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Date of Crash  29 May 43 Aircraft Name  Hurricane Serial Number  HV
Unit  136 Sqdn Operating Airfield  Chittagong Country  Burma
Aircrew details Sgt Arthur Brodie Kearon(540606)
Details 0830 hrs . 9 ac scrambled itnercepted 15 Army 99 and Army 01 fighters. Kearon sustained slight burns to his legs. air combat Damaged Inj
Source NF-HOA

National Archives AIR81

Citation AIR81 Casualty File Description Link
AIR81/6572Squadron Leader W J Methven, Flight Lieutenant M Kramer: missing believed killed; aircraft crashed into the River Severn, Tiger Moth N6853, 39 Maintenance Unit, 21 May 1941.C16755869

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Air Combat ReportsI am well chuffed, thank you for posting this info. I downloaded the (3) combat reports of F/Sgt Alan Haddon which were a great addition and can see at least 5 more I need to get. However, one entry on 609 has me lost: Description Name: Robb, K I Rank: Flight Serjeant Squadron: 609 Date of Combat: 24 March 1942 i ahve no record of a pilto by the name of Robb with the squadron, and furthermore the Form 540 makes no mention of a 'kill'. Any ideas? "March 24 After two eggs each for breakfast, pilots of the West Riding Squadron assemble at Dispersal, ready to take-off for Redhill, thence to go on an offensive Operation. Despite the sunshine of a real spring day, fog comes down and delays the take-off until 11:40 - 15 A/C including W/Cdr Blatchford, and all Officers except the two senior Sergeants, Dickson and McConnell, who are in reserve. After losing the way and appearing over Southampton, they eventually find Redhill, whence the 12 Group Duty Wing comprising 609, 412 and 19 Squadrons duly takes-off as close escort to 6 Boston's raiding Abbeville marshalling yards, with the Biggin and Tangmere wings above. In that the bombers are successfully brought home again, the wing does well. 609, top cover at 14,000 feet, see nothing but 4 Fw.190’s below and behind as they reach the Somme estuary. 30-plus are however reported over the target, and at least 15 are found waiting by the lower Squadrons. As the Boston's turn right they are attacked from port and behind simultaneously, and the CO of 412 (Canadian) Squadron and his No. 2 are shot down, also 2 of 19 Squadron. The wing lands back at Redhill, and 609 reaches Digby by 1800 hours, all except Sgt Dickson (NZ) whose aircraft is pinched by F/Lt Cotes-Preedy, the latter having been prevented from visiting France by magneto trouble. F/O Dieu becomes stuck in the mud at Redhill, and arrives a bit later. 601 Squadron is supposed to arrive at Digby today, preparatory to going overseas, but only the ground staff arrives except F/Lt Barnham, who has just been appointed Flight Commander in that Squadron, and the night before has rung up 609's IO to discover where his new Squadron is and what sort of aircraft it now has - the Airacobras have in fact been abandoned and sent to Russia. What with S/Ldr Bisdee D.F.C, and F/Lt Barnham, 609 is pretty strongly represented in 601. The other Flight Commander is F/Lt Beake, late of 92." ....Read More.Mark Crame on 8th December 2007 05:02:09
