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Liberator  KH100 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Liberator  KH100

B.VI; ex 44-10665; dld Dorval 2.8.44; to ME; arr 10.8.44; 178 Sqn [V]; missing from SD supply drop 5/6.11.44; SOC 30.11.44. More information in: The Liberator in RAF and Commonwealth Service by James D. Oughton , John F. Hamlin, Andrew Thomas

Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Date of Crash 06 Nov 44 Aircraft Name Liberator VI Serial Number KH100
Unit 178 Sqdn Operating Airfield Country
Aircrew details
Source Henk Welting's Database

Casualities in the CWGC Register for Liberator VI KH100

Rank Name, Number, Trade & Details DateUnit Country Cemetery/Memorial & Loc Ref
Flight SergeantWilliam Francis BEARY (1584477) Air Gunner Liberator KH100  Forum Post 1944-11-06178 Sqdn AIR27 SerbiaBelgrade War Cemetery
Flying OfficerKenneth Louis CHAPMAN (J/26001) Air Bomber Liberator KH100  Forum Post 1944-11-06178 Sqdn AIR27 SerbiaBelgrade War Cemetery
SergeantEvan Kenneth CORCORAN (1836176) Flight Engi Liberator KH100  Forum Post 1944-11-06178 Sqdn AIR27 SerbiaBelgrade War Cemetery
Flying OfficerOwen Jones COX (J/24717) Navigator Liberator KH100  Forum Post 1944-11-06178 Sqdn AIR27 SerbiaBelgrade War Cemetery
Flying OfficerAmos Edwin Botsford DENOVAN (J/25940) Pilot Liberator KH100  Forum Post 1944-11-06178 Sqdn AIR27 SerbiaBelgrade War Cemetery
SergeantRaymond Foot Oliver JAMES (3025339) Air Gunner Liberator KH100  Forum Post 1944-11-06178 Sqdn AIR27 SerbiaBelgrade War Cemetery
Flight SergeantJohn Ward NORMAN (1085819) Wireless Op Liberator KH100  Forum Post 1944-11-06178 Sqdn AIR27 SerbiaBelgrade War Cemetery
Flight SergeantJohn Humphrey PARRY (1669977) Air Gunner Liberator KH100  Forum Post 1944-11-06178 Sqdn AIR27 SerbiaBelgrade War Cemetery

