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Wellington IC  HE115 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Wellington IC  HE115

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He115 on clandestine ops from MaltaI have recently found a reference to an He115 that was used for clandestine operations from Malta in August 1941. The aircraft retained its German markings and was only used at night, during the day it was kept out of sight in a hanger at Kalifrana seaplane base. The only i.d. for this aircraft is given as "BV185". Has anyone any further information on this machine please? ....Read More.phillipwalton on 28th December 2007 06:11:15
He115 on clandestine ops from Malta[QUOTE=phillipwalton;2289]I have recently found a reference to an He115 that was used for clandestine operations from Malta in August 1941. The aircraft retained its German markings and was only used at night, during the day it was kept out of sight in a hanger at Kalifrana seaplane base. The only i.d. for this aircraft is given as "BV185". Has anyone any further information on this machine please?[/QUOTE] According to my copy of Robertson's "British Military Aircraft Serials", this was one of four ex-RNoAF He 115s that escaped to Britain. Ex RNoAF 56, 58, 62, or 64. BV185 was a He 115 A-2. ....Read More.Bill Walker on 28th December 2007 08:33:24
First and Last Coastal Command LossHi Andrew Ross records the 1st Coastal loss as 48 Sqn Anson I K8704OY-E, which was ditched close to Thorney Is on 4/9/39 having lost an engine on return from a patrol, the crew were:- Sgt R E Williams Sgt F Burton LAC J Meek AC D Hider ,all of whom were rescued The first that he records as being actually shot down was 206 Sqn Anson I , K6183,VX-B that attacked a German He115 off the Friesian Is on 5/9/39 and was shot down by return fire. The crew were P/O L H Edwards POW Sgt A O Heslop KIA AC1 G Sheffield KIA LAC J Quilter KIA These come from Ross's Coastal Command Losses Vol 1. He hasn't published the last losses yet! Regards Dick ....Read More.Dick on 2nd January 2008 05:45:30
Hudson 206 Squadron 15/8/40Hi guys According to various sources, Hudson 'V' of 206 Squadron engaged and shot down a He59 on 15 August 1940. On checking the ORB I could only find a combat for Hudson 'E' (N7367) skippered by a Plt Off Bird, who engaged in an inconclusive combat with a He115. Are these one and the same with obvious inaccuracies? Or did I miss something? Perhaps one for Ross? Cheers Brian ....Read More.brian on 25th October 2009 06:23:46
June 1940 combats-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi guys I realise and appreciate that this is not the correct Forum for Luftwaffe enquires and queries but just possibly some of our very knowledgeable members may be able to help. I am endeavouring to sort out noctural combats that occurred during June 1940, as set out below. Can anyone add to what is listed, please? I seek mainly information regarding the Luftwaffe aircraft involved. 11 June: He111 claimed south of Isle of Wight by 145 Sqn (possibly daylight) 12 June He 111 shot down off Margate by 610 Sqn (Wekusta 51) He111 claimed by 64 Sqn near Gatwick at 0720 (same?) 20/21 June 0100 He111 claimed by 222 Sqn off Sunk Island 0145 He111 damaged by 222 Sqn Cottingham area ? He111 claimed by 41 Sqn Teesmouth 21 June 2315 He115 rescue aircraft (seeking survivors from above)claimed probable by 616 Sqn 26/27 June: midnight He111 claimed by 72 Sqn near Acklington 0017 He111 claimed off Withernsea by 616 Sqn 0050 He111 claimed off Humber by 222 Sqn (believe these three from I/KG4) 0100 He111 claimed off Aberdeen by 603 Sqn 0050 He111 claimed by 602 Sqn off Dunbar (both from I/KG26) after midnight He111 claimed by 601 Sqn off Brighton 0140-0225 He111 claimed probable by 236 Sqn Blenheim off Isle of Wight (same aircraft?) 28/29 June: He111 probable over Norfolk by Blenheim of 23 Sqn He111 probable off Hornsea by 616 Sqn. 29/30 June: Do215 Obdl claimed by 72 Sqn off Holy island. Any detail with be most useful. Many thanks in advance. Cheers Brian ....Read More.brian on 17th July 2010 11:42:26