RAF officer deaths 1.1.29-3.9.39The following is a list in chronological order of all (826) OFFICER deaths for the above period as recorded in the monthly RAF Air Force Lists. The recording of these in the AFL ceased upon outbreak of WWII. Errol By Rank, Surname, Initials, First Names, Awards, Force/Other*, Fate, Date died * All RAF unless otherwise stated Plt Off Carroll R R Raymond Russell Killed 2 Jan 29 Fg Off Cayley E G Edward Gordon Killed 20 Jan 29 Flt Lt Walsh J J John Joseph (RAFO) Died 26 Jan 29 Fg Off Ingle G H C Geoffrey Hugh Conningsby Killed 30 Jan 29 Fg Off Cecil R F B Richard Francis Bain (Lt, RN) Killed 6 Feb 29 Flt Lt Courtney R A Reginald Aloysius MBE Died 13 Feb 29 Flt Lt Bucknall G A F George Anthony Fielding Killed 28 Feb 29 Fg Off Sealy-Allin P N Patrick Nelson Killed 1 Mar 29 Fg Off Peacey A J Arthur John (RAFO) Death presumed on or since 9 Mar 29 Fg Off Burnett Y W Yvon William Killed 18 Mar 29 Fg Off Moon F J Francis Jack Died 23 Mar 29 Plt Off Gibbs H W Hugh Washbourne Died 12 Apr 29 Plt Off Ions E Eustace Died 17 Apr 29 Plt Off Milner L T Lionel Treadway (2nd Lt, KOYLI, TA) Killed 2 May 29 Plt Off Jackson M M Malcolm Menzies Killed 10 May 29 Flt Lt Scholefield E R C Edward Rodolph Clement AFC DCM (Ret) Killed 16 May 29 Fg Off Bayes J W John Walden Killed 16 May 29 Fg Off Butler L Leonard (RAFO) Killed 18 May 29 Wg Cdr Dunville J D John Dunville CBE (RAFO) (hon) Died 10 Jun 29 Fg Off Barrett H B Henry Baillie Died 16 Jun 29 Plt Off Jorgensen J E James Ernest Killed 17 Jun 29 Wg Cdr Adams S E Stanley Edward (Ret) Died 19 Jun 29 Flt Lt Halliday C G Christopher George Killed 27 Jun 29 Fg Off Eyre V O Vickers Osborne Died of Injuries 27 Jun 29 Flt Lt Williams F H Frederick Hubert (Ret) Died 30 Jun 29 Plt Off Bootes R Y Ronald Yule Killed 2 Jul 29 Wg Cdr de Dombasle G C St.P Guy Cyril St.Pourcin OBE Died 7 Jul 29 Plt Off Swaine R M Reginald Montague Killed 11 Jul 29 Fg Off Prince S F Stanley Frank Killed 17 Jul 29 Plt Off Bennett W P D Walter Patrick Dillon (RAFO) Killed 19 Jul 29 Fg Off Williamson J D John Douglas (RAFO) Died of Injuries 27 Jul 29 Fg Off (Hon Flt Lt ) White A S Arthur Statham (RAFO) Killed 29 Jul 29 Fg Off Caulfeild J H Jack Harley Died 30 Jul 29 Lt Wallace M H Michael Hugh (HLI) Died 2 Aug 29 Fg Off Jones W G Walter George Died 4 Aug 29 Plt Off Esler D P H Dermott Patrick Howard (RAFO) Died of Injuries 5 Aug 29 Fg Off Gardner H P L Herbert Patrick Legge (RAFO) Died 11 Aug 29 Fg Off Jones C H Charles Henry Killed 14 Aug 29 Plt Off Wilson J John Killed 24 Aug 29 Sqn Ldr Grosvenor E A Lord Edward Arthur (AAF) Died 26 Aug 29 Plt Off Lucas L E J Lawrence Errington Jeff Killed 10 Sep 29 Fg Off Clarke J John Killed 11 Oct 29 Fg Off Birt L S Lascelles Spence (RAFO) Killed 25 Oct 29 Fg Off Ward A R Albert Rees Killed 28 Oct 29 Fg Off Halliwell J H John Hassall (RAFO) (Capt TARO) Died 5 Nov 29 Fg Off Forbes H V Har ....Read More.Errol Martyn on 10th December 2007 05:33:52
Conspicious Gallantry MedalFound this on Mayer on 162590/1040284/1040484 Flight Sergeant, later Pilot Officer, Stanley Mayer CGM, gazetted 1 November 1943 and Jewish Chronicle. Killed in action 26 November 1943 in Lancaster III DV285 SR-Q over Berlin, take-off 1715, shot down Liege, buried Heverlee, Leuven. Information from AJEX card. Pete ....Read More.Pete on 14th December 2007 07:55:42
Book ReviewI have lately been asked to review a book, and since the membership of this Forum probably does not greatly overlap that of the Canadian Aviation Historical Society (whose Journal is the intended venue of publication) I herewith share some (though not all) of my review. Needless to say, I recommend the book. Notwithstanding its Canadian focus, it should have very wide appeal: WORDS OF VALEDICTION AND REMEMBRANCE: CANADIAN EPITAPHS OF THE SECOND WORLD WAR by Eric McGeer (Vanwell Publishing, St. Catharines, 2007, ISBN 1-55125-095-0 (312 pages, $ 35.000) reviewed by Hugh A. Halliday Anyone who can read this book without tears regularly welling up is dead at heart. Those who has read headstone inscriptions in a military cemetery will know what I mean. At the first page of the introduction we read the epitaph for Rifleman Donald Darby, Regina Rifles, killed 28 