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5-6 November 1944 205 Group lossesLiberator KH100 - V of 178 sqn was lost supply dropping that night over Yugoslavia. KH243 also of 178 was lost over "Northern Italy" on 6th. cheers, Peter ....Read More.PeterColwill on 3rd April 2012 09:33:36
5-6 November 1944 205 Group lossesFor KH100 I've as crash location near Comigrad, former Yugoslavia. Source: 'They Shall Grow Not Old' (Allison) page 116 (biography F/O K.L. Chapman - J26001/R176273). Henk. ....Read More.Henk Welting on 3rd April 2012 09:50:46
5-6 November 1944 205 Group lossesKH100 'V' was shot down by German night fighters and crashed near Gornigrad (note spelling). For KH243 'T' I have a similar fate, but no details as to the crash site, though it must have been Yugoslavia, since all are buried in Belgrade, like the crew of KH100. David ....Read More.David Gunby on 3rd April 2012 10:35:03
5-6 November 1944 205 Group lossesPerhaps this info might help. 05-NOV-44 KH243 Liberator 178 Sqn Missing on supply drop 7 This aircraft was one of twelve from the squadron, which formed part of a large force of fifty six Wellingtons and thirty five Liberators led by a single pathfinder Halifax of 614 Sqn, sent to drop supplies to partisan forces in the ‘CUCKOLD’ and ‘TOFFEE’ areas of Yugoslavia. Whilst the weather was good and over thirty Liberators dropped nearly 400 containers on ‘CUCKOLD’, this aircraft and the one listed below were attacked by enemy fighters and destroyed. It is believed that two of the crew survived. Warrant Officer Derek George STEWART 31 RAAF Pilot Sergeant Stanley Richard DAVIE 20 Navigator Sergeant William Greig BOGIE Bomb Aimer Sergeant Ivor MATTHEWS 26 Flight Engineer Sergeant Francis William LOUCH 24 Air Gunner Sergeant Gerald Joseph O’KANE 20 Air Gunner 06-NOV-44 KH100 Liberator 178 Sqn Gornigrad, Yugoslavia 8 This aircraft was lost in similar circumstances to that listed above. The whole crew died in the attack or subsequent crash. Flying Officer Amos Edwin Butsford DENOVAN 21 RCAF Pilot Flying Officer Owen Jones COX RCAF Navigator Flying Officer Kenneth Louis CHAPMAN 24 RCAF Bomb Aimer Flight Sergeant John Ward NORMAN 24 Wireless Operator Sergeant Evan Kenneth CORCORAN Flight Engineer Flight Sergeant Willaim Francis BEARY 20 Air Gunner Sergeant Raymond Foot Oliver JAMES 19 Air Gunner Flight Sergeant John Humphrey PARRY 19 Air Gunner You will see slightly different detail but can't remember precisely where the data came from initially. Colin Cummings ....Read More.Oldduffer on 3rd April 2012 10:51:06
5-6 November 1944 205 Group lossesHello chaps, Many thanks for the additional info, which confirms the crash location of KH234 as Lokovica, NW of Calje in N. Yugoslavia. BTW; I've tried to find the location of 'Gornigrad' (crash location of KH100) on Google maps but failed to find it, does anyone know where I can find the town by this name? Cheers, Theo ....Read More.Theo Boiten on 4th April 2012 02:52:56
5-6 November 1944 205 Group lossesTheo Boiten, I am the great nephew of Kenneth Chapman KH100. I would be interested in talking to you about the night this a/c was lost and any additional information you have regarding the pilot, Hauptmann Josef Kraus. If anyone else has information, again I would love to hear from you. Please email me at: [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] The following is from the book 'If Freedom Means as Much to You' by J. Garry McEachern regarding the loss of KH100. A Brother Makes a Pilgrimage The Skies were clear and the temperature mild when flying officer Ted Denovan took off from the Allied air base at Amidala in southern Italy on November 6, 1944. This would make eleven nighttime raids since he and his crew had started flying 'ops' in October. Although the weather was pleasant for November, Donovan would had preferred a little cloud cover as he flew the Liberator over the Adriatic Sea toward northern Yugoslavia, where his crew would drop supplies to the partisans behind enemy lines. In a field by a small church, the partisans burned a fire to signal where the plane should descend for the drop zone. The air gunner fired a parachute flare to illuminate the area. Bomb Aimer Ken Chapman lined up his sights with the signal fires and opened up the bomb bay doors. Parachutes blossomed under the plane as it lumbered low over the Slovenian valley, their cargo of guns and explosives for the partisans dropping into the designated drop zone. In the middle of the run, a German Messerschmitt night fighter appeared from behind the hills and bore down on the helpless Liberator, which was fully illuminated by its own flares. There was a sudden explosion in the air and the plane burst into flames and crashed into the slope, thirty to forty metres from the peak. (Photo- James- father , Merton-Kenneth's brother who was also KIA on Ops over Germany, Bessie - Mother,Ken, and Walter Chapman - Youngest brother). In 1986, Walter, the youngest of the three Chapman brothers, decided to see for himself where his brother was killed and, if possible, find out what happened on that November night in 1944. He and his wife Polly arrived at Gornji Grad in a rented car and spent about four hours trying to find someone who could speak English. Through hand signals and the little English that the citizens knew, they managed to communicate the words of Canada, war, brother, and plane. They were getting discouraged and finally ended up drawing a picture in the dirt at the side of the road of a plane crashing in the year 1944. With only 450 people in the village, the picture gave residents Milan Ogradi a clue to what the man was after. He sent for his niece, who spoke a little English, and between the two of them, they came up with another resident who was the local history buff. His name was Frank Stiglic, and he was a fountain of information. He knew exactly what had taken place and even had a picture of the burial ceremony held for the crew after the crash ....Read More.WM_Chapman on 21st August 2014 01:56:48
5-6 November 1944 205 Group lossesI was just searching the web for info on the loss of KH100, to update the author of the McEachern book mentioned by user WM_Chapman (with whom I am in contact). I came upon this thread and thought, hmm, Gornigrad? Maybe, I thought, it's [B]Gornji Grad[/B], a location that stuck in my mind. Before I could look it up on google, and study the documented loss info for details, I saw WM_Chapman's post from 21 Aug -- and it mentions [B]Gornji Grad[/B]. There is a Gornji Grad in Slovenia, so without further investigating I'd guess that this is the correct town associated with KH100. ....Read More.Matt Poole on 24th August 2014 11:00:34
178 Sqn Losses.Hello, Have just received a copy of " Bombers over Sand and Snow" On page 351 there is a list of a/c losses for the squadron. "1943 - Halifax - 1 ; Liberators - 5. 1944 - Liberators - 27. 1945 - Liberators - 4". Were these the a/c lost ? Confirmation, corrections and additions welcome. I have seen that there are several earlier posts that reference 178 Sqn in this forum but thought to put all lost a/c in the one post. 1943 Halifax II - BB414 - 04/09/43. Liberator - AL565 - 27/04/43 ; AL620 - 16/01/43 ; AL638 - 05/03/43 ; BZ891 - 19/11/43. THE 5th escapes me. 1944 Liberator - AL630 - 27/04/44 ; BZ930 - 07/07/44 ; BZ932"Y" - 08/05/44 ; BZ948 - 19/03/44 ; EV812 - 19/03/44 ; EV822 - 07/07/44 ; EV839"J" - 22/08/44 ; EV841"H" - 07/05/44 ; EV961 - 14/08/44 ; EV974"D" - 10/08/44 ; EW106 - 11/10/44 ; EW140"K" - 11/05/44 ; EW160"E" - 28/08/44 ; EW264 - 15/08/44 ; EW275 - 15/08/44 ; EW277 - 14/06/44 ; EW280 - 14/10/44 ; KG828"F" - 15/08/44 ; KG873 - 15/08/44 ; KG887 - 08/08/44; KG933 - 17/08/44 ; KG934 - 13/09/44 ; KG938"A" - 21/08/44 ; KG942 - 05/10/44 ; KH100 - 06/11/44 ; KH243 - 06/11/44. THE 27th a/c escapes me ? 1945 Liberator - EW142 - 26/01/45 ; KG928 - 08/01/45 ; KH209 - 23/03/45 ; ( KH248 - 01/06/45 ; KL485 - 12/07/45 ?) or 2 other a/c ? Thanks Alex ....Read More.Alex Smart on 1st May 2018 11:31:41

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