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National Archives AIR81

Citation AIR81 Casualty File Description Link
AIR81/854Sergeant A R Sherwood: interned in Sweden. Leading Aircraftman A Napier: prisoner of war. Temporary Sergeant J Craig and Sergeant G W Robson: report of deaths; Hudson P5131 over Trondheim Fjord, Norway, 11 June 1940.C14502660
AIR81/1013Leading Aircraftman K E Lewis, Leading Aircraftman K S Bushell, Pilot Officer J E MacKinnon and Pilot Officer S J Lester: missing presumed dead; Hudson P5162 failed to return from air operations over the North Sea, 4 July 1940.C14502852
AIR81/1066Sergeant R C Christie: report of death; Hudson P5159 in air operations over the North Sea, 10 July 1940.C14502678
AIR81/2243Sergeant D R Holbeche, Sergeant E Morgan, Sergeant J R Butterworth, Aircraftman W Irvine: killed; Hudson P5127, 220 Squadron, Thornaby, 11 June 1940.C16471645
AIR81/2435Flight Lieutenant C D W Price, Pilot Officer J T T Fleming, Pilot Officer W Appleby, Sergeant L Land: killed; aircraft accident, Wick, Hudson P5152, 269 Squadron, 23 July 1940.C16471680

Casualities in the CWGC Register for

Rank Name, Number, Trade & Details DateUnit Country Cemetary/Memorial & Loc Ref
SergeantAlfred Edward HOWLAND (1253475) Wireless Op./Air Gunner Hudson P  NA/PRO 1941-12-10220 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomWick Cemetery

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Battle L5235Hello Steve, From the above in April listed 218 Sqdn pilots: F/O C.A.R. Crews PoW, 11/05/1940 F/O A.J. Hudson PoW, 11/05/1940 Flying Officer (Pilot) John F.R. Crane, KIA 14/05/1940 Pilot Officer (Pilot) Frederick S. Bazalgette, KIA 12/05/1940 P/O A.M. Imrie, PoW, 14/05/1940 P/O W.A.R. Harris, Injured 14/05/1940 - safe Pilot Officer Robert T.L. Buttery, missing 14/05/1940 Flight Sergeant (Pilot) John B. Horner, KIA 12/05/1940 Sergeant (Pilot) Charles J.E. Dockrill, KIA 11/05/1940 and (not listed as pilot in April): P/O H.M. Murray PoW, 11/05/1940 F/O (Pilot) D.A.J. Foster PoW, 14/04/1940 To complicate it further: 16/05/1940: transfer. Two of the Battle squadrons, Nos. 105 and 218, had only four aircraft left between them; these and the surviving crews were transferred to the other Battle squadrons. Regards, Bart ....Read More.Bart FM Droog on 24th March 2008 03:00:12
Hudson 'AD-Z'Hi Robert You still need someone with the ORB,which I don't have access to, it still makes a Hudson possible but they also had Ansons and Fortresses. The Warwick wasn't there until Aug '45. This comes from Jefford's- RAF Squadrons. Regards Dick ....Read More.Dick on 14th July 2008 03:18:20
Hudson Crash? Far East April 1943I am trying to find out what happened to Sgt Kenneth Howarth 1126460 RAFVR. He was a Pilot. I have a large amount of memorabilia that belonged to him. It includeds his war medals, diaries, letters and an excellent photo album. I believe he was a Hudson pilot in the Far East (India) at the time of his death at the age of 22. During a google search using the aircraft number 'AM949' this site came up. He mentions this aircraft in his diary on the 12 April 1943. 'I was at the drome all day but there was nothing going. My new machine is AM949......' This is the last entry in his diary - 12 April 1943. The CWGC states the date of death as 19 April 1943. I am fairly sure the following two Flt Sgts died at the same time as him. David Alexander McCluney and Walter Percy Whorlow. They are in the next two grave plots however their date of deaths are stated as 20 April 1943. The reason for the new machine is that he had to bale out of the previous one after running out of fuel. Can anybody shed any light?? ....Read More.a1rbus on 29th December 2008 01:18:45
411221 - Unaccounted airmen - 21-12-1941No.1 OTU ORB: December 21st 1941, “At 21.35hrs the Royal Observer Corps, Carlisle, reported Hudson P2 (out from Silloth on local cross country exercise) was in trouble off St Bees Head. At 12.55hrs the ROC reported fire was seen in the vicinity of last observed position of aircraft. Whitehaven Police were requested to search and at 0130 hrs on the 22nd they reported having found aircraft crashed and burnt out on Dent Fell near Egremont. The four occupants P/O Dalglish, Sgt Parrish, Sgt Page and Sgt Lidell were killed.” No.5 AOS ORB: December 21st 1941, “Blenheim Z6350 crashed and was completely wrecked on Mull of Kintyre. Sgts Orton and Gearing, Cpl Cohen and AC Woodward were all killed.” ....Read More.alclark on 27th February 2009 11:59:41
