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Hurricane II HV849 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Hurricane II HV849

AA Fire over Akyab Airfield ,615 Sqn lost 1943-01-02 More information in: Databases

Block 7, Hawker Aircraft Ltd., RR Merlin XX. 17 Mar 1942 to 23 Nov 1942 More information in: Dr. Colin James Pratt-Hooson's Hurricane Site

Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Date of Crash  02 Jan 43 Aircraft Name  Hurricane Serial Number  HV849
Unit  615 Sqdn Operating Airfield  Feni Country  Burma
Aircrew details Plt Offr Robert Cyril FINN* (80212)
Details AA Fire over Akyab Airfield. 4 Pilots attacked Magwe airfeild. encountered flak. Finn failed to return.
Source HurricanesOverArakan
Date of Crash  02 Jan 43 Aircraft Name  Hurricane llc Serial Number  HV849
Unit  615 Sqdn Operating Airfield   Country  Burma
Aircrew details
Source Henk Welting's Database

Casualities in the CWGC Register for Hurricane llc HV849

Rank Name, Number, Trade & Details DateUnit Country Cemetary/Memorial & Loc Ref
Flying OfficerRobert Cyril FINN (80212) Pilot Hurricane II HV849   1943-01-02615 Sqdn AIR27 MyanmarTaukkyan War Cemetery

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Losses 2 Jan 1943 19430102Hi All Having plodded through the A-B series trying to tie aircraft losses to my casualty lists, I now have a few queries I'm hoping someone can help with Flt Sgt COUTTS, GEORGE ALEC (1375929) RAFVR; age: 29 Sgt GREENSHIELDS, EDWARD FALCONER (1271061) RAFVR; age: 21 Flt Sgt MALLINSON, JAMES ROBIN DFM (1289028) RAFVR; age: 22 The above were with 242 Sqn and I've identified two losses that day, Spitfire VBs, ER592, ER913 but not the third, does anyone know the tird and which pilot was flying in which? Fg Off FINN, ROBERT CYRIL DFM (80212) RAFVR; age: 27 was killed flying a Hurricane of No 615 Sqn, possibly HV849? also Anson I, DJ382 of No 10 (O) AFU : - Sgt HENDERSON, JOSEPH JOHN (1117181) RAFVR; age: 21 , Sgt MAXWELL, WILLIAM HAROLD MCQUEEN (R/141701) RCAF; age: 22 Sgt McNEILL, JOHN CLAIR (R/140400) RCAF; age: 23 Sgt WOODS, ERNEST HARRY (961555) RAFVR; age: 29 Oxford II, AB761 of No 12 (P) AFU: - Sgt ALLEN, JOHN MONTAGUE (1338665) RAFVR; age: 19 All the best Malcolm ....Read More.malcolm_raf on 17th November 2011 08:57:00
15 Jan 1943 19430115Malcolm, Same in my files for DD999. For X7840 also have F/O (Obs) Ferdinand GREATREX - 116681 - injured - died of wounds 16-1-1943 and buried Syracuse War Cem. For X8134 have on file that FINN's brother Robert Cyril was killed 2-1-1943 on Hurricane HV849. Regards, Henk. ....Read More.Henk Welting on 21st November 2011 08:18:03

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