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Vengeance EZ904 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Vengeance EZ904

c/n:30952 Mk.1A Wrecked when bomb fell off and exploded when landing at Kumbhirgram Dec 17 1943 More information in: Joe Baugher's USAAF Military Serials

Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Date of Crash  17 Dec 43 Aircraft Name  Vengeance IA Serial Number  EZ904
Unit  110 Sqdn Operating Airfield  Kumbhirgram Country  India
Aircrew details Fg Offr Anthony John DAVIES* (J17908)
Fg Offr John David Ernest ROBERTSON*(139134)
Details His luck ran out Dec. 17, 1943, when he was returning to Kumbhirgram airfield from a mission. He probably did not know that a 250-pound bomb had “hung up” on the port wing. As he landed the bomb fell off. It exploded, wrecking the aircraft and instantly killing Davies along with his RAF gunner. - See more at: [ab] Wrecked when bomb fell off and exploded when landing at Kumbhirgram Dec 17, 1943 [ ] Source: F/Sgt Reg Duncan, RCAF, from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Pilot, 110 Squadron Source: Bob Harvey from England (still living, age 98)

Twelve Vengeances of 110 Squadron attack targets at Teinkayu on the afternoon of Dec. 17, 1943. The CO flies in front and Reg Duncan, because of his experience, leads the formation, flying the worst possible position, which is very difficult. "You were just like a seagull flying backwards. When you go into the formation the CO waggles his wings and you just throttle back and the other guys throttle back and you all move back together. You are flying very close."

Tony Davies, Reg's wingman, goes into a dive and gets a bomb hung up on his wing. Reg's navigator, Bob Harvey, signals under radio silence to Davies letting him know about the bomb. Reg then signals to Davies to break off from the formation. Davies breaks off, goes into a dive, hauls back, and climbs out of the dive, trying to shake the bomb loose. No luck. He tries once more, again without success. Davies gives Reg the okay and rejoins the formation, putting the bomb release in his cockpit on 'safe'.

On return to base, eight dive-bombers come into land. After what happens next, the remaining four are diverted to Silchar and Sylhet. In that type of situation Reg said, "As soon as you land, you give it hell and go down to the far end of the runway to let the rest of the boys get in." When Reg touches down and starts his cockpit drill, he hears his navigator say, "My God, Reg." Reg looks up and sees a pile of black smoke and thinks the Japanese have followed them in. No, it is Tony Davies and his navigator, Jackie Robertson. "We scooped them up and buried them the next day." [RCAF Cas File] [ORB]: N for NUTS had a wing bomb hang up and upon landing at base, crashed and the plane exploded. Crew killed. The Crashed aircraft was the eight to land and the runway became unserviceable. The remaining four aircraft circling were diverted. 3 landed at SILCHAR and one at S????.

Source ORB

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