Flt. Lt. Jack Hubert Stigner (89334)Hi Peter, Thanks, I knew about the Cinque Ports Flying Club licence, and that he also was one of the first intake into No.99 (Folkestone) Squadron ATCC, and that he was awarded his cadet wings at the Squadron's very first uniform parade. But the Uxbridge part is new to me. He would have joined up with his best mate, Desmond Victor Varian (89330) who as also to be a coastal command Hudson pilot, flew with No.500 Squadron, and was shot down in the Med. on 27/12/1942. My father married Betty Varian as his first wife after Desmond was killed. You can see from their id numbers that they must have signed up together, as too did three others who were to go on to fly with Jack at 53 squadron. Being a bit of a new boy at this business please accept my apologies for any naive questions that I might make. I have tried to glean as much information that I was able before entering into your company. Thank you for going to the trouble, ....Read More.stiggy128 on 25th April 2009 05:06:45
No.500 Squadron Blenheim missing 08/08/41Hi, I'm looking for anything you chaps might have on a No.500 Squadron Blenheim that went missing on 8th August 1941. 53 Squadron records show that Flt. Lt. Jack Hubert Stigner, flying Hudson PZ-R, went looking for this aircraft on that date. And do you know if he found it? Best regards, Jonathan ....Read More.stiggy128 on 27th April 2009 10:52:13
420609 - Unaccounted airmen - 9-6-1942Henk, regarding Hudson P9020, I have the pilot as being one P/O Hall and him being "safe". regards Rich ....Read More.Rich Allenby on 13th August 2009 03:29:14
31 Squadron AirmanHello Martyn, 31-1-1943 No.31 Sqn. DC-3 MA929 Took off from Dinjan en route for Fort Hertz at 1330 on 31/1/43. The aircraft failed to arrive at Fort Hertz and has not been found. It was last seen by a Hudson pilot at 7,000 feet near Kamku, heading for Fort Hertz at 1400 hours. AUS401101 F/O (1st Pilot) Hugh John Munro CAMPBELL MiD RAAF + 1377419 F/Sgt (2nd Pilot) John Orson NICHOLLS RAFVR + AUS407107 W/O (W.Op./Air Gnr.) Kenneth Ross PHELPS RAAF + CAN R/74121 WO2 (W.Op./Air Gnr.) Joseph Jean Jacques Fernand CASAUBON RCAF + 1082946 AC1 (Fitter IIE) Thomas Gladstone WILLIAMSON RAFVR + 43524 F/Lt Norman Lee BAUGH MC RAF + (Passenger) All commemorated on the Singapore Memorial. Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 26th August 2009 05:52:30
31 Squadron AirmanInterested to read the bits of the following thread, picked up by a random Google. HJM Campbell (known to his family as Cam) was my uncle and we have bits and pieces at home about him and his last flight. The version we had was that his plane was last seen being pursued by a Japanese fighter. Cam's photo is on my desk as I write this. I saw his name on the Kranji memorial last year. The family legend was that the flight went ahead in bad weather because a 'bigwig' insisted on travelling though I can't determine from the passenger list who this gent might have been. A family myth possibly. Cam carried the same name as his uncle who died from wounds at Gallipoli (legs shot off while swimming). Question for Col Bruggy. Is the mention in the appendix of Franks book the only mention there? [QUOTE=COL BRUGGY;34382]Hello Martyn, 31-1-1943 No.31 Sqn. DC-3 MA929 Took off from Dinjan en route for Fort Hertz at 1330 on 31/1/43. The aircraft failed to arrive at Fort Hertz and has not been found. It was last seen by a Hudson pilot at 7,000 feet near Kamku, heading for Fort Hertz at 1400 hours. AUS401101 F/O (1st Pilot) Hugh John Munro CAMPBELL MiD RAAF + 1377419 F/Sgt (2nd Pilot) John Orson NICHOLLS RAFVR + AUS407107 W/O (W.Op./Air Gnr.) Kenneth Ross PHELPS RAAF + CAN R/74121 WO2 (W.Op./Air Gnr.) Joseph Jean Jacques Fernand CASAUBON RCAF + 1082946 AC1 (Fitter IIE) Thomas Gladstone WILLIAMSON RAFVR + 43524 F/Lt Norman Lee BAUGH MC RAF + (Passenger) All commemorated on the Singapore Memorial. Col.[/QUOTE] ....Read More.David Stephens on 25th July 2010 08:35:10
