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Dakota III KG397 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Dakota III KG397

Casualities in the CWGC Register for Dakota III KG397

Rank Name, Number, Trade & Details DateUnit Country Cemetary/Memorial & Loc Ref
PulkownikStanislaw BRZEZINA (P/76782) Dakota III KG397  Forum Post 1946-02-13317 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomSt. Mary Cray Cemetery
Flying OfficerAlfred John CLARK (J/36345) Pilot Dakota III KG397  Forum Post  Ext Link 1946-02-13435 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomBrookwood Military Cemetery
Leading AircraftmanGeorge Arthur DOXEY (2205894) Dakota III KG397  Forum Post 1946-02-13 United KingdomRipley Cemetery, Derbyshire
PodpulknownikStanislaw GRODZICKI (P/76623) Dakota III KG397  Forum Post 1946-02-13307 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomSt. Mary Cray Cemetery
Squadron LeaderRobert Gray JOYCE (J/6168) Pilot Dakota III KG397  Forum Post  Ext Link 1946-02-13435 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomBrookwood Military Cemetery
Leading AircraftmanDenis PALMER (2216688) Dakota III KG397  Forum Post  Ext Link 1946-02-13435 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomLeeds (Holbeck) Cemetery

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ThreadPost TextAuthor
74 Squadron February 1946Dakota KG397 according to Cummings Ross ....Read More.Ross_McNeill on 13th July 2009 07:26:05
Dakota KG397I'm looking for any pictures of Canadian Dakota KG397. Not sure if there are any taken after the crash on 13th of February 1946. Also if there is someone able to share any photos of the crew: S/Ldr R.G.Joyce - pilot, F/O A.J.Clarke co-pilot, F/Lt R.J.Mitchell - navigator and F/O A.W.Gallop w/op I will much apprieciate it. Few bits and pieces need clarification: is there any other description of this accident apart from added below? Aircraft was on a passenger run, Buckeburg to Croydon. Forecast was poor and he landed at Manston. After checking weather again he took off at 1055 hours, flying at 2,500 feet between two layers of 6/10 cloud. Approaching Croydon he tried "Gee" homing but could not pick up "V" beams. Overshot the field, turned about and was letting down when he hit a 12-foot hedge on a 700-foot ridge. The aircraft crossed a valley and struck on the other side against a 650-foot hit. Eight persons were killed, 14 seriously injured and two uninjured. At the time he had 1,485 hours of flying including 379 solo hours on Dakotas. Accident ruled to be due to "culpable negligence". No citation to Mention in Despatches As 435 Sqn's ORB states:"Court of Inquiry scheduled to convene at 10.30 Feb.14". Is there any chance to get a written report about that and if so, where? Also I've found a couple of discrepancies between sources. In most of the documents location of the crash appears as Beech Farm in Warlingham. In 435 Sqn's ORB location was described as ''Warlington''. I don't know this area so I'm not sure if there is a place like Warlington near by. Widow of S.Brzezina, who was sadly killed in that accident, received a letter which stated that Dakota crashed at 11.35. In 435.Sqn's ORB I can see slightly different time: 11.45. Which one is correct? Finally, does anyone know if there is a complete list of passengers and all the victims? Thanks in advance. ....Read More.Peter S on 3rd December 2009 07:44:54
