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Spitfire VC  EE602 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Spitfire VC  EE602

Vc West M46 LFVc 33M.....[TRUNCATED] More information in: Spitfire Site

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Spitfire EE602 - Gifts of WarA new UK Spitfire registration was added 20 May 2011. Spitfire EE602 which is now registered G-VMIJ. This was a presentation Spitfire called "Central Railways Uruguayan Staff" and a few photos of it are on the net. Can somoene please supply the information as detailed in Gifts of War. Mine is still in storage pending new Bookcase being built! Many Thanks Paul ....Read More.paulmcmillan on 7th June 2011 07:25:36
Spitfire EE602 - Gifts of WarMy wife and I have just bought EE602 for restoration to full flying condition. This will be achieved within the next 5 years through VMI, her engine is off to the USA for restoration in January and I understand we should have a pretty complete fuselage within the next 18 months so at least she will look a bit like a plane again before too long. I'm just starting to research her history and have ordered Gifts of War but as this may take a little while to arrive I wondered if anyone was reading this post they could send me the page from the book mentioned in this thread? Also if any of you know of other photos than the presentation one on the VMI site I would be very interested to hear of them. Many thanks and Happy Christmas ....Read More.ChrisEE602 on 23rd December 2011 10:59:04
Spitfire EE602 - Gifts of WarHi A couple of links photo of presentation history of aircraft cheers Jerry ....Read More.brewerjerry on 23rd December 2011 03:59:23
Spitfire EE602 - Gifts of WarHi chrisEE602 In reply to your post, EE602 was presented to No 129 sqn at RAF Ibsley on 31st May 1943, it was handed over to the sqn at a ceremony on the airfield by Brigadier F D Hammond representing Central Uruguayian Railway staffs and in the presence of S/Ldr Gonay (129 sqn) and W/Cdr A H Donaldson Station Commander. Its sqn code was DV -V Would be interested to know where will the Spitfire be restored and where has it been since the end of the war. regards Peter Burke ....Read More.peter burke on 28th December 2011 07:40:01
Spitfire EE602 - Gifts of WarHi I would imagine it was 'stored' underground since the war. Sorry I couldn't resist ..... 31-jul-43, EE602 was abandoned at Martlesham 31/7/43. Presumably a 'recentish' dig ? restoration by, as per the link I posted. cheers Jerry ....Read More.brewerjerry on 29th December 2011 10:14:14

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