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Blenheim I L1296 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Blenheim I L1296

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Blenheim Crash 1940 in AndoverHi Andy, In response to your question I offer brief details of seven Blenheim crashes in that period involving aircraft of 2 School of Army Co-Operation, the main user of Blenheims at Andover. 03/05/40 - L9297 - Mk IV - Engine failed on take-off, it stalled and spun in. Crew killed. 31/05/40 - L1296 - Mk I - Crashed on take-off. 06/07/40 - N3555 - Mk IV - Hit trees on night take-off, killing the crew. 18/07/40 - N3566 - Mk IV - Engine cut on take-off, swung and hit hedge. 06/08/40 - L4853 - Mk IV - Lost height on a night take-off and hit the ground. 1 killed, 2 injured. 04/09/40 - L9022 - Mk IV - Undershot a night landing and hit a tree. 1 injured. 10/09/40 - K7073 - Mk I - Engine cut on overshoot and crashed. 1 injured. I hope these brief details might get you a bit further and I would be very interested in seeing a copy of the eye-witness account if you can manage it. All the best, L9172 ....Read More.L9172 on 1st November 2009 02:40:27
400530 - Unaccounted airmen 30/05/40 - Recovered PostAIR 81/762 1940 Jan 01 1940 Dec 31 Aircraftman 1st Class J C Ryan and Aircraftman 1st Class P G E Sword: report of deaths; enemy action whilst on board HMS Bideford, 31 May 1940 Martyn Post: Henk Welting (Guest) (3300 posts) 01-Nov-07, 03:23 PM (GMT) "'Unaccounted' airmen - 30-5-1940" What caused the death of the following airmen: P/O John E.M. COLLINS - 41830 - 22 Sqn (Beaufort - North Coates/Lincolnshire), commemorated on Panel 7 of the Runnymede Memorial. Can't find a matching Beaufort serial number. P/O (Pilot) Thomas E.S. CROSSMAN - 72073 - missing believed killed on active service (Flight Global), buried Bockhurst (St.John The Baptist) Churchyard, Chigwell, Essex (UK3455). Sgt (Pilot) Robert H. JACK - 754095 - whose name I can't find in The Times and Flight Global archives, buried Cathcart Cem., Dunbartonshire (UK7798). AC1 James C. RYAN - 637135 - killed on active service, buried Kilgobbin Old Church Cem., Dublin (IRL108). AC1 William H. SMYTHE - 634466 - whose name I can't find in The Times and Flight Global archives, buried Crompton Cem., Lancashire (UK554). AC1 Patrick G.E. SWORD - 637552 - killed on active service (Flight Global), buried Folkestone New Cem., Hawkinge, Kent (UK3947). Suggested aircraft write-offs for this day: Blenheim I - L1296 - 2 SAC - crashed on take-off Andover. Harvard I - N7003 - 14 FTS - crashed in forced landing East End, Bedfordshire (two East Ends in Bedfordshire, one near Kempston, the other near Wilden). Harvard I - P5813 - 14 FTS - crashed in forced landing North Crawley, Buckinghamshire. Hurricane I - N2709 - 245 Sqn - crashed in forced landing near Southend. Master I - N7556 - 8 FTS - broke up (in air) 3 miles N of Banchory, Aberdeenshire (already as a casualty: Sgt (Pilot u/t) William T. PIGOTT - 754458, buried Fullham New Cem., Richmond, Surrey ). Master I - N7630 - 8 FTS - broke up (in air) 3 miles N of Banchory, Aberdeenshire. Tiger Moth - K4244 - 18 EFTS - crashed on landing, Fairoaks. Tiger Moth II - N6590 - 9 EFTS - dived into ground Moleswood Farm, near Anstey (suggest location is Mobbs Wood Farm, Anstey - 140/425826). Regards and thanks for your help. Henk. Alert Edit %7C Reply %7C Reply With Quote %7C Top Table of Contents Subject Author Message Date ID RE: 'Unaccounted' airmen - 30-5-194... DaveW 01-Nov-07 1 RE: 'Unaccounted' airmen - 30-5-194... Henk Welting (Guest) 01-Nov-07 2 RE: 'Unaccounted' airmen - 30-5-194... Finn Buch (Guest) 01-Nov-07 3 RE: 'Unaccounted' airmen - 30-5-194... Henk Welting (Guest) 02-Nov-07 4 RE: 'Unaccounted' airmen - 30-5-194... dg (Guest) 02-Nov-07 5 Lobby %7C Topics %7C Previous Topic %7C Next Topic Messages in this topic DaveW (714 posts) 01-Nov-07, 05:22 PM (GMT) 1. "RE: 'Unaccounted' airmen - 30-5-1940" Henk Date should be 31st? Crossman at Rugby TM N6590 at An ....Read More.Martyn A Critchlow on 4th February 2015 08:44:01

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