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 Wellington IC  HE111

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German War Graves CommissionHi Gary I don't if this helps but I have a list of non-commonwealth airmen for whom CWGC accept responsibility. In Scampton there are 8 Luftwaffe graves in the War Graves plot. Helmut Wimmeder Grave1 Johnnes Dietrich Grave 2 Kurt Hanning Grave3 Wilhelm August Christian Hansen Grave4 These all died on May 12 1940 Alfred Altenkirch Grave5 Werner Nollau Grave 6 Heinrich Conze Grave7 Rudolf Scherer Grave 8 These all died on Mar 4 1945 The List doesn't give rank but it does have ages and Service Numbers. The fact of 8 burials does suggest complete crews of 2 HE111s. It could be that a body recovered long after the war was taken to Cannock or Cannock Chase for burial and my list does include those but I would need a name to narrow the search Regards Dick ....Read More.Dick on 14th November 2007 06:11:35
RAF man details : 236 Sqdn W/C. A.R. de H. INNISBorn 21/11/1916 Barbados , West Indies Nickname: Sinbad DFC 9/7/1943 Score 8 and 1 shared destroyed. 3 Confirmed 1/3 He111 23/9/40 (236 Sq) 29/1/1943 Shared Ju88 and 10/3/1943 shared Ju88 both with 248 Sq. 29/11/1942 Prob Ju88 APO 6/3/1939 PO 6/11/1939 F/O 6/11/40 F/L 6/11/41 S/L 15/9/44 S/L 1/9/45 Died 30/1/2003 ....Read More.John Larder on 5th December 2007 11:01:55
RAF WattonI am after any information on raf watton and pictures if possiable ? i am particularly intrested in base defences e.g. pillbox and AA sites in the Area. Also any information on aircraft crash sites including german aircraft (i belive 1x JU88 and 1XHE111) any help would be appreciated! Daniel ....Read More.crashman492 on 14th December 2007 02:09:34
269 Sqn Loss 23/7/40 P/O ApplebyHi guys On 14 April 1941 when F/Lt Bisgood claimed a Ju88 shot down, I note that two He111s FTR from sorties (one from Stab KG55, the other from III/KG40), one of which was shot down by the RN trawler 'Kingston Vale' at 0529. Could the other have been Bisgood's victory? Apparently no Ju88s lost that day. Cheers Brian ....Read More.brian on 11th January 2008 01:18:11
Combat Report 'Bob' Braham 23/24th June 1941According to Shores & Williams' "Aces High Vol 1", the claim for 23/24 June 1941 was for a probable "He111 of I/KG4 - too badly damaged to return and ditched in sea, crew rescued". And this claim was with a Sgt Ross as radar operator, not Gregory (with whom the first claim was a Ju88 on 6/7 July 1941). The beau was X7750. A ....Read More.Amrit on 23rd February 2008 09:37:51
Combat Report 'Bob' Braham 23/24th June 1941[QUOTE=Amrit;4993]According to Shores & Williams' "Aces High Vol 1", the claim for 23/24 June 1941 was for a probable "He111 of I/KG4 - too badly damaged to return and ditched in sea, crew rescued". And this claim was with a Sgt Ross as radar operator, not Gregory (with whom the first claim was a Ju88 on 6/7 July 1941). The beau was X7750. A[/QUOTE] A conflict of authors here I think. I think the 'Aces High Vol 1' you refer to is the newer one: there were two, first one 1966, which is confusing at times. In this first one Shores refers to March 1941 and states that he had by now teamed up with Gregory. I know they were together then parted before getting back again. Best to treat those two books: Shores and Wynn with caution. Braham wrote his own: 'Scramble' and there was another: 'Night Fighter Ace' by Tony Spooner which should be more reliable. Best Wishes. Robert. ....Read More.northeagle on 23rd February 2008 12:21:19
