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Harvard IIb  FT183 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Harvard IIb  FT183

Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Date of Crash  10 Aug 45 Aircraft Name  Harvard IIB Serial Number  FT183
Unit  232 Gp Operating Airfield  Comilla Country  
Aircrew details
Details Comilla -uc collapse on landing
Source Price of Peace

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Was the Form 1180 ever obtained ?Hello, Thanks to you ALL, This morning I searched through Cummings "The Price of Peace". On page 383 there is the report of the 10 Aug 45 accident of Harvard FT183, and on page 384 the report of the fatal accident on 10 Aug 45 of weaver and Mitchell's AT6 [B][U]"64"[/U][/B]. Then if you go to the index page 650, it notes Harvard IIB FT183 - 10 Aug 45 and then Harvard AT6 - [U]16144[/U]. Great :) I then went to AB's "The Harvard File" and page 13 gives RAF serials matched to construction numbers. 88.16143 to 88.16152 were matched to RAF serials EZ299 - EZ308. fine :) However EZ297 to EZ301(5a/c) were delivered direct to the RNZAF to become NZ1080 through to NZ1084. :( So went then to the USAAF serial numbers webpages of Joe Baugher and in one section he has EZ297/298 to NZ as 1080/1081 but later on has 42-84362/84371 as c/n's 88.16143/16152(10) to RAF as EZ299/308. :) So match 42-84362/42-84364 (EZ299/EZ301) to NZ as NZ1082/NZ1084. :) So 42-84363/EZ300/NZ1083 - 88.16144 was not the AT6 we seek. However she is still with us I read that she is presently stored at Ohakea as reserve aircraft for RNZAF Historic Flight. So only other it could be was US serial number 41-16144 c/n 78.6522. As you also have it. So that leaves us to accept that the "64" must have been the aircraft "side number" either on the fuselage sides (and/or tail ?). The serial number would have been on the a/c tail and would have followed the norm and read as "[B]116144[/B]" Excelent - the serial number now known - [B]41-16144[/B] :) As an aside to this search I came accross the fact that Mitchell is one of 15 RAF men at rest at the local Cemetery. It is also worth the mention that beside them also at rest now is the Lady who until her passing cared for their graves and had requested to be laid to rest beside them. Her wish was carried out. [url][/url] At least one earlier event for 41-16144 can be seen here - [url][/url] While two are noted in this website - 411224 AT-6A 41-16144 FREDERICKSBURG 1.5 MI N, TX 450721 AT-6A 41-16144 COMMERCE 8 MI NW, OK Thanks again for your help Alex ....Read More.Alex Smart on 6th September 2015 08:16:39

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