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Atlas I K1012 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Atlas I K1012

A number of these images are sourced from various sites on the internet - including various archive sites, museum sites, flickr and ebay. The original watermarks and copyrights are retained by the owners where possible. We make an attempt to use only resized and reduced versions of the images . As the project scope is huge, it is possible that some image Credits missing. Drop us an email at admin^ or leave a facebook comment below.

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RAF Fatalities, 1933Hello, 04/01/33 - ARMSTRONG (NZ) - Bristol Bulldog IIIA Prototype R-5 12/01/33 - SLATTER - Blackburn Iris S1263 17/02/33 - LAWSON - Avro Tutor G-ABZR - Crashed during air display at Cape Town, South Africa. 28/03/33 - LELEU - Armstrong Whitworth Argosy G-AACI 31/03/33 - REED - Armstrong Whitworth Atlas J9452 15/05/33 - LONGMAN - Blackburn Ripon S1667 14/08/33 - CASTLE - Westland Wapiti J9749 16/09/33 - FEW - Vickers Virginia K2670 02/10/33 - BULLOCK/GOBUS - Blackburn Ripon S1428 05/12/33 - ALLEN - General Aircraft Monospar ST.4 Mk.II G-ACKT - Crashed at Thropp's Farm, Lidlington, Bedfordshire. 14/12/33 - O'KELLY - Westland Wapiti J9729 20/12/33 - McDERMOTT - Armstrong Whitworth Atlas K1012 Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 17th October 2014 06:03:23

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