400819 - Unaccounted airmen - 19-8-1940Hi Henk According to Michael Bowyer's book AIR RAID, four men were killed during a raid on RAF Coltishall at 1415 on 19 August, and a further 25 injured. He goes on to say that RAF Honington was raided at 1615 by a single He111, when the barracks square was hit, but no mention of casualties. It would seem that he has the casualties noted at the wrong station. Cheers Brian ....Read More.brian on 5th March 2008 10:51:24
S/Ldr Donal Rock West (42087) DFCHello all, I wodner if anyone has any other career details of this RAFO officer I'm happy that I have most of his entries from the London Gazette so I won't bore you with those in this message. (Except these - there are Acting Pilot Officers on probation are graded as Pilot Officers on probation. Gazette Issue 34776 published on the 19 January 1940 Retirement:Date:5 January 1962 Issue number:42566 Flight Lieutenant D. R. WEST, D.F.C. (42087) (at own request), retaining the rank of Squadron Leader. 1st Dec. 1961. He was I think with 141 Sqn during the Battle of Britain then moving on to 256 Sqn where he seems to be credited with a He111 destroyed on 7 May 1941. TNA have a combat report for him also in April 1941 with 256 Sqn. He was awarded a DFC with 256 Squadron per Gazette Issue 36693 published on the 5 September 1944. Some of his LG entries list him as Donald, Roc/Roe etc but I think Donal Rock West is correct. I'm PRIMARILY wondering what he was stationed or assigned to in the JULY to NOVEMBER 1942 period? Any help is as always appreciated. best regards Dennis Burke ....Read More.dennis_burke on 11th March 2008 03:24:36
First Australian to shoot down enemy aircraft.Cock's first confirmed kill was a He111 on 12 May. A ....Read More.Amrit on 18th April 2008 11:36:55
First Australian to shoot down enemy aircraft.Peter do you want his entry from Ace's High? It t states that his first claim, a He111 on 10 April actually survived and his second claim or a Ju88 on 10 May should be considered a shared. A ....Read More.Amrit on 18th April 2008 11:41:27
263 Sqn losses over Norway May-June 1940Hi, A return to my research of 263 Sqn operations over Norway from April-June 1940. It is generally agreed that when HMS Glorious was sunk on 8th June she was carrying 10 Gladiators and pilots from 263 Sqn. As 18 aircraft had been flown off to Bardufoss that left 8 as having been lost during the subsequent operations. From my many files I have noted the following losses. 21/05/40 N5697 crashed into hills during flight from Glorious to Bardufoss. 21/05/40 N5693 crashed into hills during flight from Glorious to Bardufoss. 22/05/40 N5698 shot down by He111 gunners. 23/05/40 N5719 abandoned after running out of fuel. 26/05/40 Gladiator destroyed by bombers at Bardufoss. 26/05/40 Gladiator destroyed by bombers at Bardufoss. 26/05/40 Gladiator written of after taxying into crater. 26/05/40 N5705 crashed on take off, Bodo. 27/05/40 Gladiator forced landed in hills around Bodo after combat. 02/06/40 Gladiator shot down by Bf110. As you can see this list gives 10 losses. I suspect that the first three losses for 26th may have been spurious or repairable during a three day lull in the fighting from 30th May-1st June. The known Gladiators have been identified during subsequent recovery operations in the 90's. I have the full details of all these losses apart from the first three on 26th. Does anyone have any suggestions as to the identities of the unknown Gladiators or comments about the losses for 26th? Regards, Alex ....Read More.Alex Crawford on 26th May 2008 04:16:30
