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Gauntlet II K5318 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Gauntlet II K5318

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Gauntlet bumps and scrapes in the desertHi, Would anyone have details of the pilots involved in the following incidents, all with Pilots Reinforcement and Reserve Pool/Training Unit and Reserve Pool based at Ismailia, Egypt. 26/06/40, K5299, bounced on landing and overturned, Ismailia. SOC 18/08/40. 26/06/40, K7891, Swung on landing and undercarriage collapsed, Ismailia. DBR. 13/08/40, K5316, Swung on landing and damaged wing, Ismailia. ROS. 29/08/40, K5316, Swung on landing and undercarriage collapsed, Ismailia. SOC 06/11/40. 29/08/40, K5318, Force landed on approach, Ismailia. ROS. 07/11/40, K5337, Hit by Wellesley L2678, while parked, Ismailia. Any help would be appreciated, Regards, Alex ....Read More.Alex Crawford on 4th April 2015 06:53:37
Where is based the OTU 70 in early 1941 ?Hello, It is important to note 70 OTU's predecessor, Training Unit and Reserve Pool: Formed 21.9.40 ex Pilots Reinforcement and Reserve Pool at ISMAILIA; redesignated No.70 OTU 10.12.40. Aircraft: Blenheim I (L1480); Gauntlet II (K5318); Wellesley I (L2660); Hurricane I (N2626); Magister I (P2398); Hardy (K4050); Hind (K5552). Same A-B ref, p.281. And from, A History of the Mediterranean Air War 1940-1945 - Volume One (pp.13 &.81): The increasing supply of pilots from this source and other training bases being set up around the world, would lead to the formation of the Middle East's own operational training unit (OTU), 70 (ME) OTU, at Ismailia on 10 December 1940. The unit was formed from a nucleus created by the incorporation of the Training and Reserve Pool (of which more later). At the same time as the new OTU was coming into operation, a Middle East Pool was also formed at Ismailia to hold fully-trained pilots arriving from the UK until they were allocated to squadrons. (p.13) Other changes were also in hand as the new offensive approached. On 1 December (1940), Air Headquarters, Egypt, was formed by 202 Group in Cairo. The Reinforcement and Reserve Pool at Ismailia had become the Training Unit and Reserve Pool on 21 September, while on 19 December this unit would metamorphose into 70 Operational Training Unit. Initially a general OTU for the Middle East, the unit swiftly set up a fighter flight with Gladiators and Hurricanes to prepare pilots due to join the fighter and army co-operation units. (p.81) Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 5th August 2018 08:07:54

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