Dakota KG397I have looked at the report on microfilm at the Library and Archives of Canada and these are some rough notes I made Wednesday 13th February 1946 + KG397 Dakota III (RCAF 435 Squadron) hit high ground on approach to Croydon UK, Beech Farm, 2M SW Warlingham, Surrey. Eight killed, 14 seriously injured, two uninjured. Was Buckeburg to Croydon, stopped Manston to check weather, departed 1055 flying at 2500’ between two layers of 6/10 cloud, approaching Croydon tried Gee homing but unable to pick-up the ‘V’ beams, overshot, turned about and was letting down in a NW direction when hit 12’ hedge on a 700’ ridge, crossed a valley and crashed into a 650’ hill on the other side nearly opposite Beech Farm House near Croydon-Westerham Road (map ref 824762) at 1120. J/36345 F/O A.J. Clark (P) killed J/6168 S/L R.G. Joyce AFC (P) killed J/26015 F/L R.J. Mitchell (NAV) survived J/85422 F/O A.W. Gallup (WOP) survived - Mr John Brittain British civilian killed 2205894 LAC G.A Doxey RAFVR killed 2216688 LAC D. Palmer RAF VR killed 2113226 Driver D.I.Glover Royal Engineers killed 131810 Maj Wheeler British Army seriously injured 296381 Cpt Braithwaite British Army seriously injured 643945 F/S A. Roberts RAF seriously injured 76623 W/C Brodzicki RAF (Polish) killed (unable to trace) 13379 Maj Gen ChiltonBritish Army slightly injured 81811(?) Maj Howarth British Army slightly injured T/170118 Sgt Gerard British Army uninjured 5340541 Sgt Jakubowicz British Army uninjured 7403076 Pte Campbell British Army slightly injured 2016710 Spr L.W.F. Bailey British Army slightly injured 1726079 Gnr N. Fenwick British Army slightly injured 224794 Cpt Francis British Army slightly injured ? Maj Fleming seriously injured ? Pte Jewell slightly injured ? W/C Durdin RAF slightly injured ? Brzezina? fatal Ian Macdonald ....Read More.Ian M Macdonald on 3rd December 2009 08:33:49
Dakota KG397Gentlemen I'm glad that this topic is back on track as I'm still looking for any information and materials related to the 13 February 1946' tragic accident. Just last Saturday I was actually visiting the crash site with Mr Brzezina, son of G/Cpt Brzezina. Now I have a brief idea of the last few seconds of Dakota KG397. Unfortunately I wasn't able to track any witnesses, although I have placed an article in the local paper. Regards Peter ....Read More.Peter S on 27th November 2012 07:45:58
437 Sqn code serial tie upsThanks! I will check NO plane. Do you know approximate date of KN436 replacement? Also, do you have by any chance code for KG397? What was the markings system? Was 'OD' Wing code, then Sqn code, then aircraft code? ....Read More.Franek Grabowski on 13th August 2013 01:08:37
437 Sqn code serial tie upsThanks guys, now it is getting more clear for me. Not sure though, what is the prefix M introduced in 1947 per Graham's post. Also, why there were two letters for Dakota? Did the number of Dakota Squadrons exceed the number of letters? Finally, my question was not noted I think. Does anyone know, what was the code letter for KG397 of 435 Sqn? ....Read More.Franek Grabowski on 14th August 2013 11:07:10
437 Sqn code serial tie upsThe M converted 4-figure codes to 5-figure codes. No reason is given in Combat Codes. There were 45 allocations of codes to Dakota units. Some units had more than one code: the same code was sometimes given to more than one unit. These were not just squadrons: two codes were given to BOAC and others to Conversion Units and even Flights. No idea about KG397. ....Read More.Graham Boak on 14th August 2013 11:31:37
437 Sqn code serial tie upsSorry Franek, I should have mentioned that KG397 is discussed in detail in the 435 Squadron diary, particularly its fatal crash on 13 February 1946, but no mention of the individual code letter. Further to what Graham mentioned, there are several references in the 435 and 436 Squadron records of aircraft being used by crews of either squadron, without changing code markings. ....Read More.Bill Walker on 14th August 2013 11:38:12