263 Sqn losses over Norway May-June 1940Hi Alex, according RAF serials from Air Britain including April losses: N5579 Destroyed on evacuation of Lesjaskog 27.4.40 N5588 N5589 N5628 N5632 N5634 N5639 N5641 N5647 N5680 all destroyed in air raid, Lesjaskog 25.4.40 N5681 N5695 N5699 N5723 N5906 N5907 N5908 all lost in HMS Glorious 8.6.40 N5693, N5697 crashed into hills in low cloud, Torsken, 21.5.40 N5698 believed rammed He111 E of Salangen and crashed 21.5.40 N5705, N5719 - as you already have N5714 believed damaged beyond repaired in air raid, Bardufoss, 26.5.40 N5725 Destroyed on evacuation of Lesjaskog 27.4.40 N5894 N5898 both lost in Norway 5.40 N5909 flew into hill in bad visibility near Soreisa, 21.5.40 N5915 destroyed in air raid Lake Lesjaskog 26.4.40 ....Read More.CZ_RAF on 26th May 2008 05:37:42
263 Sqn losses over Norway May-June 1940Hi guys, Thanks for the info. There are a number of issues with the info in the Air Britain serials. One example being N5720. In Air Britain it has the aircraft as lost in Norway 04/40. This has also been repeated in Hakans Biplane Aces website. I have a copy of Form 78 the aircraft's movement card. It states that the Gladiator was issued to 6 MU on 06/06/39 and probably went into storage. It then went RAF Turnhouse on 03/05/40. The next entry is for 263 Sqn on 18/05/40. Now on 18th May 263 Sqn was at sea onboard HMS Furious. I believe this date may have been some sort of sensus taken of the aircraft that went to Norway on the 2nd Expedition as another four Gladiators, N5693, N5714, N5719 and N5894 have identical 'movements'. Another Gladiator N5905 is reported as being with the Norway Force on 30th April. As 263 Sqn was in transit from Norway to the UK at this time the aircraft would appear to have been allocated to the Sqn for the 2nd Expedition. I then found a combat report from Sgt Milligan dated 23rd May in which he states he was flying N5720 when he encountered a He111 to the West of Salanger. So from these two documents it is safe to assume that N5720 took part in the 2nd Expedition and not the first as claimed elsewhere. As for N5705 that's a typo on my part. I was looking at an old set of notes and as you mentioned it should be N5908. Hakan, Shores (Fledgling Eagles), Franks (FCL), Mason (Gloster Gladiator) and Air Britain all claim N5705 crashed at Bodo on 26th. Indeed Shores mentions that Grant-Ede was flying this aircraft on 25th May when he shot down a FW200. Grant-Ede's combat reports do not mention any serial number. Yet Form 78 has the aircraft as going to Norway in April. So if Sqn Ldr Donaldson mentions that N5705 was lost on 25th April then do we again assume that the aircraft was in Norway during April? I've ordered a number of reports from the NA concerning 263 Sqn in Norway so maybe I'll unearth some more details. I firmly believe that with carefull scrutiny and cross checking I will eventually identify all Gladiators that took part in these two Expeditions. Alex ....Read More.Alex Crawford on 27th May 2008 05:02:14
263 Sqn losses over Norway May-June 1940Hello Alex, A very interesting thread! Just two short notes: N5719: 22/05/40 1 He111 claimed by P/O Craig-Adams; the pilot KIA. Aircraft (identified by serial number on wreckage) crashed on Høgfjellet at Sjøvegan. It has now been recovered. Restoration project by Retro Track and Air and registered as G-CBHO. This according to info from the Norwegian museum in Bodö. N5905: 02/06/40 4 sh. He111s, 1 unconfirmed He11 and 1 sh. Ju87 claimed by F/L Williams. Lost in Norway, i.e. it indeed was part of the second expedition. The info on N5705 is most interesting. One wonders were the info regarding Grant-Ede's use of this aicraft on 24/05/40 comes from. Could he have been using N5905 since this aircraft was in Norway during the second campaign. It's easy to do an typing error between a 7 and a 9. Best wishes/Håkan Gustavsson ....Read More.Håkan on 2nd June 2008 07:55:25