September 1944 near Calais - "He was one in a million, but he was mine. Ever Remembered by Mother". What follows is an emotional pummeling that every Canadian should experience. Indeed, this book could be read and appreciated in Australia, Britain, New Zealand, South Africa and the United States, countries with which we have shared so much history. The cemeteries established by the Imperial (later Commonwealth) War Graves Commission in the First World War and continued into the present day almost defy description. Journalist Greg Clark, writing to his wife of their son's grave, began thus, "He sleeps in a garden" (page 112); the full text of the letter is utterly compelling. The Commission invited next-of-kin to provide an inscription, not exceeding 66 characters. Many were bland, even trite, but others were gems of compressed composition. This is not a book of military history as normally understood, but as this is reviewed for a historical publication one should note its historical shortcomings. There are minor errors of fact. Flight Lieutenant Stewart W. Little's rank is incorrectly given as Flight Sergeant. Captain John Douglas Gall was not killed by a V-2 rocket (18 June 1944) but by a V-1 flying bomb. In the interpretation of Bomber Command operations, McGeer admits to controversy but favours the persistent orthodoxy which claims "a strong case for the crippling effect on German armaments, industry and morale caused by the bombing campaign" (page 119) - when the campaign was really a costly failure in terms of its own objectives. The author often draws parallels and contrasts between the First and Second World Wars. CAHS readers will especially appreciate his observation, "The head of Bomber Command, Sir Arthur Harris, has become the Douglas Haig of the Second World War, a commander vilified for his single-mindedness, inflexible aim to grind down the enemy with seemingly little concern for the losses sustained by his own forces." (page 118) Haig, at least, has lately been rehabilitated by historians like John Terraine. Harris, on the other hand, shrinks ....Read More.HughAHalliday on 27th December 2007 05:56:16
Awards, 2 June 1943The following is a list of some 320 citations which did not appear in the London Gazette but were associated with the Birthday Honours List of 2 June 1943. They include 54 AFC awards, three Bars to the AFC, 12 AFMs, nine ARRCs, 54 BEMs, six CBEs, 17 Commendations, 64 MBEs, 64 Mentions in Despatches, 41 OBEs and two awards of the RRC. While far from complete (the CBE and MiD awards are fragmentary) these may interest some readers who may get the texts from me at My public thanks to Steve Brew and Erroll Martyn who have contributed greatly to this lcompilation. ABBOTT, Harry Percy, Warrant Officer - MBE - 430602 - 3 Sqn - RAF ADAMS, Harold, SL - OBE - 430602 - Bomber Command HQ - RAFVR AFFLECK, John Robert Clark, FS - AFM - 430602 - 24 OTU - RAF AGUTTER, James Francis, Flight Sergeant - BEM - 430602 - 8 AGS - RAF ANNAN, Stewart Hutchinson, SL - MiD - 430602 - 20 OTU - RAFVR APPLETON, James Ronald, SL - AFC - 430602 - TFU Defford - RAF Can ARCHER, Ernest Leonard, SL - AFC - 430602 - 1526 BAT Flight - RAF ARMSTRONG, Rodney Irvine, FL - MiD - 430602 - 1482 Flight - RAF BADCOCK, Edgar Clifford Graham, SL - OBE - 430602 - 211 Group, Mid East - RAFVR BAKER, Francis George, Flight Sergeant - Comm - 430602 - 3 (O) AFU - RAFVR BAKER, Raymond Alfred, FS - AFM - 430602 - 15 OTU - RAF BAKER, George Robert Charles, WC - OBE - 430602 - Air Ministry - RAF BALLETT, Wm Alfred, FL - MBE - 430602 - Stn Swanton M - RAF BANNON, Patrick Mathew, Sergeant - BEM - 430602 - 3201 Servicing Echelon - RAFAux BARTLETT, Geoffrey Cecil