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Liberator EV920 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Liberator EV920

B.VI; ex 42-64278; dld Dorval 31.1.44; via Lagens, arr Karachi 1.3.44; 355 Sqn [A]; ran out of fuel and abandoned over Sunderbans 3.8.44; SOC 7.9.44. More information in: The Liberator in RAF and Commonwealth Service by James D. Oughton , John F. Hamlin, Andrew Thomas

Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Date of Crash  03 Aug 44 Aircraft Name  Liberator VI Serial Number  EV920
Unit  355 Sqdn Operating Airfield   Country  India
Aircrew details
Details Ran out of fuel and abandoned over Sunderbans
Source Joe Baugher

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178 Sqn losses on 14/15.4.1944As far as I know...those were two crews... And I list Birch on other crew than the others... The first crew is almost complete when mentioning pilot Pilot Lt. H.E. Rogan (SAAF) KIA, age 28, Service NO. 209397V, Son of John and Margaret Rogan; husband of Emma Rogan, of Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa. M.A. (Cantab.).Bari War Cemetery XV. C. 7. Info on two planes and crews comes from book "Through darkness to light", Macdonald. I did not find any info on Mk VI EV920 Lib...that should be the second one... 178 Sqn. ORB would help, but no answer from the web page you mentioned... I have the ORB for 205 Group. It says one a/c crashed on take off (3KIA, 2 WIA), and one A/C missing... regards and thanks ....Read More.Peter Kassak on 14th April 2010 11:43:40
178 Sqn losses on 14/15.4.1944Thanks for mentioning Birch was in the other crew. I had assumed he'd died of his injuries a day later. Throwing Rogan in as well, produces a different date for the 2nd aircraft. One lost on 14th, the other on 15th, when it went "missing". 001 ROGAN HE 209397V 178 RAF SQDN 15/04/1944 SOUTH AFRICAN AIR FORCE 002 SHAW K 328351V 178 RAF 15/04/1944 SOUTH AFRICAN AIR FORCE 001 WISHAK M J/88962 178 RAF SQDN 15/04/1944 ROYAL CANADIAN AIR FORCE would seem likely candidates for the 2nd crew, deducting the 2 KIA on 14th..... I've 6 casualties on 14th and 4 on 15th.... I would expect a "Missing" aircraft to lose the entire crew.... what are we missing here? Serial Number: EV920 Aircraft Mk & Type Mk VI Liberator Squadrons: 355 Details: Ran out of fuel and abandoned over Sunderbans, 3.8.44 would seem to rule that one out, 355 Sqdn and lost 3/8/44 Did you mean Serial Number: EV820 Aircraft Mk & Type Mk VI Liberator Squadrons: 178 Details: Lost 20.4.44; NFD ? ....Read More.KevinW4 on 14th April 2010 01:16:54
178 Sqn losses on 14/15.4.1944Sorry I've mis-read my sources Rogan was EV825 and Shaw was EV920 Both of these asr quoted in '85 Years of the SAAF' Malcolm ....Read More.malcolm_raf on 14th April 2010 03:34:01
178 Sqn. Liberator codesHi all I am looking for the fuselage codes of few Liberators used by 178 Squadron in 1944. Can anyone help to add the letters? Thanks! Peter The list: BZ928 BZ929 EV829 EV874 EV920 EW139 EW140 EW160 EW974 KG938 KG997 ....Read More.Peter Kassak on 25th May 2010 01:49:06
178 Sqn. Liberator codesFrom one source only - "The Liberator in Royal Air Force and Commonwealth Service" by Oughton: BZ928: letter code B, 178 Sqn BZ929: no letter code given, 178 Sqn EV829: no letter code, not on 178 Sqn. (was on 354 Sqn, Far East; arrived in India 31.12.43.) EV839: J, 178 Sqn EV874: no letter code, not on 178 Sqn, not a bomber variant. (Gen Reconnaissance version, arrived on 206 Sqn 20?.04.44, departed 206 for Scottish Aviation 30.08.44 to fit Leigh Light; to Preparation Pool, St Davids 19.10.44; 51 Maintenance Unit 13.10.45; to Scottish Aviation Ltd 09.11.45 for conversion to C.VI; SAL to Tempsford 31.01.46 for troop transport conversion; teturned to 51 MU 26.02.46; Struck off charge 04.12.46.) EV920: A, not on 178 Sqn (was on 355 Sqn, Far East; arrived in India 01.03.44.) EW160: no letter code, 178 Sqn. EW974: no such Liberator serial. This must be EV974: D, 178 Sqn. EW140: no letter code, 178 Sqn. EW139: no letter code, 178 Sqn. KG928: no letter code, 178 Sqn. KG874: J, not on 178 Sqn (was on 31 SAAF Sqn.) KG938: no letter code, 178 Sqn. KG997: no letter code, 178 Sqn. ....Read More.Matt Poole on 28th May 2010 12:43:14

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