437 Sqn code serial tie upsG'day All KG397 initially carried the individual radio call letter 'D'. It was later coded ODM*D. KG397 was struck by Dakota KG610from No. 437 'Husky' (T) Squadron, while parked at B. 75 Nivelles on the 21st of January 1946. The aircraft was repaired. It later flew into high ground near Beech Farm, 2 miles south-east of Warlingham, Surrey during the approach into Croydon on the 13th of February 1946. Cheers...Chris ....Read More.Dakota on 14th August 2013 02:13:54
437 Sqn code serial tie upsG'day Franek KG397 *D later ODM*D Cheers...Chris ....Read More.Dakota on 17th August 2013 08:13:54
460213 - Unaccounted Airmen - 13-02-1946Hello, 460213 - Unaccounted Airmen - 13-02-1946 From Henk's List - REPUBLIC of IRELAND O'DONOGHUE, Michael - Sgt(WoP/AG) - 1800981 - RAFVR - Ballyhea Cemetery, Charleville, County Cork, Republic of Ireland - [ Sunderland 5 - VB885 - 302 OTU ]. UK ANDERSON, Robert Mitchell - F/Sgt(Nav/WoP) - 1569931 - RAFVR - Uphall Cemetery, West Lothian. BARKER, Harold - F/Sgt(A/G) - 1676976 - RAFVR - Oldham ( Greenacres ) Cemetery, Lancashire. COUCHMAN, Raymond Bruce - F/O(Pilot) - 188189 - RAFVR - Thanington (St. Nicholas) Churchyard, Kent. DOLLIN, Kenneth - P/O(Pilot) - 201260 - RAFVR - Doncaster ( Rose Hill) Cemetery, Yorkshire. GRANGER, Geoffrey - Sgt(A/G) - 1812335 - RAFVR - Kibworth Cemetery, Leicestershire. O'KEEFE, Harry - Sgt (A/G) - 3040215 - RAFVR - Cawley (All Saints) Churchyard, Hampshire. SANDISON, Hamish Ian - F/Sgt(Nav/Bomb Aimer) - 1571678 - RAFVR - Portobello (St. Mark) Episcopalian Churchyard, Edinburgh. SNOOK, Leonard Edmund - F/Sgt(Flt/RNVR) - 2247825 - RAFVR - Romford Cemetery, Essex. STEVENS, Ronald Cedric - F/Sgt(WoP/AG) - 2211805 - RAFVR - Rawtenstall Cemetery Lancashire. The Nine Airmen listed above were in Sunderland 5 - VB885 - 302 OTU along with O'Donoghue . BRIGGS, Douglas - Cpl - 541649 -RAF - Guisborough Cemetery, Yorkshire. GUY, Norman Edgar - Cpl - 1238993 - RAFVR - Dorking Cemetery, Surrey. WARMAN, Frederick Arnold - AC2c - 2265791 - RAFVR - Edmonton Cemetery Middlesex. From CWGC, Krzystka's & Geoff's Lists - INDIA HAMIL, Felix - LAC - 1417475 - RAFVR - Ranchi War Cemetery, India. INDONESIA WATTS, Edward Albert - F/Sgt(Pilot) - 1802654 - RAFVR - Jakarta War Cemetery, Indonesia - [ Spitfire VIII - MV435 - 155 Sqdn ]. PAKISTAN EDWARDS, Dennis Eugene - W/O - 1586555 - RAFVR - Karachi War Cemetery, Pakistan. UK BRZEZINA, Stanislaw - Pulkownik/Grp/Cpt(Pilot) - 76782 - PAF - St. Mary Cray Cemetery, Orpington, Kent. CLARK, Alfred John - F/O(Pilot) - J/36345 - RCAF - Brookwood Military Cemetery, Surrey. DOXEY, George Arthur - LAC - 2205894 - RAFVR - Ripley Cemetery, Derbyshire. GRODZICKI, Stanislaw - Podpulknownik/Wng/Cdr(Pilot) - 76623 - PAF - St.Mary Cray Cemetery, Orpington, Kent. JOYCE, Robert Gray - Sqdn/Ldr(Pilot) - J/6168 - RCAF - Brookwood Military Cemetery, Surrey. PALMER, Denis - LAC - 2216688 - RAFVR - Oldham (Greenacres ) Cemetery, Lancashire. Along with - BRITTAIN, John - Dr and GLOVER, Donald Ivan - Driver, Royal Engineer's. The above six airmen were all aboard Dakota 3 - KG397 - 435 Sqdn. Alex ....Read More.Alex Smart on 25th March 2017 05:39:21
460213 - Unaccounted Airmen - 13-02-1946Dakota KG397 crashed to the West of Beech Farm, Chelsham. As above, 6 Airmen, one Civilian from the Ministry of Supply and one Army driver killed. 2 RCAF crew, 2 RAF, and 12 Army passengers survived. Accident Investigation Report at: [url][/url] Alan. ....Read More.AL90 on 10th November 2018 06:19:50

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