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Atlas I  K1031 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Atlas I  K1031

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W/C George Harcus Sheehan 37587Hello Susan, and Welcome to the RAFCommands. Here is what I have in my files on George Harcus SHEEHAN: Born: 28/3/1915 New South Wales, Australia. Enlisted RAAF, Point Cook, Victoria (Cadet) 15/1/1935 (Intake - 30 cadets, 8 of whom would eventually be granted Short Servive Commissions in the RAF). Graduated - Point Cook 10/11/1935 Departed Melbourne (Station Pier), 14/1/1935, aboard R.M.S. Comorin (picked up Geoffrey Edward HORNE at Fremantle, Western Australia) en route to London. The eight were: 37582 Frederick William FLOOD - + 11/9/1940. No.235 Sqn. Blenheim IV Z5725:LA-G - CCL1/63. 37585 Geoffrey Edward HORNE 37584 Henry Daniel NEWMAN - Twice Mentioned in Despatches (WWII) (later OBE). ?????? John Barrington PASCOE-WEBB - + 13/4/1937 No.27(B) Sqn. Wapiti IIA K1031. 37583 Vernon RAY - Later transferred to RAAF (1/4/1941), 282629 - KCVSA (W/C.) 1/9/1944. 37587 George Harcus SHEEHAN - + 25/8/1942 No.61 Sqn. Lancaster I R5662 - BCL3/189. 37588 Ernest Alfred WHITELEY - Later S/L, DFC. 25/7/1941 - No.69 Sqn. 37589 Noel William WRIGHT - + 24/8/1943 No.77 Sqn. RAF, Halifax II JD465:KN-U - BCL4/281. All granted Short Service Commissions on 21/2/1936, and to RAF Uxbridge. Sheehan, confirmed in appointment as Acting Pilot Officer and graded Pilot Officer 16/8/1936. Posted to No.102 (B) Sqn, Finningley, 6/10/1936. Acting Pilot Officer to Flying Officer 21/9/1937. Promoted to Flight Lieutenant 21/9/1939. Father, James Arthur SHEEHAN (67) died 15/4/1940 (Bago Lower, Batlow, N.S.W.). Injured - No.16 OTU Hampden I P1251 - 7/5/1940 - BCL7/14. Promoted to Squadron Leader 1/12/1940. Mentioned in Despatches (A/S/L) 1/1/1941 (New Year's Honours List). Promoted to Wing Commander 1/6/1942. F.T.R. (Frankfurt) 25/8/1942 - No.61 Sqn. Lancaster I R5662:QR-A - BCL3/189. In correspondence, Sheehan is mentioned as 2nd Pilot aboard R5662. As to the leadership of No.61 Sqn., I have no information. That's all that I have. If you have more, I would appreciate seeing it. Corrections, additions welcomed. Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 11th April 2017 06:10:14

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