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Harvard IIb  FS698 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Harvard IIb  FS698

Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Date of Crash  06 Dec 44 Aircraft Name  Harvard IIB Serial Number  FS698
Unit  60 Sqdn Operating Airfield  Kangla Country  
Aircrew details Plt Offr Neil James McILHONE(J87373)
Flt Lt J C Evans
Details Engine cut in fog, abandoned over Tambuk, Bengal. near Alipore, both baled out sucessfully

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No.60 Squadron - help wantedI have transcribed all the losses of No.60 Sqn here [URL][/URL] Of interest are these entries [QUOTE]12 December 1944 - Hurricane B - To Toungo - two hours 45 minutes. "Badly hit over target. Tried to make base but was forced to bail out at Tamu. Bailed out at 700 feet. No fun. Walked home. Finally qualified to wear a caterpiller. Should get a free drink for this when I arrive back in London."[/QUOTE] But in reality..[URL][/URL] may have some connection Plt Offr N J McIlhone Flt Lt J C Evans Source: Details: Engine cut in fog, abandoned over Tambuk, Bengal. near Alipore, both baled out sucessfully Similarly [QUOTE]19 October 1944 - Hurricane V - Flight Job - two hours - "Six aircraft over Mandalay. Bombed government buildings. WO Dickson shot down. Blew up at 3,000 Feet." (I can find no man named Dickson killed in the Far East at this time).[/QUOTE] Date of Crash: 25 Feb 45 Aircraft Type: Hurricane IIC Serial Number: LE531 Unit: 60 Sqn Pilot details: W/O Andrew Young Prentice DICKSON*(202855) Source: Details: ASC cabrank over Ngazun area. Took off at 1700 Hours, crashed 1730 hours. Aircraft B failed to pull out of bombing dive at Pagoda at 133559. The aircraft hit the top of the pagoda, flicked and exploded. The aircraft crashed at LF141561. ONly the tail unit remained identifiable. Dickson had earlier forcelanded the same aircraft two weeks before after battle damage Yes everything out of sync and whack..but some connections still remain.. ....Read More.Jagan on 25th January 2018 08:48:26

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