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Wellington HX778 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Wellington HX778

Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Date of Crash  09 Mar 43 Aircraft Name  Wellington Ic Serial Number  HX778
Unit  40 Sqdn Operating Airfield   Country  Libya
Aircrew details
Source Henk Welting's Database

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Wellington IC HX778Hello All, Could someone please provide me with a full service history of Wellington IC HX778, from A-B serials? All help appreciated. Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 15th May 2010 11:47:38
Wellington IC HX778Hello Ian, Certainly does! Thanks. Now I can proceed. 9-3-1943 No.40 Sqn. Wellington IC HX778 'R' Ran out of fuel and crashed, near Castel Benito, while lost. Crew (Alpha Order): 89206 F/O (Pilot) Keith Frederick Daniel ATTWELL Injured AUS411309 P/O Charles Cecil GOLDSMITH RAAF Injured 1217076 Sgt Vernon Walker GREENSMITH RAFVR ( + 17-4-1945 No.40 Sqn.) AUS409849 Sgt Arthur Glenfell McTIER RAAF Injured 657374 Sgt W MINNET/T 1270198 Sgt George William PAYNE RAFVR (+ 12-8-1943 No.40 Sqn.) Due credit to: Sweeping The Skies:A History of No.40 Squadron RFC and RAF 1916-56 Gunby,David. Bishop Auckland:Pentland Press,1993. pp.224,295-6,368,371 & 382 Additions/corrections welcomed. Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 16th May 2010 03:22:00
March 1943 - 2Hi All Second batch of confirmations or not for March 7 Mar 1943 Typhoon IB, DN271 of No 183 Sqn Sgt NARISHKIN, THEODORE (1318903) RAFVR; age: 20 8 Mar 1943 Beaufighter VI, EL264 of No 248 Sqn Sgt OWENS, WILLIAM HAROLD (131677) RAFVR; age: 23 Typhoon IB, EJ916 of No 257 Sqn Flt Lt MILLER, REGINALD SYDNEY (87460) RAFVR; age: 22 9 Mar 1943 Wellington IC, AD651 or HX778 of No 40 Sqn Sgt SPRATLEY, JOHN ARTHUR (1316338) RAFVR; age: 21 Typhoon IB, DN481 of No 609 Sqn Sgt BOOTH, NORMAN (1078687) RAFVR; age: 18 Audax, K7313 of No 1 SFTS (India) WO McINTOSH, JOHN MELDRUM (565988) RAF; age: 27 Tiger Moth II, T7919 of No 29 EFTS Sqn Ldr CARPENDALE, MARK KERR ST. JOHN () RAFO; age: 49 Beaufort I, DX116 of No 5 (C) OTU Plt Off SHUTE, STEPHEN MAURICE (106242) RAFVR; age: 29 Tiger Moth II, N6753 of No 7 EFTS Sgt GOODCHILD, DAVID JOHN (1795195) RAFVR; age: 19 Beaufighter VI, T5818 of No 9 (C) OTU Fg Off JONES, RONALD DOUGLAS (126150) RAFVR; age: 24 Spitfire VC, JG747 from RAF Gibraltar Sgt COPE, ARTHUR REGINALD (409294) RAAF; age: 22 10 Mar 1943 Kittyhawk III, FR295 of No 112 Sqn Fg Off BRUCE, DAVID ALISTAIR (80213) RAFVR; age: 29 Hurricane IID, KX142 of No 184 Sqn Sgt SIMMONDS, BRYN LLEWELLYN (544806) RAF; age: 23 Anson I, L9157 of No 1 (O) AFU Sgt PATERSON, JAMES THOMAS MORGAN (1073287) RAFVR; age: 21 Plt Off SALISBURY, CLIFFORD GEORGE (131974) RAFVR; age: 20 Sgt BASTIAN, LEOPOLD EDGAR (657404) RAFVR; age: 23 Sgt COOKE, NORMAN JOHN (1321412) RAFVR; age: 21 Sgt WORTHINGTON, DAVID (1264990) RAFVR; age: 22 Anson I, DJ660 of No 6 AOS LAC PEARSON, MURDOCH JOHN (1558420) RAFVR; age: 32 LAC HALPERN, WOLF (1083278) RAFVR; age: 33 Sgt SAUNDERS, JOHN WILFRED (1058236) RAFVR; age: 30 Plt Off HAMMOND, JOHN HUMPHREY DYNEVOR (142202) RAFVR; age: 27 All the best Malcolm ....Read More.malcolm_raf on 15th December 2011 08:08:20
P/O C C Goldsmith RAAFHello David, Afraid l haven't been able to add much since we last discussed this one: Some incidental info on the two AUSSIES: I know that AUS411309 P/O Charles Cecil GOLDSMITH RAAF, had a twin brother who also served in the RAAF during WWII; AUS406177 W/O Ansell James GOLDSMITH RAAF. He did not serve in Europe or the ME. Prior to enlistment, Charles GOLDSMITH worked in the offices of the Riverstone Meat Company (New South Wales), and married prior to embarking. The younger brother of AUS409849 Arthur Glenfell McTIER RAAF, AUS428344 F/O Ronald McTIER RAAF, was killed in a ground accident at Mareeba, Queensland on 6-11-1944. A landing Wirraway (A20-517), collided with the tail of a Vengeance (A27-1). P/O R McTIER RAAF, and AUS422019 W/O Norman John BURNS RAAF (of No.5 Comm. Unit, RAAF), who were standing near the Vengeance, were both killed instantly. and... Scroll down to F/O Arthur G McTier 409849 RAAF. Still quite a bit of work to be done here ! Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 3rd February 2013 08:42:48

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