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Gauntlet II K5337 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Gauntlet II K5337

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Gauntlet bumps and scrapes in the desertHi, Would anyone have details of the pilots involved in the following incidents, all with Pilots Reinforcement and Reserve Pool/Training Unit and Reserve Pool based at Ismailia, Egypt. 26/06/40, K5299, bounced on landing and overturned, Ismailia. SOC 18/08/40. 26/06/40, K7891, Swung on landing and undercarriage collapsed, Ismailia. DBR. 13/08/40, K5316, Swung on landing and damaged wing, Ismailia. ROS. 29/08/40, K5316, Swung on landing and undercarriage collapsed, Ismailia. SOC 06/11/40. 29/08/40, K5318, Force landed on approach, Ismailia. ROS. 07/11/40, K5337, Hit by Wellesley L2678, while parked, Ismailia. Any help would be appreciated, Regards, Alex ....Read More.Alex Crawford on 4th April 2015 06:53:37

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