Clements, WC - AFC - 430602 - 59 Sqn - RAF BATTY, Reginald Henry, GC - MiD - 430602 - Middle East Met - RAF BAX, Alfred Victor, WC, AFM - Comm - 430602 - AOS - RAF BENNETT, Alan Wilfred, FL - MBE - 430602 - 1 Overseas Aircraft DU - RAFVR BIRCH, Francis Leslie, FL - MBE - 430602 - Staff Pilots Training Unit - RAFVR BIRD, Dennis, Corporal - BEM - 430602 - 106 Sqn - RAF BISHOP, Herbert Frank, SL, AFC - OBE - 430602 - 2 EFTS India - RAF BLACKBURN, Joseph Carlyle, AC2 - BEM - 430602 - Luqa - RAF BLAKE, Gilbert Lawrence, SL - Comm - 430602 - Western Zoyland - RAF BLENNERHASSETT, Richard Markby, FL, AFC - Comm - 430602 - 24 Sqn - RAF BONNAR, Norman John, FO - AFC - 430602 - Benson - RAFVR BOTTOMS, Francis, FL - MBE - 430602 - Sea Rescue Mid-East - RAF BOYER, James, FL - MBE - 430602 - Bodorgan, Stn - RAF BRADSHAW, Norman William, FL - MiD - 430602 - 101 Met Unit - RAFVR BREACH, Frank Harold, FO - MBE - 430602 - 272 Sqn - RAF BRECKON, Ivan Oswald, FL - MiD - 430602 - 23 OTU - RNZAF BRERETON, William, SL, MBE - AFC - 430602 - Air Landing School India - RAF BROWNE, Jessie Katharine Annie, Acting Senior Sister - ARRC - 430602 - Henlow Hospital - RAF BROWNE, Stanley Frank, FL - MBE - 430602 - 13 Maintenance Unit - RAF BROWNING, Norman Edgar, FL - MBE - 430602 - Air Training Corps - RAFVR BUCKINGHAM, CW, FL - MBE - 430602 - 103 Sqn - RAF BUCKLEY, Ethel Maude, Acting Matron - A ....Read More.HughAHalliday on 1st March 2008 09:41:07
Hangar Flying or Ferry TalesGentlemen, Are these stories Hangar Flying or are they Ferry Tales? Norman Malayney ------------------------------------------- The pilot of a C-49 aircraft, contrary to the advice from the Weather Section and the opinion of other pilots who were to be passengers, cleared from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Bakersfield, California on a CFR clearance. The trip was for the purpose of training but fourteen passengers were aboard. Because of the weather, one passenger refused to leave Albuquerque with the flight. After 4-1/2 hours of flying on instruments, although the trip was cleared on CFR, and twice flying through a front in which icing conditions were encountered and the aircraft was not equipped with deicing boots, the pilot, on the insistence of the passengers, effected a landing at at Ashfork, Arizona. During this original flight, the airplane was flown as high as 15,000 feet with no oxygen. The instructor allowed the student to do the majority of the flying and displayed little anxiety over their predicament. After landing at Ashfork, at which point, eight more passengers refused to continue, the pilot continued on to Daggett, Arizona. Unable to secure additional gasoline at Daggett, the pilot proceeded to Bakersfield, California and landed with approximately 50 gallons of gasoline in the aircraft. He then refueled and proceeded to Reno, Nevada, his home station, with only six of the original fifteen passengers scheduled aboard. This entire trip reflects a lack of planning, intelligence and thought as to the safety of the equipment or passengers involved. However, the pilot apparently possessed excellent flying technique or an accident would have resulted. Ferry Squadron HQ is of the opinion that a Flying Evaluation Board should have recommended the permanent grounding of the instructor-pilot involved. