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Wapiti IIA J9496 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Wapiti IIA J9496

A number of these images are sourced from various sites on the internet - including various archive sites, museum sites, flickr and ebay. The original watermarks and copyrights are retained by the owners where possible. We make an attempt to use only resized and reduced versions of the images . As the project scope is huge, it is possible that some image Credits missing. Drop us an email at admin^ or leave a facebook comment below.

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425 Squadron - F/Lt Joseph R. LaporteAlthough Richard beat me to the punch, I shall at least contribute what I acquired today. This crew reported to No.425 Squadron on 23 December 1944. The ORB gives only initials (and not complete ones in all cases). Personnel were: J6958 F/L Joseph Roland Serge Yvan LAPORTE - awarded DFC. Postwar served with No.438 (Auxiliary) Squadron, 2 October 1946 to 25 August 1948. J42771 F/O Joseph Achille Louis Philippe RODRIQUE - poswar RCAF service R164759 (later commissioned as J94969) Jacques Pacifiqe LAMONTAGNE J40677 F/O John Hilliard FOLEY - served in postwar RCAF; killed in a Harvard, 22 March 1949. Can 8166A (later commissioned as J94977) Flight Sergeant Joseph Rene Raymond ST.ONGE, a former Aero Engine Mechanic who had remustered to Air Gunner in November 1943. R253830 (later commissioned as J84932) Joseph Laurent VERONNEAU R177470 (commissioned as J94671) Sergeant Joseph Jules Rodrique ARCAND (killed) ....Read More.HughAHalliday on 16th May 2008 07:08:28
Westland Wapiti Losses in India - Aircrew Information RequestI am currently involved in a project related to chronicling the histories of various Westland Wapitis that served with the RAF and the IAF in India. Unfortunately the ORBs related to various units are complete only from June 1942 onwards and anything prior to that is a great mystery. While I have been able to find out details of some accidents. I do not have the crew details for the following examples. Can our forum members help if they know the names of the pilots or aircrew? J9383 II 1942-12-23 dbr ground J9483 II 1942-03-31 31.3.42 accident Patna, UC Collapsed on Landing J9496 II 1942-05-20 Taxied downwind in high speed into AudaxK5569 at Drigh Road 20.5.42 J9633 II 1939-05-10 Cr ?? J9716 II 1942-05-18 Ratnagar Log 1 ATU Cr while towing drogue J9731 V 1942-08-11 Cr Madras 8-10-42 , FL 11-8-42 Plt Offr D K Sarkar? J9733 V 1940-02-07 SOC DBER J9759 V 1941-03-28 Hit Trees during FL itarpur N India 28-3-41 K1260 II 1941-10-04 force landed Bhuj 4 Oct 41 K1269 II 1941-10-30 crashed Drigh Rd 30 Oct 41 K1271 II 1942-05-20 1SFTS ATU Cr on ldg Peshawara 20-5-42 K1286 II 1942-03-16 1 AACF hit by Lysander N1209 of No.2 Sqn at DR 16-3-42 K1289 II 1941-06-30 1s EC FL Pushtakhara, nr Peshawar30-6-41 K1291 II 1942-05-28 ran into soft ground and tipped up Cochin 28-5-42 K2276 II 1941-11-07 crashed Drigh Rd 7 Nov 41 K2289 II 1941-06-10 1SFTS 5CDF hit rock in FL non night navex Jungshahi 10-6-41 K2294 II 1940-10-21 1s crashed at Drigh Rd, 21 Oct 40, repaired K2303 II 1941-06-18 flew into ground at Jhimpur Sind, damaged - to 1 SoTT(I) Appreciate your help very much Jagan ....Read More.Jagan on 9th June 2012 10:52:19
The Westland Wapiti in the Indian Air Force : A Complete History (1933-1943)Specifically I would welcome photographs related to the following numbers J9401 J9483 J9486 J9496 J9499 J9633 J9710 J9711 J9716 J9722 J9723 J9731 J9733 J9735 J9738 J9740 J9742 J9744 J9751 J9754 J9755 J9757 J9759 J9854 K1126 K1254 K1257 K1258 K1260 K1261 K1263 K1266 K1269 K1270 K1271 K1273 K1274 K1275 K1279 K1286 K1287 K1288 K1289 K1290 K1291 K1297 K1298 K1300 K1303 K1308 K1309 K1389 K1394 K1403 K2275 K2276 K2277 K2289 K2290 K2294 K2303 K2304 If you have photographs in your collection that shows any of the previous aircraft, It would be great to get a look. ....Read More.Jagan on 27th January 2013 03:22:02
Wapiti J9486 India - a Mystery solved?Paul, Working down my Wapiti project, I found a similar entry for J9496 TOC RAF in 11-4-1929. AD Drigh Road 24-5-1929. HQ Flt New Delhi (1933), HQ Flt AP Lahore (1934), Stn Flt Risalpur (1939), Damaged while landing Parachinar 18-8-1939 It is likely that the authors confused the Form 1180 for J9496 and added the information to J9486! So 9496 was repaired after wards and used by No.1 Indian AA C Flight till its write off in a taxying accident in May 1942. And J9486 had its sad end earlier in September 1933 ....Read More.Jagan on 18th February 2013 03:37:29

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