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Liberator KN732 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Liberator KN732

GR.VIII; ex 44-50065; MCn 45-51; to UK; arr Prestwick 18.6.45; SAL, Prestwick, 18.6.45; ACSEA mods; to 12 FU 9.10.45; allocated to India 8.11.45; 160 Sqn [N]; hit sea on approach to Kankesanturai 7.6.46, nosewheel collapsed on landing, aircraft swung and port main gear collapsed; SOC 13.6.46. More information in: The Liberator in RAF and Commonwealth Service by James D. Oughton , John F. Hamlin, Andrew Thomas

Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Date of Crash  07 Jun 46 Aircraft Name  Liberator VIII Serial Number  KN732
Unit  160 Sqdn Operating Airfield  Kankesanthurai Country  Ceylon
Aircrew details Sqn Ldr P Sandall
Details KKS Ceylon Nosewheel collapse on LDG (MPoole) The Lib was returning from an air test in preparation for the squadron's impending move to the UK when the accident occurred. Pilot: S/Ldr P. Sandall. Per Issue 37 of Ad Lib (160 Sqn Association newsletter), 160 veteran Alan Johnston recalled that as Duty Officer working Flying Control that day, he was on the spot when KN732 pranged. Johnston's further recollections from Ad Lib: "He [Johnston] chased down the runway in a jeep and was one of the first there much relieved to find that no one was hurt. He collected the officers and took them to the mess, opened the bar (he was also Bar Officer!) and gave them a stiff brandy. The M.O. duly arrived and wasn't too pleased with him he said it should have been a cup of sweet tea, not brandy. Anyway, all was well and they all recovered though a lot of personal belongings under the floor of the aircraft were said to be destroyed. He also recalled how efficient the engineering section was they had the runway cleared in no time, lifting the aircraft with air bags, putting caterpillar tracks underneath and towing it away."
Source Matt Poole

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