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The pilot of a P-39 aircraft cleared Dayton, Ohio, under CFR condition for Nashville, Tennessee. His first checkpoint should have been Cincinnati with an ATA of approximately twelve minutes. He complained that the electric compass was inoperative and, although after twenty or thirty minutes of flying, he did not recognize any checkpoints, he flew on what he thought was a correct heading and continued. After approximately two hours' flying time, he realized he was lost and assumed a heading which he felt would carry him back to the Ohio River and ultimately lead him to Cincinnati. He subsequently thought he found the river and, when following it into Cincinnati, instead passed over the airport at Huntington, West Virginia! He realized at this time he was low on fuel, but elected not to land, according to him, because of the length of the runways. Some ten minutes beyond Huntington he decided to land before exhausting his fuel supply, so effected a landing, without damage, on a straight stretch of highway. He then proceeded ....Read More.norman malayney on 27th March 2008 12:49:45
Ferry accidentsGentlemen, I hope the enclosed information will have some research value. Norman Malayney ------------------------ On 25 May 1944, 1/Lt. Wayne H. Bowers, 60th Ferrying Squadron was cleared from Scott Field, Illinois, to Tulsa, Oklahoma, in a P-40. The weather was forecast as scattered to lower broken at 3,000 feet with unlimited visibility. About 20 minutes out of Tulsa the pilot encountered a large thunderstorm. He attempted to go around the storm by heading south. The pilot found a hole in the undercast and started back on course. At this point the weather had closed in and he climbed to 2,500 feet and went on instruments for 25 minutes. When he broke out, he had to dodge rain showers and low clouds at 800 feet. Due to static the radio equipment was useless and the pilot flew for approximately 30 minutes looking for a checkpoint. By this time it became necessary to look for a suitable field for landing. Near Coalgate, Oklahoma, the fuselage tank ran dry and the pilot switched to the wing tank in order to get the few remaining gallons of fuel. A suitable field was located near Coalgate and in the pattern the engine quite again. The wheels and flaps were lowered, the fuel and switches were cutoff. Because of the muddy field, the pilot was unable to keep the aircraft straight and it veered to the left. The aircraft finally came to a stop against a telephone pole. The left gear was sheared off, and wings, fuselage and propeller were damaged. Further examination by the Accident Investigating Officer disclosed that the check value between the front and rear tank was stuck closed, which prevent 35 gallons of fuel from flowing to the engine. The immediate cause of the accident was lack of fuel caused by a defective valve, flying through weather below minimums and faulty navigation were contributing factors. A 180 degree turn when the bade weather was first encountered would probably have prevented this accident. --------------------------------------------------------------- On 25 May 1944, 2/Lt. Darrell C. Judson, 60th Ferrying Squadron, was cleared from Montreal Quebec, to Syracuse, New York in an AT-16. The pilot encountered low visibility south of Watertown, New York and became lost. When his fuel supply ran low, he attempted a wheels-down landing near Vienna, New York. On landing the aircraft turned over due to soft ground. the pilot was not injured. --------------------------------------------------------------------- On 26 May 1944, 2/Lt. Frederick M. Oldfield, 5th Ferrying Squadron, bailed out of a P-39 ten miles west of Bismarck, North Dakota. The engine began to run rough and the pilot observed flames and white smoke indicating coolant trouble, coming out of the engine compartment into the cockpit under the seat. He pressed the mike button and told Bismarck radio he was baling out. He then pulled the emergency door release and bailed out 2,500 feet above the terrain. When the parachute opened, the left s shoulder strap slipped ....Read More.norman malayney on 27th March 2008 12:38:36
