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Liberator  KG933 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Liberator  KG933

B.VI; ex 44-10438; dld Dorval 17.6.44; to ME; arr Maison Blanche 24.6.44; 178 Sqn [P]; shot down 17.8.44 during supplies drop to Polish Home Army in Warsaw; wireless-operator survived; SOC 18.8.44. More information in: The Liberator in RAF and Commonwealth Service by James D. Oughton , John F. Hamlin, Andrew Thomas

Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Date of Crash 17 Aug 44 Aircraft Name Liberator VI Serial Number KG933
Unit 178 Sqdn Operating Airfield Country
Aircrew details
Source Henk Welting's Database

Casualities in the CWGC Register for Liberator VI KG933

Rank Name, Number, Trade & Details DateUnit Country Cemetery/Memorial & Loc Ref
Flight SergeantJohn Douglas CLARKE (527242) Air Gunner Liberator KG933  NA/PRO 1944-08-17178 Sqdn AIR27 PolandKrakow Rakowicki Cemetery
Squadron LeaderJohn Philip LIVERSIDGE (401092) Liberator KG933  NA/PRO 1944-08-17178 Sqdn AIR27 PolandKrakow Rakowicki Cemetery
Flight LieutenantWilliam Douglas WRIGHT (117930) Pilot Liberator KG933  NA/PRO 1944-08-17178 Sqdn AIR27 PolandKrakow Rakowicki Cemetery