Air raid Firth of Forth 16 June 1941Hi guys Can anyone fill me in on what happened of this date? I have a note that either two He111s or two Ju88s were attacked or damaged by fighters including a Sea Hurricane, but I cannot find any additional detail. Cheers Brian ....Read More.brian on 27th June 2008 04:10:50
Air raid Firth of Forth 16 June 1941Hi Ian and John Certainly not 1940 as Sea Hurricane involved. And when I say 'raid' I assume as at least two aircraft - either He111s or Ju88s were claimed - then it was more than just a reconnaissance. There must be a reference to this somewhere! I wonder if there were any Luftwaffe losses? I will keep digging! Cheers Brian ....Read More.brian on 2nd July 2008 05:44:02
410415 - Unaccounted airmen - 15-4-1941Henk From 'The Blitz, Then and Now' Monday April 14/15 "..Another attack, also most probably by an anti shipping aircraft, was made on Carew Cheriton airfield where a sick bay was hit killing 11 airmen. Almost certainly this attack was the work of an He111 of II/KG27" regards DaveW ....Read More.davew on 31st August 2008 09:58:11
New Book - Air Crash NorthumberlandJust a quick post regarding our new book 'Air Crash Northumberland' published by Countryside Books ( The book details 29 crash sites in Northumberland between 1930 and 1983 and has been written by four regulars on this forum, Jim Corbett, Russ Gray, Johnathan Shipley and Neil Anderson. The stories covered are: Whitley P4952 at Bellingham Vulcan XM610 at Wingate Botha's W5137 & W5154 at Morpeth B17 42-30030 at Seahouses B17 44-6504 at Braydon Crag Beaufighter T3037 at Stobswood Beaufort L9797 at Ashington Rapide G-AFMF at Simonburn Venom WR557 at Slaggyford Flycatchers N9679 & N9677 at Falstone Hampden L4054 at Whitley Bay Hunter XG236 at Kielder Hurricane KX190 at Elsdon Tempest EJ859 at Felkington Typhoon MN140 at North Seaton Heinkel HE111 3550 at Morpeth Junkers Ju88 1064 at Bedlington F104 Starfighter D-8337 at Alwinton Mustang AG617 at Bellingham Cherokee G-BHDG at Hedgehope Hill P47 Thunderbolt 42-25530 at Eshott Stirling EH880 at Amble Spitfire's R6596 & X4595 at Hepburn Moor Spitfire P8563 at Weldon Bridge Spitfire P8563 at Blanchland Spitfire AA920 at Longhorsley Spitfire MH388 at Ouston Varsity WL640 at Falstone Wellington X3171 at Greenhaugh The book can be ordered online from Amazon, Tesco, Waterstones and numerous other sites. Would welcome any comments should anyone obtain a copy. All the best. Jim Corbett ....Read More.JimCorbett1977 on 15th October 2008 03:21:42
F/O Peter Frederick McDonald Davies (40088) - 56 SquadronTom, He was involved in a combat which took place near Ostend on 27/5/40, a mixture of HE111's and 109's, no casualties to enemy but 2 56sqdn a/c lost, AlanW. ....Read More.AlanW on 4th February 2009 04:09:32
27. 12. 41 Operation Archery - 404 Sq RCAFHi, According to Eric Mombeeks book ”Eismeerjäger band 2”, planes from I/JG77 was based at Stavanger Sola and Herdla near Bergen at this time. A Blenheim shot down into the fjord south of Målöy apx. was credited Walter Kalweit, from 3/JG77. His Rottenflieger – lt. Edgar Habermann - also claimed a victory in the same area, but its possible that his victim was the blenheim that made it back to Sumburgh. No german fighter losses in airbattle near maalöy as far as I know, but some damage to Me109s on the ground, and some groundcrews killed in the Blenheim attack on Herdla. In addition, one he111 from I/KG26 ditched near Bergen due to damage by enemy fire, and another he111 from the same unit suffered a 30% damage, but landed safe. Its probably the two planes reported to be Ju88s (?) in the posting above. Morten ....Read More.mmoe on 4th March 2009 01:39:11