Turkish CasualtiesThat's excellent Dick, thank you. With you names, I've just found this site which lists these men (amongst others) with photos. It's in Turkish so I will need to do some digging for a decent translator: As I had no idea that the Turkish Air Force had such close links with the RAF this has become a fascinating search. Thanks everyone A ....Read More.Amrit on 29th March 2008 10:27:36
Turkish CasualtiesThis website seems to carry the story: Unfortunately the English version of the website doesn't give a (full) translation..... However, several names of Dick's list can be found in the text. Regards, Leendert ....Read More.Leendert on 29th March 2008 10:33:12
Turkish CasualtiesNalbant,R,2nd Lt, 16-17/8/42 Reşit Nalbant - -Full name quoted as M. REŞİT NALBANTOĞLU Probably 17.08.42 Oxford 1 V3235 RAFC at Grantham Dived in Ground ....Read More.paulmcmillan on 31st March 2008 04:56:56
Turkish Casualties18-19.9.42 2nd Lt N Sengun NİZAMETTİN ŞENGÜN -18.09.1942 Probably 19.09.42 Master II DL115 RAFC near Cranwell Spun in Ground ....Read More.paulmcmillan on 31st March 2008 05:05:00
Palestinian (Israeli) PilotsFound it We Will Remember Them: A Record of the Jews Who Died in the Armed Forces of the Crown 1939-1945 (Hardcover) with Martin Sugarman New Version availble April 2009 Original version plus Addendum : Henry Morris, We Will Remember Them - The British Jewry Book of Honour of WW2 (London 1989). Henry Morris,We Will Remember Them– an Addendum (London 1994). BTW have you tried contacting Martin Sugarman Archivist, British Association of Jewish Ex-Servicemen and Women – AJEX - Jewish Military Museum, London) ....Read More.paulmcmillan on 9th June 2008 03:42:26
Any help possibleHere are more/rest... Sgt. A wiliams 1290611, 4 G Sefton Ave., Mill Hill, London NWY, England McGuire AKA Libby P/O E.B. (Edward/Ed) Giorchino, RAF Station, Woodley, Reading, Berkshire, England J.R.Rutland 150399, RAF Spitalgate, Grantham, England P/O D. Jarvis (Doug?), RAF Moody Field, Georgia Sgt. Peter. Blyth 1388487, RAF No7 PRC, Majestic ?, England Sgt. William Coyle 1374928, No3, P.D. Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada P/O G. B. Peet, American Eagle Club Sgt. D. Beelly? RAF, c/o Church Side (not sure what that it) P/o J.H. Swersidge LAC (Cycil?) Edmonds 1601326, #1 Manning Deppot RAF, Toronto, Canada Lt. K.L. (Kenneth) Anderson, AC, A. Thomas 150501, RAF, Transient Officers Mess, No 3 RAFDepot, moncton, NB, Canada Sgt. A.L. Jeffery, RAF England, 148 Old Road West, Gravesend, Kent, England John E. Milward (aka Jack), JG 509 Sqdn,35 fet? 601, Barracks 2521, Kearns, Utah 2nd Lt. W.R. Sales, Casual Officers Dot #1, Billy Mit Field (?), Milwaukee, Wisconsin Sgt. A. Venables 1602370 (Card with picture of twin engine fighters on front lower right corner has "Hampdens" printed on it.) Mattic Sams KIA Lt. Jim Wagner, 18th T.T.T.Q. ATC 76, Army AIr Base, Brownsville, Texas ?Dickinson, 102 Swinley Ln., Wigan, Lancashire, England B.W. Cooper, 103 Stmington Rd., Workington, Cumberland, England Lt. Norman Loveless, Nashville, Tennessee 2nd Lt. A.A. Carroll, 70th sqd, 70 Fr. Group, Berry Field, Nashville, Tennessee J.A. Cotton/Colton, 110 Thackerry Ave,Tottenham, London, N.17, England Lt. M.A. (Monty?) Coddington, 332nd Fighter Sqdn., Orange County AAF, Santa Ana, California Lt. M.H. Sherrill (Mark?), Combat Crew #3996, Peterson Field, Colorado Springs, CO F/O H. Godon Davies, 7 highfield Rd., Surrey, England james E Netser "Donnie" Allsway, Scottland F/L McClelland, RAF, 68191, 28 Leonard Ave., Sherwood, Nottingham Vernon