Lost 206 Sqn Hudsons - June 25, 1942Hi Ross: Many thanks. The following comes from John Lowe's impressive and growing 206 Sqn web site, which I should have re-checked first - it contains a couple of recent and relevant additions. From: In August 2009 I was contacted by Adriano Baumgartner who was researching RAF and Luftwaffe pilots. His research led him to Major Werner Hoffmann who was a German Ace with over 50 claims to his credit. We believe that Werner was responsible for the loss of one of the 2 Hudson's from 206 Squadron when he was in unit NJG 3, below is his account of that night supplied by Adriano. "I flew to West of Schleswig, to wait for the bombers on their return leg from Bremen. I was guided by Ground Control (Radar) onto a target. We located it visually and came in from behind, flying almost at the same level. I chose a Lockheed Hudson that was flying away from the main box. I drew very close until he filled the gun sight. I opened fire and saw his right wing on fire. Immediately after being hit the Hudson pulled up sharply, then the aircraft spinned to the right until the impact with the ground at 2:26hrs. I continued to orbit and was guided onto another target some time later. We identified it as a Whitley Bomber (serial number V6730). After my attack this bomber tried to runaway by diving but it was so heavily damaged that it made a forced landing some 6km North of Busem." It would seem that this was very likely F/Sgt Wright's aircraft, AM762, which crashed on land. For more on WOP/AG Joe Peet: Regards: Robert ....Read More.robstitt on 3rd January 2011 08:40:57
Hudson P5161 - SillothHi, Hudson P5161 from 1 OTU Silloth ditched in the Irish Sea on the 14th April, 1942. Would anybody know the names of the crew on board the aircraft that day. I understand all the crew survived the ditching and were picked up by a Naval Patrol Vessel. Regards, Stevie ....Read More.Stevie on 24th February 2011 05:40:22
407 Sq RCAF ORB 30-31.Dec 1941Hi all, I would like to ask if anybody has in possion ORB of 407 Sq for the end of December 1941 and can check there for me details of Hudson patrols during which a dinghy was found. TIA Pavel ....Read More.CZ_RAF on 25th June 2011 03:35:15
420426 - Unaccounted airwoman and airmen - 26-4-1942Hi Henk, F1180 Confirms Whatley and Farnham on Hudson P5147 lost on low flying dual instruction. Regards Ross ....Read More.Ross_McNeill on 29th January 2012 10:55:01
F/Sgt. George Alfred Tansley AFM, 1940.Hallo Mark and Jim, Many thanks for your information, which I certainly would not have been able to ferret out. I have found him with 206 Squadron during 1939-1940. He was pilot of Hudson P5153 on 6 August 1940 when it crashed on landing after returning early from a patrol. Although unhurt he seems not to have flown again with 206 Squadron. He was commissioned during September 1940 in the Accountant branch of the RAF. This may well tie in with his age and lenght of service ? Regards and thanks again to all who helped, Martin. ....Read More.Martin Gleeson on 29th April 2012 03:44:09
410728 - Unaccounted airmen - 28-7-1941Hi Henk, F1180 for a Hudson from No.6 OTU at Thornaby has Hudson P5138 as hitting a dispersal on single engine landing practice. 1 killed 5 injured (all third party , ie not on board the aircraft). I would link the fatality to AC1 Leonard R.J. BUXTON - 909809 - killed on active service from the death registration location. Regards Ross ....Read More.Ross_McNeill on 3rd June 2012 08:48:40
Air Crashes at Sea Civilian War Dead CWGCNot wishing to start a new thread as I'm not asking a question but I was browsing Ocean Bridge by Carl A Christie last night and came across the case of Hudson BW384, Christie's entry gives the names as: F/L John Henry Prentice RCAF Chail. civ Pass M. R. MacCaulay. civ Pass I did a bit of searching around and found a scanned paper on Ancestry which gives more detail of the names of those involved, five in total. TWO GIRLS KILLED IN FLIGHT WON BY LOAN EFFORT HALIFAX, DEC 4 - (C.P.)