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Wapiti IIA J9486 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Wapiti IIA J9486

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Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Date of Crash  04 Sep 33 Aircraft Name  Wapiti IIA Serial Number  J9486
Unit  1 Sqdn IAF Operating Airfield  Drigh Road Country  India
Aircrew details Plt Offr Bhupender Singh* (5)
Plt Offr Amarinder Singh*(4)
Details Cr during Spin at Padidan AF P/O A Singh kil

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Wapiti J9486 India - a Mystery solved?A couple of years ago, I posted this thread - inquring about a Wapiti that crashed on 4th September 1933 . Its identity remained unresolved at that time and no entry from either J serials or K serials matched with the accident. The crash on 4 Sept 33 is the first fatal air crash of the newly formed Indian Air Force. Part of the project i am working on I think I nailed down the identity of the Wapiti which could be J9486 It appears in the logbook of a pilot from April 33 till Sept 33 and does not appear after the date. But J serials has a different record: "PD Ascot, Docks 22.4.29 for shipment to SS Hatimura, AD Drigh Road 3.5.29, AOC's aircraft 11.30, 28 Sqn .33, 20 Sqn, AHQ Hinaldi 2.38, Stn Flight Risalpur, Crashed 8.39" Hinaldi is in Iraq, I find it a bit difficult to swallow the aircraft shuttled between India and Iraq and back to India again. There is one picture of the aircraft that purports to be from 28 Sqn, and apparently a couple of the pics are there in IWM Collections from its time as the AOC;s aircraft. I believe at this stage that J series may have got it wrong and perhaps transcribed a different aircraft under J9486's entry. I wanted to check if anyone has the details of the so called crash from 8.39? ....Read More.Jagan on 25th January 2013 09:35:23
The Westland Wapiti in the Indian Air Force : A Complete History (1933-1943)Specifically I would welcome photographs related to the following numbers J9401 J9483 J9486 J9496 J9499 J9633 J9710 J9711 J9716 J9722 J9723 J9731 J9733 J9735 J9738 J9740 J9742 J9744 J9751 J9754 J9755 J9757 J9759 J9854 K1126 K1254 K1257 K1258 K1260 K1261 K1263 K1266 K1269 K1270 K1271 K1273 K1274 K1275 K1279 K1286 K1287 K1288 K1289 K1290 K1291 K1297 K1298 K1300 K1303 K1308 K1309 K1389 K1394 K1403 K2275 K2276 K2277 K2289 K2290 K2294 K2303 K2304 If you have photographs in your collection that shows any of the previous aircraft, It would be great to get a look. ....Read More.Jagan on 27th January 2013 03:22:02
Wapiti J9486 India - a Mystery solved?Paul, Working down my Wapiti project, I found a similar entry for J9496 TOC RAF in 11-4-1929. AD Drigh Road 24-5-1929. HQ Flt New Delhi (1933), HQ Flt AP Lahore (1934), Stn Flt Risalpur (1939), Damaged while landing Parachinar 18-8-1939 It is likely that the authors confused the Form 1180 for J9496 and added the information to J9486! So 9496 was repaired after wards and used by No.1 Indian AA C Flight till its write off in a taxying accident in May 1942. And J9486 had its sad end earlier in September 1933 ....Read More.Jagan on 18th February 2013 03:37:29

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