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Thunderbolt III KJ209 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Thunderbolt III KJ209

Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Date of Crash  22 Feb 45 Aircraft Name  Thunderbolt II Serial Number  KJ209
Unit  134 Sqdn Operating Airfield  Ratnap Country  India
Aircrew details Lt R R Aylward(SAAF329148)
Details 1005-1255 hrs. 12 ac led by Sqn ldr D K MacDonald struck a large stores, and ammunition dump at YINMABIN, a small village oonthe railway line between THAZI and HEHO. Strafing caused a large explosion from one of the revetments and several aircraft were severely rocked., One being badly damaged (Category II, KJ209) by debris. In veiw of the accident the CO considered that when strafing suspected explosive dumps, pilots should break away at 150-200 yards instead of the usual 50 yards.

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134 Squadron Thunderbolt serial/codes Jan 1945Hello everyone While doing a bit of research on a local pilot, I came across some Sortie Reports in the 134 Sqn ORB Appendices which list individual Thunderbolts code letters for the Ops for January 1945. I've cross-referenced them with the Thunderbolt serials listed in the January 1945 ORB Form 541, so here's the list, which may be useful to someone: Thunderbolt I: FL804 - GQ-F FL810 - GQ-D HB970 - GQ-J (S? - recorded as both) HB992 - GQ-H HD135 - GQ-V HD153 - GQ-P Thunderbolt II: HD184 - GQ-W (lost January 5th 1945 - 1439445 W/O John Gerald O'Neill KIA) HD196 - GQ-B HD201 - GQ-Z HD210 - GQ-R HD219 - GQ-L HD223 - GQ-Y HD233 - GQ-Y (GQ-Y recorded as both HD223 and HD223 in the F.541) HD237 - GQ-V HD260 - GQ-R HD277 - GQ-M HD281 - GQ-T HD282 - GQ-A KJ176 - GQ-D KJ178 - GQ-F KJ184 - GQ-H KJ209 - GQ-T KJ217 - GQ-W KJ231 - GQ-S KJ235 - GQ-J KJ270 - GQ-P Some of the KJ series are recorded as Thunderbolt IIa - not sure what that indicates. Regards Simon ....Read More.wwrsimon on 14th September 2018 06:18:57

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