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Wapiti IIA K1301 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Wapiti IIA K1301

Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Date of Crash  13 Apr 37 Aircraft Name  Wapiti IIA Serial Number  K1301
Unit  27 Sqn Operating Airfield  Miranshah Country  India
Aircrew details Plt Offr John Barrington Pascoe-Webb*
LAC Raymond William Gibbs*
Details Public Record Office Air 2/2516 has original recommendation drafted 20 May 1937 by S/L L.W. Cannon, Commanding Officer, No.5 Squadron. "At Miranshah at about 0950 hours on the 13th April 1937, a Wapiti aircraft of No.27 (B) Squadron crashed about 700 yards beyond the boundary of the aerodrome shortly after leaving the ground. This aircraft was proceeding to the zone of air blockade operations and was loaded with four 112-pound Mark VI bombs, for 8 %BD-pound practice bombs and 800 rounds of small arms ammunition. One of the 112-pound bombs exploded immediately the aircraft crashed. "Pilot Officer Close was Duty Pilot at Miranshah aerodrome at the time of the crash. He at once leapt on the fire tender taking with him AC.1 Woodcock and AC1 McKinnon and proceeded to the scene of the accident with the greatest promptitude. "The fire tender was temporarily impeded on the way to the scene of the accident by a difficult nullah. Pilot Officer Close in company with the two airmen left the tender at this point and ran about 250 yards to the aircraft. Whilst still some 75 yards away from the scene of the accident they observed the aircraft burst into flames. Pilot Officer Close led on his airmen and approached closely to the burning aircraft. "All three men rushed back to the fire tender which by this time had arrived near the burning aircraft. They seized fire extinguishers and approached as near as possible to the burning wreckage, sprayed the fire and did their utmost to rescue the imprisoned crew. "Whilst they were so engaged at a distance of about eight feet from the wreckage a second 112-pound bomb exploded. Fortunately none of the would-be rescuers was injured. In spite of the explosion of this bomb and numerous small arms ammunition, they continued their attempts to extinguish the flames and rescue the crew. They did not withdraw from the immediate vicinity of the crash until ordered to do so by a senior officer who judged the risks too great owing to the grave danger of further explosions of bombs and small arms ammunition."
Source RAF1930

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5 Sqn India Crash Around "November 1937" - P/O Gerald Charles Neil ClosePaul, The incident in which Close was awarded his EGM, took place on 13-4-1937 when Wapiti IIA K1301 (of No.27 Sqn.), crashed on take-off at Miranshah. A possibility for Close's bale-out, could be Wapiti IIA K1302 of No.5 Sqn., which crashed near Dosalli on 20-10-1937. Needs confirmation. For Close's death: See: Coastal Command Losses. Vol.1. p.121. 9-5-1941 No.59 Sqn Blenheim IV T1874 - Failed to return from Boulogne. Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 9th October 2012 12:05:04

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