Jerow(?), 26 Gowan Rd, Alum Rock, Bermingham 8, England Ted Hanna Basil Keeber(?) Donald Timms, RAF, Montrose, Angus, Scottland Sgt. ALexander? George, 1319038 Cliff Manns "Langanals", 171 Chalfaston Rd, Shelton Lock, Derby LAC Johnson 1523005 Lt. E. B. Giorchino, 329th Bomber Sqdn, 93rd Bomb GP, APO 634, Ny, NY (I think his name may have already been given, sorry) P/O J. B. Milhue G.J. Holmes, AC 1860033, Hut 13 B6 Camp, RAF Station, Wilmslow Rd.,Cheadle Cheshire, England (Reference war was over, very cool) F/Sgt B.R. Jutsum 259108, RAF, India F/O C.L. Tunner/Turner 158 Westland Dr., Brooksmans Park, Hertfordshire, England Other names referenced in letters F/O Tom Adams P/O Joe Spieght Sgt. Bennett- Air Gunner Thank you, Paullla ....Read More.Looking on 2nd July 2008 12:42:07
Sunderland DP197, 4 OTU, 15/08/44A friend would like to know who the 15th member of the crew on this aircraft was. 14 of them are buried at Rosskeen cemetery but the 15th isn't and as they were with an OTU the unit was not recorded on their headstones. I have got it down to 6 possibles / people I haven't been able to rule out: F/O David Nairn Blyth, 152432, Buried Edinburgh (Rosebank) Cemetery. Sgt Arthur Hale, 1672855, Buried Newcastle upon Tyne (Byker & Heaton) Cemetery. G/Cpt Anthony Oliver Molesworth, Buried Cambridge City Cemetery. F/Sgt John Simson Piper, 1880334, Buried Coulsdon Churchyard. S/Ldr James Lister Smith, 89712, Buried Aberuthven Cemetery. S/Ldr George Albert Wilkins, 45120, Buried Cambridge City Cemetery. I doubt it is Molesworth, Smith or Wilkins. The ORB for 4 OTU isn't of much use, August 15th 1944, “Sund S 4(C)OTU crashed 0030 hours (approx) 15th August, at position Creagh-a-Croinach after being recalled from Radar Exercise. 15 members of crew – no survivors.” The Form 1180 also records 15 crew. ....Read More.alclark on 3rd August 2008 05:10:25
Central Flying Control, HQ Bomber CommandInteresting you say December 1941, Brian, as Arthur Harris in "Despatch on War Operations" states that it was November 1941. The page can be accessed via Google Books: A ....Read More.Amrit on 21st September 2008 09:27:56
Operation Braunschweig 12./13.8.1944Steve, A little background info on Sgt Schwarz can be found on several places on this website: Regards, Leendert PS Henk, PB258 also appears with Wardin on a little list that I once got, but I have to dig deeper to find a confirmation... ....Read More.Leendert on 22nd September 2008 02:17:06
410521 - Unaccounted airmen - 21-5-1941Kramer "His name is on the Runnymede memorial Panel 29. His AJEX card states that the Jewish Chaplains wrote to the father who replied that “his plane was seen to crash into the River Severn near Chepstow and his tunic was washed up almost immediately” and is therefore believed to be dead. Also that the “Times” reported his death on the 31/12/41." Chepstow is near Monmouth ....Read More.paulmcmillan on 30th September 2008 08:35:22
410521 - Unaccounted airmen - 21-5-1941John, Also have on N6853: S/Ldr William J. METHVEN - 43349. Regards, Henk. ....Read More.Henk Welting on 1st October 2008 03:57:27
Hurricane parts IdentificationI believe I ahve come accross a wheel from a Hurricane but I want to be able to find the ID of the a/c the serials are Serial No. RF71346/2 DRG No. AH8123 Issue 6 SK932 Any help please Chris ....Read More.Chris Davies on 6th November 2008 04:34:22
German War Crime Database?A big source for german war crimes (mostly against US air crews) are the Dachau Trial documents. To look for similar against british air crew members I am looking for such a similar data base. Can anyone provide me with a source? Cheers, Edgard ....Read More.edgard on 25th November 2008 06:53:45
