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Hector K8136 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Hector K8136

National Archives AIR81

Citation AIR81 Casualty File Description Link
AIR81/7565Aircraftman Quinton: injured; Pilot Officer N J Bonner: uninjured; aircraft accident off coast of Harwich, Hector K8136, 2 Anti Air Co-operation Unit, 11 July 1941.C16756862

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2 AACU incidentsHi, I'm going through my Hawker Hector notes trying to add some missing info. Would anyone have any details fo the following incidents involving 2 AACU. I'm looking for the names of the pilot/observer. 11/07/41 K8136, enigne cut, ditched off Harwich. 30/09/41 K9719, overshot landing and tipped up, Roborough. Thanks, Alex ....Read More.Alex Crawford on 22nd October 2009 05:01:11
2 AACU incidentsAlex, K-File for K9719: 4-9-1941. I've Sgt NOSOWSKI (sounds Polish) who survived. Nothing on K8136. Regards, Henk. ....Read More.Henk Welting on 23rd October 2009 11:56:06
2 AACU incidentsHi Alex, Details I have as follows: K8136 No.2 A.A.C.U. 'D' Flight RAF Detling 11/07/1941 Took off at 09.15 for live bombing attacks, at approx 10.45 the engine failed and aircraft force landed in sea. P/O BONNAR Norman John (69437) slightly injured but rescued safe. P/O Bonnar confirmed in appts to Flying Officer 05.06.1942; awarded AFC 02.06.1943; Flg Off to Flt / Lt 05.06.1943; Awarded DFC whilst with No.541 Squadron 03.07.1944; Deceased 04.07.1944 and buried Dunfermline Cemetery Eastern Division - Grave 4150 K9719 No.2 A.A.C.U. 'C' Flight RAF Roborough 04/09/1941 - Overshot landing - landed slightly out of wind owing to slope of landing ground and too fast. Swung up to avoid boundary hedge and tipped onto nose. Pilot Sgt NOSOWSKI Trust some of this is of use. Kind regards Tim ....Read More.Tim Bishop on 23rd October 2009 04:22:55

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