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Thunderbolt HD217 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Thunderbolt HD217

Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Date of Crash  07 May 45 Aircraft Name  Thunderbolt II Serial Number  HD217
Unit  258 Sqdn Operating Airfield  Ratnap Country  India
Aircrew details Flt Lt Sydney Walter BROWN*(J20638)
Details It is with sincere regreat that we have lost Brownie, who on returning with engine trouble spun in on his approach. F541: Sortie 15:10-15:35. 11 aircraft mission to straff KAWBYINKYUANG led by Flt Lt H W Seton.. Flt Lt Brown returned early with engine trouble and was killed when he spun in just before landing. Aircraft completely burnt out. [AB]:Engine Cut, spun into ground in circuit, Kyaukpyu
Source ORB

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