Fg Off Malcolm Robert MacArthurHello, In "Another Place", Bruce Lander has listed the following claims for "F/O M R McArthur [sic], of No.236 Sqn.(I have added a summary from John Foreman's, Air War 1941:The Turning Point). 17-7-1940 - F/O M R McArthur - Ju87 - Dam. - Channel 25-1-1941 - F/O M R McArthur - He115 (M2+KH) - 1./906 25th January 1941 - Coastal Command aircraft were again operating over Biscay. Three Blenheim fighters of 236 squadron led Flight Lieutenant McArthur flew an 'anti' Focke Wulf patrol and encountered an He115 of 1./K.Fl.Gr.506* which was attacked by McArthur. No claim was made, but the Heinkel, 'M2+KH' flown by Oberleutnant zur See** Hans-Dieter Furl, failed to return. * Should read: 1./K.Fl.Gr.106 - He115 - Wnr.2727 - M2+KH ** Foreman also quotes Furl's rank as Lt zur See. 5-3-1941 - F/O M R McArthur - He111 - Dam. - 1./KG 27 5th March 1941 - Coastal Command reported another engagement when Flight Lieutenant McArthur of 236 Squadron fought another He111. No claim was made and the Blenheim was badly hit by return fire. All three of the crew were wounded. His opponent is believed to have been an aircraft of I./KG 27. Oberfeldwebel Kurt Brosch and one other crewman were wounded following a combat with a 'Beaufighter' off Eire. Some inconsistencies, but a start! Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 23rd March 2011 08:52:57
401024 - Unaccounted airmen - 24-10-1940Hi Henk, No.233 Sqn ORB records: 24/10/40 Hudson N7257 At 1530 in JZTA 5015 sighted and attacked another He115. The rear gunner was killed, it is believed that the rear gunner of the E/A was also killed. Continued patrol, nothing further sighted. Monthly summary confirms that this was Sgt Knowles. Regards Ross ....Read More.Ross_McNeill on 20th May 2012 08:47:23
Skuas on Lake LesjaskogHi Alex, I've found the details below: Skua L3046 800 Sqn Ark Royal, bullet through wing attacking He115 25.4.40 (S/L RW Kearsley & LA LC Eccleshall); Reported missing, but later arrived Hatston from Aandelsnes 29.4.40 (Mid LH Gallagher). Location must be Ċndalsnes in Norwegian. Quote from Fleet Air Arm Aircraft (Sturtivant & Burrow). Pages 36 and 495. So Simon has the correct person. Regards Finn Buch ....Read More.Argus on 7th November 2014 03:44:54
61 Sqn Hampden X2981, October 1940 - individual letter?Thanks for the reply James. Oddly enough, I have managed to track down the ID of the He-115, thanks to the 12 OCH forum - Heinkel He115B-1 S4+AH of 1./KüFlGr. 506. Hopefully the letter for the Hampden may be found too. Regards Simon ....Read More.wwrsimon on 27th February 2016 01:47:52
marinens flyvevaesens pilots in UKHere is an entry from the No.8 Air Gunners School, Evanton, ORB which records the arrival of one of the He115s. May 2nd 1940, “A Norwegian Heinkel 115 No.52 belonging to the Norwegian Air Force but which had been captured by the Germans arrived at Meikle Ferry having been stolen from the Germans by the following men: Hakon Offendal (Norwegian) Fenrick P Riktoen (Norwegian) G Hangen (Norwegian) Giles Owbridge (English) P M Farragut (English) They had earlier in the day managed to escape from Norway. The two Englishmen had been fighting in Finland against the Russians as volunteers and on the cessation of hostilities were making their way to England through Norway at the time of the Nazi invasion, so they again took up arms as volunteers to fight for Norway against the Germans. They brought with them a bundle of German Air Force publications and a German Officer’s diary. An Intelligence Officer took possession of these.” ....Read More.alclark on 13th August 2016 02:14:24
