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Spitfire VIII JG322 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Spitfire VIII JG322

LFVIII 4995 KEA M66 .....[TRUNCATED] More information in: Spitfire Site

Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Date of Crash  03 Apr 45 Aircraft Name  Spitfire VIII Serial Number  JG322
Unit  273 Sqdn Operating Airfield  Kyaukpyu Country  Burma
Aircrew details Flt Lt Everett Embert ETTINGER*(J21148)
Details Crashed during ground-attack mission nr Taungup .[ORB]. Three sections carriedout offenisve recces of Taungup. During one of these recces, FL E Ettinger fialed to return. it is thought that his aircraft was mortally damaged by al and mine. Flt Lt Ettinger was seen to crash in a deep gully but there was no fire. Pilot is presumed killed. [F541] Two ac formation from 14.55-16.25. Flt Lt H P Bruce leading. The second section reached the Irrawady a few miles south of Prome and sunk one and dtamged two 60ft rivercraft. They then flew back on the road and Flt Lt Ettinger aked permission to straffe a row of petrol durms at the edge of the road, he dived rather low and Flt Lt Bruce suddenly saw a cloud of dust beneath Ettingers machine - saw the aircraft flip over on its back and dive over a 40ft hillock down into a deep gully where it dissappeared from view. There were no sign of the aircraft being on fire. Flt lt Burce orbitted for 40 minutes and then returned to base. Flt lt Etitingers loss is atr5biuted to ap robably landmine operated by and from the vicinity fo the deocpy. int his case the obvious rows of oil drumps. ti is emphaisesd that Flt Lt Ettinger was diving too low for safety from ground fire. a further recce net day failed to reveal any traces of the accident.
Source ORB

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Crash Spitfire MK.VIIIHello Phil Have you looked in the production list here: Hope you don't mind me asking (I don't want to seem like I'm questioning your info), but are you sure about the date? A quick advanced search of the site on Google doesn't seem to find anything about a Mk.VIII on 6-4-45, but perhaps a bit more digging may turn something up. For example JG322, which failed to return on 3-4-45 in India. Simon ....Read More.wwrsimon on 30th October 2009 11:03:29
Dodging a Vultee Vengeance in IndiaEttinger's file is quite interesting. It does confirm his presence with No.8 (IAF) Squadron, although there is no mention of the "runaway Vengeance" inciident. The following, with little editing, constitutes the notes I took: J21148 Everett Embert Ettinger. Born 30 August 1920 in Harris, Saskatchewan. YMCA PT instructor. Enlisted in Saskatoon, 7 August 1940 as Disciplinarian and posted to No.1 Manning Depot, Toronto. To No.2 MD, Brandon, 12 September 1940. To No.3 AOS, Regina, 21 October 1940. To No.5 AOS, Winnipeg, 29 December 1940. To No.2 MD, Brandon, 10 July 1941. Promoted Sergeant as of 1 August 1941. To “Y” Depot, Halifax, 6 August 1941. To No.1 PTU, Halifax, 20 January 1942. Remusters to aircrew, 28 February 1942. To No.3 ITS, Victoriaville, 1 March 1943. To No.4 EFTS, Windsor Mills, NS, and to No.2 SFTS, Uplands, 2 August 1942. Graduated and commissioned 20 November 1942. Disembarks UK, 24 December 1942. To 5 (P) AFU, 20 April 1943. To 56 OTU, 1 June 1943. To India, 25 October 1943. To No.132 OTU, 6 December 1943. To No,8 Squadron, IAF, 29 December 1943. To No.110 Squadron, 9 December 1944. To No.8 Squadron IAF, 11 January 1945. To No.273 Squadron, 20 February 1945. Killed 4 April 1945. F/O 20 May 1943. F/L 20 November 1944. Lost on Spitfire JG322. “For security reasons I am unable to give the full details of what happened. I can tell you though your brother was out on an offensive reconnaissance of Japanese lines of communication in Burma. After a straffing run his aircraft was seen to roll over and crash into the trees. “We suspect that he was hit by small arms fire from the ground. The crash could not be located from the air owing to the thickness of the jungle, but as the plane was traveling at high speed I cannot hold out much hope of Everett’s survival.” (S/L Ian N. Bayles to sister in Saskatoon). “The above named officer was briefed at 1435 hours on 3rd April 1945 for a ground straffe of the Taungop-Prome road. “He was airborne from Kyaukpys airfield at 1455 hours on 3rd April 1945 as the pilot of Spitfire Mark VIII JG322, with one other aircraft. At a position 18 degrees 37 minutes north, 94 degrees 53 minutes east, whilst F/L Ettinger was straffing a collection of oil drums on the side of the road, his aircraft was seen to flick over on to its back and plunge into trees 200 yards off south side of the road and disappear into the jungle. The aircraft was not seen to strike the ground, it did not catch fire and the pilot was not seen to bale out. It is possible that the aircraft was hit by a mine. (!) “Conditions of weather were - visibility 46 miles with 6/10 to 9/10 CU at 200/1,500 feet rising to 3,000 feet.” (Report of aircraft loss.) ....Read More.HughAHalliday on 14th September 2010 04:42:10

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