7 JAN 1943 : who shot down this JU 88 ?Hello Gilles, Here is the entry for Lawson from, 'Those Other Eagles'. LAWSON,Alexander Cherry Squadron Leader RAF No.42508 Lawson was granted a short service commission in the RAF in August 1939, being promoted Flg Off in February 1941 and Flt Lt a year later. In April 1943 he joined 605 Squadron, but in June of that year he was posted to 23 Squadron on Malta. Here, with Plt Off 134367 Gordon Robertson as his navigator, he undertook intruder sorties over Italy, being promoted Sqn Ldr by early 1944. He was awarded a DFC, gazetted on 23 May 1944. Robertson later became a Flt Lt and returned to 605 Squadron, also being awarded a DFC, gazetted on 2 October 1945. 1943. 8/9 Sep u/i e/a Mosquito VI HK802 YP-S Rome area 23 Sqn. 1944. 6/7 Jan Ju88 Mosquito VI HJ788 YP-F Toulouse airfield 23 Sdn. 6/7 Jan He111 Mosquito VI HJ788 YP-F Toulouse airfield 23 Sqn. Total: 3 destroyed. See: Those Other Eagles:A Tribute to the British, Commonwealth and Free European Fighter Pilots who Claimed between Two and Four Victories in Aerial Combat, 1939 - 1982. Shores,Christopher. London:Grub Street,2004 p.343. Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 13th March 2009 10:47:21
Heinkel He-111 losses on 15 September 1940Joss, Two KG 53 machines made it back to France :- Sunday, September 15 (1940). 3./KG 53 Heinkel He111H-2 (5494) Damaged by fighters during sortie over London and forced-landed at Boulogne with 2 NCOs wounded Aircraft A1+JL 35% damaged. III./KG 53 Heinkel He111H-3 (3340) Forced-landed at Armentieres damaged in fighter attack. Two NCOs wounded. Aircraft A1+BT 40% damaged. See: The Battle of Britain:Then and Now.Mk.V Ramsey,Winston (ed.) London:Battle of Britain Int.Ltd.,2000.(7th imp.) pp.646-7. Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 19th March 2009 07:21:48
253 Sqn RAF - 1943Drew, I've just joined this forum and your thread caught my eye. As you are obviously interested in Allen Stening are you aware that his family published his biography in 2000 - 'Nab, Memories of a Young Spitfire Pilot. I was lucky enough to find a copy a few years ago. In answer to your question re claims after Sep 43 I found the following in the ORB: 3 Mar 44 F/L R Plenderleith & F/O F Pawsey 1 He111 prob 7 Apr 44 F/O JJL Houle & F/O HJ Wilks & F/O WV Whittaker & P/O DC Goudie & W/O A Stening (RAAF) 1 SM82 conf 22 May 44 Lt JH Conradie (SAAF) 1 Fi156 conf 26 May 44 Lt JH Conradie (SAAF) 1 Hs126 conf Lt JH Conradie (SAAF) & P/O J Melville 1 Hs126 conf P/O J Melville 1 Hs126 dam I'm still trying to sort out the missing sqn claims of 5 Apr 43. Ian (Adelaide) ....Read More.Aussie7 on 29th May 2009 11:32:21
D Pearcey, POW No. 24768Hi Henk, No.272 ORB is quite a task to unravel. T4651 20/02/42 Op: Patrol, LG.10, 07:30 hrs P/O Cobley Sgt G Williams Sighted and damaged a He111. U/c collapsed on landing at Edku at 13:15 hrs on the return leg of a mission to Mersa Matruh. Both crew safe. T4875 Details as noted Nav was Sgt Patterson On the 9th Feb the squadron lost two aircraft on a Shipping strike. S for Sugar S/L Hoggarth (possibly J V, 37175) P/O Sproates (possibly G, 114580) N for Nuts Sgt Purley Sgt Crossley I have a note that one aircraft could be T4836 but have not carried out anything more on these two losses yet. Regards Ross ....Read More.Ross_McNeill on 4th July 2009 09:35:54
Turbinlite successesHi guys Hurricane/Havoc Turbinlite combinations claimed the following successes. Are any of the alleged victims known? 1 May 1942: He111 claimed destroyed 28 July 1942: Ju88 claimed probably destroyed 30 July 1942: Do217 claimed damaged 12 August 1942: U/i claimed damaged Cheers Brian ....Read More.brian on 11th July 2009 05:13:26

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