Crash of Halifax JD201 EY-YI think if you write to the RAF Museum or email research at and give them the date and serial they should be able to dig out the card as they hold copies. If it survives (I ahve researched a few crashes where cards have not been completed) it should tell you quite a bit more about the crash, although like all things some are more detailed than others. They should also have the movement card for the aircraft which will tell you where it served and when, and if it had been damaged before. Johnnie ....Read More.johnnie214 on 18th December 2008 04:37:39
Air ListsHi Dennis The Air Force List stopped giving "where served" information in mid 1938. This was given in a new publication The Confidential Air Force List". The AFL is freely open to inspection in The National Archves microfilm reading room but Confidential List needs to be withdrawn from the Document reading room. Just as I can give the postings for an officer prewar using the AFL the Confidential list can be used for the same job post war. Regards Ross ....Read More.Ross_McNeill on 17th January 2009 08:00:12
101 Sqdn - Alfred James Clayton 1811224Hi Paul Take a look(if you haven't already done so) at, although a Jewish site it does refer also to the non-Jewish Special Operators with 101 Sqn and your wife's Uncle appears to be referred to by name in the narrative.It may, sadly, have details you did not know. Regards Dick ....Read More.Dick on 21st January 2009 01:10:40
Norperforce 1918-1921I am currently researching the operations involved with 'North Persia Force' NORPERFORCE, one of the British military operations in Persia at the end of WW1. These were complex, mopping up the Turkish incursion into Persia, operations around and on the Caspian (with the R.N.) and into Trans-Caspia etc., occassionally working with White Russian forces, and attempting to control the advance of Bolshevik forces, until the 1921 palace coup (possibly unofficially supported by Gen. Ironside) which brought Reza Khan to power after which the Russians withdrew from Persia. Operations in north Persia were under the overall command of H.Q. Baghdad although acting independantly in Persia, and on occassion R.A.F. planes were involved. Although primarily interested in the Indian Army aspect of NORPERFORCE, I would like complete my notes with more information about the units and types of aircraft of the R.A.F. involved, how long they were attached to Norperforce, and which bases they used (I think Kazvin was the principle airfield). Unfortunately, due perhaps to the sensitivity of the politics in Persia during this period, I have found little information about these military activities, apart from the following: 19th. Oct.1918 attached to NORPERFORCE: 1 flight 30th. Squadron R.A.F. 1½ flights 72nd. Squardon R.A.F. 24th. Oct. 1918: R.A.F. planes support NORPERFORCE troops following up the Turkish retreat out of north west Persia. 15th. Nov. 1918: 2½ Flights R.A.F. at Kazvin 14th. May 1919: Naval engagement off Alexandrovsk (Fort Shevchenko) between British and Bolshvevik ships during which 9 Bolshevik ships were sunk, and involved 40 R.A.F. planes. I am not clear whether these aircraft came under command of NORPERFORCE or Baghdad. NOPERFORCE continued operation in and from north Persia until their final withdrawal back into Mesopotamia in April 1921. Any additional information about the R.A.F. involvement with this army will be most welcome, thank you, Chris ....Read More.Chris Woods on 1st February 2009 06:33:26
420109 - Unaccounted airman - 9-1-1942 (Algeria)Wellington Z9101 it is ....Read More.paulmcmillan on 10th March 2009 12:08:42

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