- Two girl war workers awarded a plane flight for Victory Loan work were killed Thursday with the three man crew of a bomber when it crashed into Halifax harbor a couple of minutes after taking off. All five persons in the Lockheed Hudson plane met instant death when it nosed almost vertically into the water, with engines roaring, 35 feet off the top of a breakwater at the Royal Nova Scotia Yacht squadron. The machine was owned by the Clark Ruse Aircraft Company, Limited, which operates an aircraft plant in the Halifax area. It had undergone tests and was to have been turned over to the R.C.A.F. shortly. The girl passengers were emplyees of the plant, who had won awards in selling Victory Bonds to other emplyees. The pilot was Flt. Lt, J. H. Prentice of Toronto, chief test pilot for the company, on loan from the R.C.A.F. The others killed were: Miss Jean Curran and Miss Mary McQueen, both 22, of Dartmouth; T. Arthur Cahill, Chapeau, Que. test flight engineer at the Clark Ruse plant; Owen McCaulay, Sydney, N.S. Only Prentice appaers on the CWGC database as aserving member of the RCAF. Just in case anyone is ever looking, wondering etc. The Clark Ruse connection is confirmed by the CWGC index card scanned on also. ....Read More.dennis_burke on 22nd January 2013 01:43:43
W/C Ring, RAF BensonThere is a photograph captioned as being P.O. Spencer L. Ring on Page 92 of “Eyes of the RAF” by Roy Conyers Nesbit. (ISBN 0 7509 32562). He is with P.O. S.G. “Bill” Wise beside a Lockheed Hudson presumably of the PRU at Heston. I’ve always thought the person in the photograph looks like my father Harold Best-Devereux who was also with the PRU at about that time. If anyone knows of any other photos of P.O. Ring I’d love to know just to check if the photograph is actually of P.O. Ring or might possibly have been my father. ....Read More.Igor Best-Devereux on 11th February 2013 01:36:06
Information needed concerning Hudsons of 608 Sqn. RAFThere are photos (one each) of 608 Sq Botha and Hudson in Combat Codes, by Flintham and Thomas. The Hudson photo is of Mk.V UL.A AM571, dated to August 1941. The text states that 608 Sq was one of the least photographed units and there are no known photos of them with Blenheims. The book confirms the allocation of UL codes up to 1944, and 6T on the Mosquitos after that. However, Coastal Command abandoned the use of such unit codes, and according to Coastal Support and Special Squadrons of the RAF 608 Sq only carried individual codes when overseas. This book has quite a long list of code/serial tie-ups, but none appear to match the four you quote. If you send me a PM we can discuss this further? In 1944 the aircraft will (almost certainly) have been painted with Extra Dark Sea Grey on the pure plan surfaces, with White elsewhere. Some may have retained the earlier Temperate Sea Scheme of EDSG and Dark Slate Grey in the uppersurfaces, but it's a bit late for that really. A few Halifax did, but they're more difficult to repaint than Hudsons. ....Read More.Graham Boak on 12th June 2013 10:14:01
W/O R.J. Badger, 1376786Can anyone please tell me the cause of the death of Warrant Officer Ronald Jack Badger, 1376786, on 3rd August 1943. During the previous August, F/Sgt Badger had been a No.53 Squadron Hudson pilot serving in the Caribbean. Almost all of 53 Squadron's aircrew were posted from the squadron on their return to the UK in January and February 1943, many to Coastal Command OTUs. This may be a clue to where he was serving at the time of his death. Whilst in Hendon two weeks ago I took the opportunity to visit his grave and was delighted to find it had very recently had fresh flowers placed on it. W/O. Badger has not been forgotten. Appreciate any help in this matter, Freshman ....Read More.Freshman on 21st October 2013 08:55:59
RAF Station Kirton-in-Lindsey, 1949Pavel thanks for replying to my Hudson post. ANS is 'Air Navigation School' (AONS was 'Air Observer Navigation School' in WW2). Regards Mark ....Read More.Mark Hood on 23rd November 2013 05:08:01
Coastal Command Ops for 23/6/42The logbook I have shows a 1 OTU Hudson positioning to Thornaby on the 24th, flying the Bremen raid on the 25th and then returning to Silloth on the 28th. ....Read More.robstitt on 17th January 2014 01:00:06
