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RAF fatalities, 1922BARTON, Frank Henry - D.H.9A H102 - No.8 Sqn. Collided in practice flight formation With (D.H.9A) E8474, crashed at Hinaidi, Cat W. 13.1.1922. F/O F H Barron killed and AC2 Pattinson slightly injured. See PEACE. (p.224) PEACE, Albert Grounds - D.H.9A - E8474 -No.8 Sqn. Collided in practice formation flight with (D.H.9A ) H102, and crashed near Hinaidi. Cat. W. 13.1.1922. F/L A G Peace AFC & AC2 W S Browne both killed. See BARTON (p.201). BRAGG, Charles Willie - D.H.9A E967 - No.39 Sqn. Spun in from 300ft steep climbing turn downwind on take-off, Spittlegate, Burnt out. 28.3.1922. F/O C W Bragg & LAC W Warne both killed (p.198). WREN Aircraftman - See BRAGG - (LAC W Warne) . DUNCAN, David Chalmers - D.H.9A H70 - No.27 Sqn. Leaving on bombing raid, stalled on turn and crashed, Burnt out, Dardoni. 17.8.1922. F/O D C Duncan & F/O R B Luard both killed. (p.223) LUARD, Robert Blaine - See DUNCAN. HARTLEY, Robert Lionel - D.H.9A E9913 - No.8 Sqn. Test flight, stalled and dived into ground from 1,000ft, Hinaidi. Burnt out. 23.8.1922. F/O R L Hartley AFC & AC1 A Glasby both killed. (p.212). POTTER, Harold Frank - D.H.9A E9910 - No.4 FTS. Spun in from 500ft, Abu Sueir, Cat.W. 23.8.1922. F/O H F Potter killed and F/O F W G Bedford Died of Injuries. (p.212). BEDFORD, Frederick William Gordon - See POTTER. LOCKE-WATERS, Evelyn Archer - D.H.9A H155 - No.30 Sqn. En route from Baghdad to Kirkuk with spares, crashed after enemy action 6m SW of Kirkuk, Iraq, Burnt out. 6.10.1922. F/O E A Locke-Waters killed. (p.225). TURNER, Edward Eric - D.H.9A E8468 - No.27 Sqn. During attack on village, port plane hit by bomb from another aircraft, dived in, Palose, Waziristan. 28.12.1922. P/O E E Turner DFC & AC1 Sly both killed. (p.201). SLY Aircraftman - See TURNER. See: The D.H.4/D.H.9 File Sturtivant,Ray & Gordon Page. Tunbridge Wells:Air-Britain (Historians),1999. See individual entries for page references. Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 19th June 2014 05:11:53

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