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ThreadPost TextAuthor
KG933 Liberator 178 Sqdn 16/08/44400754 Fl/Lt A.H. Hammett has a A705 casualty file not yet opened for KG933 incident at Ostrow, Crakow, Poland; Date - 16 August 1944. The aircraft was lost on 17th August on a Warsaw Op or are these events one and the same. I want to know what caused Hammett to be injured, Oh yes he has a A9300 file digitised which consists of 1 page and further enquiries to the NA. Chris ....Read More.Chris Pointon on 9th November 2008 08:06:01
KG933 Liberator 178 Sqdn 16/08/44Chris, Same event. 401092 S/L J.P. LIVERSIDGE also on KG933, killed. His service file has notations that he went missing on the 16th and presumed killed on the 17th. The header of his casualty file, which is not not yet scanned, shows place of death Warsaw 17 August 1944. I believe that the "Ostrow" mentioned in Hammett's file header would be the crash-site. ....Read More.Ken MacLean on 10th November 2008 01:17:55
KG933 Liberator 178 Sqdn 16/08/44Hi Chris, Yes, they are one and the same event. Here is what the RAAF Official History has to say about AUS400754 HAMMET,Allan Hunter RAAF (Note spelling). Quote; "Squadron Leader Liversidge, a flight commander of No.178, was also killed on the 16-17 August,1944, when the Liberator he was navigating was shot down by an enemy fighter near Cracow while returning from the crew's second delivery flight. from this aircraft F/Lt. Hammet*, although wounded by bullets in the arms,legs and left side, safely parachuted and hid with a partisan group until the area was occupied by Russian forces." End quote. *fn. F-Lt A.H.Hammet, DFM, 400754; 178 Sdn RAF. Chemist apprentice; of Red Cliffs, Vic; b. Melbourne, 24 Jul 1921. See: Air Power Over Europe 1944-1945. Herington,John. Canberra:AWM,1963. p.331. In an earlier thread (From Franek Grabowski), titled "178 Squadron", (It is in the Archive, somewhere, can't access it for the moment), Franek gives a brief accont of the fate of KG933, and some of its crew. Re the crew. I have the following (In no particular order), :- AUS401092 S/L. J.P.LIVERSIDGE RAAF + 117930 F/O. W.D.WRIGHT + 1581776 Sgt. L.J.BLUNT PoW* AUS400754 F/O. A.H.HAMMET RAAF PoW 1675318 Sgt. P.W.HELME* 527242 F/Sgt. J.D.CLARKE + NB. No Pow details for HAMMET. * BLUNT - Camp L7/Pow No.652 HELME - Camp L7/PoW No.666. As on Ross', Air Force PoWs listing, this site. Franek (Grabowski), contends that this was not a Warsaw 'Op', but a drop to "NIDA 504" (Wherever/whatever that is !). Incidentally Chris. HAMMET has two (2) A9300s at the NAA (See: NAA:A9300 HAMMET A H -observe spacing). Not much joy on this one either I'm afraid. Listed as "Closed" or "Not yet examined" - "No public access" - Hit "Request Copy", for info. Regards, Col Bruggy. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 10th November 2008 02:12:30
A burial query re a 178 RAF mission 28/8/44Steve & Finn Thanks very much for your replies . Finn -the web link shows EW160 1 KIA & 6 RTD ? CWGC gives 4 men lost. 3 MIA & One buried in Belgrade. Steve- more conundrums.The sortie info. I have is that EW160 was lost while mining the Danube 28/8/44 . Google has a few listings, seemingly inaccurate .One that EW160 was lost Poland 28/8/44 . From other sources -- 31 SAAF EW161 & EW248 failed to return on 16/17th Aug .Poland [Heroism Warsaw G du Toit] 178 RAF KG933 failed to return 16/17th Aug.Pilot Flt /Sgt Wright [Flights of the Forgotten KA Merrick] From Martin Bowman's The B24 Liberator page 85 --- "Gardening" sorties continued near Belgrade throughout July ,August & September " Patrick Macdonald's Through Darkness to Light, Page 246 also mentions mining into Yugoslavia in late August.Hence North's burial in Belgrade If 3 men survived & returned wouldn't they be able to pinpoint where EW160 crashed ? Or too difficult after the war if they were POW ? Turner's nephew would like to know more about the crash. I neglected to write JD Jarvis in the crew list of 7 men in my first post & have now edited it . Anne ....Read More.aestorm on 13th April 2009 06:29:57
178 Sqn Losses.Hello, Have just received a copy of " Bombers over Sand and Snow" On page 351 there is a list of a/c losses for the squadron. "1943 - Halifax - 1 ; Liberators - 5. 1944 - Liberators - 27. 1945 - Liberators - 4". Were these the a/c lost ? Confirmation, corrections and additions welcome. I have seen that there are several earlier posts that reference 178 Sqn in this forum but thought to put all lost a/c in the one post. 1943 Halifax II - BB414 - 04/09/43. Liberator - AL565 - 27/04/43 ; AL620 - 16/01/43 ; AL638 - 05/03/43 ; BZ891 - 19/11/43. THE 5th escapes me. 1944 Liberator - AL630 - 27/04/44 ; BZ930 - 07/07/44 ; BZ932"Y" - 08/05/44 ; BZ948 - 19/03/44 ; EV812 - 19/03/44 ; EV822 - 07/07/44 ; EV839"J" - 22/08/44 ; EV841"H" - 07/05/44 ; EV961 - 14/08/44 ; EV974"D" - 10/08/44 ; EW106 - 11/10/44 ; EW140"K" - 11/05/44 ; EW160"E" - 28/08/44 ; EW264 - 15/08/44 ; EW275 - 15/08/44 ; EW277 - 14/06/44 ; EW280 - 14/10/44 ; KG828"F" - 15/08/44 ; KG873 - 15/08/44 ; KG887 - 08/08/44; KG933 - 17/08/44 ; KG934 - 13/09/44 ; KG938"A" - 21/08/44 ; KG942 - 05/10/44 ; KH100 - 06/11/44 ; KH243 - 06/11/44. THE 27th a/c escapes me ? 1945 Liberator - EW142 - 26/01/45 ; KG928 - 08/01/45 ; KH209 - 23/03/45 ; ( KH248 - 01/06/45 ; KL485 - 12/07/45 ?) or 2 other a/c ? Thanks Alex ....Read More.Alex Smart on 1st May 2018 11:31:41
KG933 Liberator 178 Sqdn 16/08/44Here is detailed history of this KG933 Liberator, but in polish (google translator helps You I hope). Including history of A.H. Hammet. This history is good known in Cracow, and thoroughly investigated by Krzysztof Wielgus, historian from the Polish Aviation Museum in Krakow. Every year a tour around the Zabłocie in Cracow is dedicated to the memory of this bomber and other Allied crews. If You need more info, contact with mr. Krzysztof Wielgus. [url][/url] ....Read More.LukaszStilon on 10th September 2018 08:04:03

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