31 Squadron AirmanHello Christine, Firstly, Welcome to the Forum. l find your comments on the loss of No.31 Sqn DC-3 MA929, most interesting. All the documentation l have on this loss, indicates that DC-3 MA929 was lost on 31st January, 1943. One of the few documents l did not see was the No.31 Sqn ORB. Some of these ORB's were not compiled with the greatest of care, in fact, more than a few are no better than reconstructs, and well after the actual events mentioned*. Much more reliable are the Circumstantial Reports, and Casualty Signals. These documents were subject to much greater scrutiny than any ORB, as quite a lot hinged on their accuracy, ie Death Certificates, Wills and Probate etc. This Signal, on MA929, clearly states: From: No.31 Squadron. R.A.F. Palam. To: B.P.O. Bombay Date: 26 February, 1943. Ref: 318/301/20/P.1. Subj: Circumstantial Report - F.B. - Douglas D.C.3. MA.929 - 31.1.43. Further to this Unit's casualty signal A.10. dated 3rd February, 1943, the following report is submitted. 2. Douglas D.C.3. Aircraft MA.929 took off from Dinjan en route for Fort Hertz at 1330 hours on 31st January, 1943. The crew consisted of:- 1st pilot - A.401101 P/O Campbell, H.J.M. - RAAF 2nd Pilot - 1377419 T/Sgt. Nicholls, J.O. - Pilot W.O./A.G. - R.74121 T/Sgt. Casaubon, J.F. - RCAF W.O./A.G. - A.407107 T/Sgt. Phelps, R.K. - RAAF Fitter - 1082946 AC1. Williamson, T.C. - F.II Passenger - 43524 F/Lt. N.L. Baugh, M.C. - The aircraft failed to arrive at Firt [sic] Hertz, and has not yet been found. It was last seen by Hudson pilot at 7,000 feet near KAMKU, heading for Fort Hertz, at 1400 hours on 31st January, 1943. (Sgn).?????????????? F/Lt. For Wing Commander, Commanding, No.31 Squadron, RAF, India. This document (p.52 of 64), along with the associated signals, can be read in the A705 Casualty File of; AUS407107 W/O Kenneth Ross PHELPS RAAF: [url][/url] Notwithstanding transcription errors (mine, and the RAF's!), take a look, and let us know your thoughts. * Christine, There is a possibility that the ORB is correct, to a certain extent. l think that DC-3 MA929 was probably overdue on the 27th January, 1943, and later turned up at Dinjan, only to be lost (out of Dinjan), on 31st January, 1943. Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 10th February 2014 07:03:33
Hudson Crew PositionsDavid The "s/n" is a bit of an anomaly; a paragraph in the training document that I have suggests that it originated from the introduction of the "Squadron Navigation Officer" or the "s/n officer"; however I agree with you that "short navigation" course seems more likely. When I get the time, I will go back through the various sections on navigation to see if I can find a definitive answer. I think it might be worth clarifying that the Hudson pilots probably had more advanced navigational training (as per one of my previous posts) and therefore the discussion on s/n is not strictly relevant to the original posting (but it would be useful to see if we can find an answer, purely for completeness) Regards Pete ....Read More.PeteT on 27th July 2015 05:04:59
P/O Arthur Osborne APPLEBY, R.C.A.F.Hello everyone I'm looking for information about the above Pilot Officer, as well as a couple of his relatives. He was born in Morpeth in 1906, but emigrated to Montreal in 1929. On the outbreak of war he joined the R.C.A.F. The Morpeth Herald of October 31st 1941 reports that he visiting his home town, and was '[I]now in the Royal Canadian Air Force attached to the R.A.F.' [/I] Another report from 1947 states that he was now commissioned in the R.A.F., having returned from Canada. I'd be interested if anyone can supply any details - service number perhaps? Two of his brothers and a nephew were also in the R.A.F. His brother William Appleby, 42975, was killed on July 23rd 1940 in Hudson P5152 of 269 Sqn, which collided with Hurricane P2862 of 3 Squadron at Wick. Another brother, Robert Brown Appleby, 132571, was awarded an M.B.E. in January 1945 for [I]'his work as an R.A.F. transport officer just prior to D-Day.' [/I]Has anyone anything furtehr on his award? His nephew, Sydney Osborne Appleby, 1292707, was at ITW Torquay in 1940, sharing a room with 'Screwball' Buerling, trained at Perranporth in 1942, and was posted to 610 Sqn on October 2nd 1942, and then to 611 five days later. In February 1946 he belly landed his aircraft at 'Nyaung-Bin-Wah' in Burma on a ferry flight: [url][/url] Can't find a match in Halley's Broken Wings, as I can't find where Nyaung-Bin-Wah is. Regards Simon ....Read More.wwrsimon on 5th August 2016 06:35:22
Missing 29/11/1940Phil, Both airmen are listed as being with 1 (C) O.T.U. in the R.A.F. Deaths Overseas list, so hopefully Ross will be able to supply details. There is one 1 (C) OTU loss for that date on the ASN, Hudson P5142, but few details: [url][/url] Regards Simon ....Read More.wwrsimon on 10th August 2016 05:19:20

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