marinens flyvevaesens pilots in UK[url][/url]. [QUOTE]I am still researching three men who were in Finalnd during the Winterwar. The were Donald Kenyon Willis, Davind 'Simpson'Bondurant and Peter Farragut, a Briton whose real name was Peter MacAlistar. I have Willi's entree form when he arrived at Tornioon, a newspaper artivle in which Bondurant tells his story and a photo of Peter Farragut/MacAlistar in Finnish AF uniform sitting on the fuselage of a Finnish monoplane. I know from Norwegean documents that the fled Finland when the Russians and Fins declared an armistice. They arrived at Honingvag Norway in Mid-April 1940. Willis and Farragut joined the Norwegian Naval Air Force. Bondurant went back to the USA. Willis fought with the Norwegians as a gunner in a Heinkel He115 under Lt Hans Andreas Bugge and flew to the Shetlands in that aircraft when Norway was about to surrender. [B]Farragut joined the RAF and was killed as a Wellington pilot[/B].[/QUOTE] [url],%20PETER%20DONALD[/url] [url],%20PETER%20DONALD[/url] Owbridge seems to have had a colourful time post-war. Of course, this may not be the same man: [url][/url] Regards, Dave ....Read More.alieneyes on 13th August 2016 06:33:48
Sunderland lost in Arctic circa July 1942??Hi Brian That seems fairly conclusive IMHO! However, as the Sunderland was shot down by low altitude, would it not have ditched rather than disappeared? And might it have been chased northwards for many a mile before going down? Considering the Sunderland bristled with guns, one would assume that it would have put up quite a fight against a single Do18? It would be great if a combat report or similar could be found, so that we would have Karpf's account to hand! Just an aside, Lufftwaffe Officers Careers site has Kampf as being with 4.Staffel before joining 3.Staffel when it re-equipped with BV138s. I was under the impression that 4.Staffel with Do18s and He115s was based at Banak, hence my angle of events. Of course, all this speculation doesn't answer the original question - the identity of the ice-encased Sunderland seen by PQ17. Or, as Alex, suggests, was it a mis-identified Catalina? Cheers Brian ....Read More.brian on 31st October 2016 07:09:12
Sunderland lost in Arctic circa July 1942??Hi Brian Thanks for keeping this discussion alive - after all that's the beauty of the Forum! Yes, I see your point. I was aware of the He115 incident and that of the Walrus .......! My thoughts had turned to the possibility that it may have been a German or Soviet aircraft? And not necessarily a seaplane. Intriguing! Brian ....Read More.brian on 2nd November 2016 06:57:12
568909 LAC A.F.W. Ollett, C Flight 24 Sqn 'Flight Engineer' 1939.Thanks Brian, that's the next step. 24 sqn association would like to see it, it has some interesting things written inside. It seems Churchill had a dodgy moment over the sea near Alderney when his Flamingo encountered an HE115 on Jun 12th 1940. Something possibly unknown before now, but it's written up in the log book. ....Read More.Tangmere Archivist on 23rd June 2018 11:56:17
where was this photograph taken and when?I know the picture you are referring to Robin. Funnily enough it is not included in the book [B]Chronicles of a Nervous Navigator by John A Iverach[/B] I have just had a quick look through his book but doubt I can give an exact date for your picture as the pic is not in his book - However Iverach was posted from 240 Sqn in Feb 1942 to travel to Calshot to meet W/Cdr Sofiano and thus start his tour with the clandestine Heinkel He115's. He returned to Canada injured by 15/11/42 so the picture at Woodhaven would have been taken sometime between Feb/March 1942 and October/November 1942. ....Read More.bvs on 17th December 2018 08:14:23
1940 Unaccounted Airmen Database ReconciliationFrom Fledgling Eagles by Chris Shores. He115, F-52, and MF11, F-328, headed for Scotland on 1st May. The He115, Lt Offerdal, reached Invergordon safely. F-328 was believed to have been shot down by British AA fire, the crew being killed. No mention of any crew names. [url][/url] ....Read More.paulmcmillan on 22nd December 2018 01:42:40
W/C F W L Wild RAF (service 1939-44)[QUOTE=PeteS;144371]Thank you Col, thats superb, I have a start point.[/QUOTE] Hi guys Probably no connection, but in my copius notes I have a W/Cdr WILD flying Beaufighters with 272 Squadron in 1943, who was credited with a shared He115 on 21/7/43 and a Ju52 on 24/9/43. Cheers Brian ....Read More.brian on 26th August 2019 06:51:26

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