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Wellington III HF629 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Wellington III HF629

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Wellington prefix lettersHi Russ, These are all valid Wellington serial ranges: Model Start End Wellington AD589 AD653 Wellington BB455 BB656 Wellington III BJ581 BJ991 Wellington III BK123 BK564 Wellington III DF542 DF743 Wellington VI DR471 DR528 Wellington Ic DV411 DV953 Wellington ES980 ES995 Wellington Ic HD942 HE146 Wellington X HE147 HE995 Wellington III HF112 HF112 Wellington XII HF113 HF120 Wellington XIV HF121 HF451 Wellington X HF452 HF606 Wellington III HF609 HF613 Wellington X HF614 HF614 Wellington III HF615 HF621 Wellington X HF622 HF622 Wellington III HF623 HF625 Wellington X HF626 HF626 Wellington III HF627 HF629 Wellington X HF630 HF630 Wellington III HF631 HF637 Wellington X HF638 HF638 Wellington III HF639 HF641 Wellington X HF642 HF642 Wellington III HF643 HF645 Wellington X HF646 HF646 Wellington III HF647 HF649 Wellington X HF650 HF650 Wellington III HF666 HF668 Wellington X HF669 HF669 Wellington III HF670 HF730 Wellington III HF718 HF722 Wellington X HF723 HF723 Wellington III HF724 HF725 Wellington X HF726 HF726 Wellington III HF727 HF728 Wellington X HF729 HF729 Wellington III HF730 HF731 Wellington X HF732 HF732 Wellington III HF733 HF734 Wellington X HF735 HF735 Wellington III HF736 HF738 Wellington X HF739 HF739 Wellington III HF740 HF742 Wellington X HF743 HF743 Wellington III HF744 HF746 Wellington X HF747 HF747 Wellington III HF748 HF750 Wellington X HF751 HF751 Wellington III HF752 HF754 Wellington X HF755 HF755 Wellington III HF756 HF758 Wellington X HF759 HF759 Wellington III HF760 HF762 Wellington X HF763 HF763 Wellington III HF764 HF764 Wellington III HF791 HF792 Wellington X HF793 HF793 Wellington III HF794 HF796 Wellington X HF797 HF797 Wellington III HF798 HF802 Wellington XI HF803 HF804 Wellington X HF805 HF805 Wellington III HF806 HF807 Wellington X HF808 HF808 Wellington III HF809 HF810 Wellington X HF811 HF811 Wellington III HF812 HF816 Wellington VIII HF828 HF828 Wellington Ic HF829 HF837 Wellington VIII HF838 HF838 Wellington Ic HF839 HF849 Wellington VIII HF850 HF850 Wellington Ic HF851 HF853 Wellington VIII HF854 HF854 Wellington Ic HF855 HF856 Wellington VIII HF857 HF857 Wellington Ic HF858 HF859 Wellington VIII HF860 HF860 Wellington Ic HF861 HF862 Wellington VIII HF863 HF863 Wellington Ic HF864 HF865 Wellington VIII HF866 HF866 Wellington Ic HF867 HF868 Wellington VIII HF869 HF869 Wellington Ic HF881 HF822 Wellington VIII HF883 HF883 Wellington Ic HF884 HF885 Wellington VIII HF886 HF886 Wellington Ic HF887 HF888 Wellington VIII HF889 HF889 Wellington Ic HF890 HF894 Wellington VIII HF895 HF895 Wellington Ic HF896 HF900 Wellington VIII HF901 HF901 Wellington Ic HF902 HF903 Wellington VIII HF904 HF904 Wellington Ic HF905 HF906 Wellington VIII HF907 HF907 Wellington Ic HF908 HF909 Wellington VIII HF910 HF910 Wellington Ic HF911 HF912 Wellington VIII HF913 HF913 Wellington Ic HF914 HF915 Wellington VIII HF916 HF91 ....Read More.Ross_McNeill on 19th May 2009 04:57:22
AUS414561 Sgt N T E HEWITT RAAF - Bale-out.Col, Not an answer but possible point in the direction for further research: HF668 - 15-1-43 - forced landed near Taher - not in my files. HF629 - 15-1-43 - crashlanded Tizzert/ALG - not in my files. DF568 - 27-1-43 - crashed on air test E of Blida - 8 buried Dely Ibrahim War Cem. DF728 - 26/27-2-43 - crashed Maison Blance - 5 buried El Alia, Algeria. HF700 - 30-4-43 - crashed Sourna/ALG - 5 buried El Alia, Algeria. DF729 - 16-5-43 - crashed SE Pasteur/ALG - not in my files. HE603 - 16-5-43 - missing Trapani - not in my files. HZ183 - 21/22-5-43 - missing Sicily airfield - 5 on the Malta memorial. Regards, Henk. ....Read More.Henk Welting on 7th December 2009 08:56:20
AUS414561 Sgt N T E HEWITT RAAF - Bale-out.Henk, Thanks for the listing. I suspect my man Hewitt might have been on one these aircraft (HF668 - HF629 or DF729). Thursday, 14 January, 1943. After dark RAF bombers were again in the air. Wellingtons of 150 Squadron taking off at 1740 to attack Bizerta. During the return flight the aircraft flew into a rainstorm, one crew being forced to bale out, while a second bomber force-landed on the seashore near Djidjelli. See: Fighters Over Tunisia Shores,C.,Ring,H & W N Hess. London:Neville Spearman,1975. p.152 Sat. 15 May, 1943 Wellington III DF697 658266 Sgt Obadiah CAVE 1319342 Sgt Alan John POLFREY NZ415020 Sgt Thomas Blundell RIMMER RNZAF 1488172 Sgt Joseph SHIELDS 1126907 Sgt John William WATERS All commemorated on the Malta Memorial See: FYT2/95 and... 15 May, 1943 Wellington X HE603. Missing Sicily. 1336970 Sgt (Pilot) George Frederick PARRIS RAFVR + 1548025 Sgt (Nav.) Kenneth Arthur HAYNES RAFVR + 1281502 F/Sgt (W.Op./Air Gnr.) Lewis Wyndham JONES RAFVR + 975888 Sgt (Air Gnr.) Thomas Edward BAXTER RAFVR + AUS414006 F/Sgt ( ? ) Harold Arthur John CUMMINGS RAAF + All buried Catania War Cemetery, Sicily. Early draft, more work needed on these. There was another 150 Sqn loss during this period: 9-5-1943 No serial 1384078 Sgt Leslie George COOPER 1320520 Sgt James Spencer FLETCHER (+ 11-5-43 CWGC) ??? 131557 F/O Leslie Newell Whittingham GOLDSPINK 1383352 Sgt Donald Alexander RAYMENT 1390428 Sgt Alan Kenneth ROGERS All commemorated on the Malta Memorial. Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 7th December 2009 10:30:43

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