it is FD on left of RAF Rosette and X on right side. Ferry Flight M.E. 12/9/42 Moreton in Marsh to Portreath, Porteath to Gibralter, Gibralter to Bathurst, Bathurst to Accra, Accra to Lagos (Ikeja), Lagos to Maiduguri ( 2200 on 28/9/42 abandoned a/c bailed out over Maiduguri French Sudan Africa 6500ft. All crew survived and went on to M.E. Dad and the rest of crew ended up in 37, 40 and 70 squadrons, however if they hadn't had to bail out there is a strong suggestion that they would have carried on to S.E. Asia as I have a book of Dads which goes over all thr tropical difficulties that would be encountered. Whether the same plane would have carried on is not a given however in all likelyhood it would have. Dad was in 37 Squadron and some of the codes he flew were HD958, HX521, LA938, Z8765, HZ205, HF747 and HF805 to name a few. From these Wellington codes you may be able to work backwards and trace their origins which may give you more insight. I hope that this is some help. Regards, Rob Jerram. ....Read More.RobJ on 25th February 2009 11:13:58

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