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Blenheim I  L1466 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Blenheim I  L1466

Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Date of Crash 04 Jan 40 Aircraft Name Blenheim If Serial Number L1466
Unit 23 Sqdn Operating Airfield Country
Aircrew details
Source Henk Welting's Database

National Archives AIR81

Citation AIR81 Casualty File Description Link
AIR81/1770Pilot Officer R G A Barritt, Corporal R Wilson: died of injuries; Aircraftman A A Wilson: killed; aircraft accident, Blenheim L1466, 23 Squadron, 4 January 1940. Note: With planC16471109

Casualities in the CWGC Register for Blenheim If L1466

Rank Name, Number, Trade & Details DateUnit Country Cemetery/Memorial & Loc Ref
Pilot OfficerRoy Graham Anthony BARRITT (76454) Pilot Blenheim I L1466  AIR81/1770 1940-01-0423 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomEast Finchley Cemetery And St.
Aircraftman 2nd ClassAlfred Andrew WILSON (624397) Air Gunner Blenheim I L1466  AIR81/1770 1940-01-0423 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomMiddlesbrough (Linthorpe) Ceme
CorporalRonald WILSON (566297) Fitter II/A Blenheim I L1466  AIR81/1770 1940-01-0423 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomHetton Cemetery

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400104 - Unaccounted Airmen - 04-01-1940Hello, 400104 - Unaccounted Airmen - 04-01-1940 From Henk's List - UK MERRIFIELD, John Thomas - AC2c - 167660 - RAFVR. Tuckingmill ( All Saints ) Churchyard, Cornwall. WRIGHT, Wilfred - AC2c - 538668 - RAF - 103 Sqn. Drumcree Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Armagh. From CWGC - UK BARRITT, Roy Graham Anthony - P/O(Pilot) - 76454 - RAFVR - 23 Sqn. East Finchley Cemetery and St. Marylebone Crematorium, Middlesex. WILSON, Alfred Andrew - AC2c( A/G) - 624397 - RAF Middlesbrough ( Linthorpe ) Cemetery, Yorkshire. WILSON, Ronald - Cpl(Fitter A/G) - 566297 - RAF - 23 Sqn. Hetton Cemetery, Durham. The three airmen named above were aboard Blenheim I - L1466 - 23 Sqn . WATKINS, Thomas - Sgt ( Pilot ) - 741568 - RAFVR. Campus Lane ( Wesburn ) Cemetery, Lanarkshire. [ Oxford II - N4721 - 8 FTS ]. Alex ....Read More.Alex Smart on 13th June 2020 09:35:42
400104 - Unaccounted Airmen - 04-01-1940Everyone is accounted [URL][/URL] [TABLE="class: CWGC, width: 1170"] [TR] [TD]Aircraftman 2nd Class[/TD] [TD]John Thomas [URL=""]MERRIFIELD[/URL] (167660) [URL=""]Forum Post[/URL] [/TD] [TD][URL=""]1940-01-04[/URL][/TD] [TD][/TD] [TD][URL=""]United Kingdom[/URL][/TD] [TD][URL=""]Tuckingmill (All Saints) Churc[/URL][IMG][/IMG][/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Aircraftman 2nd Class[/TD] [TD]Wilfred [URL=""]WRIGHT[/URL] (538668) [URL=""]Forum Post[/URL] [/TD] [TD][URL=""]1940-01-04[/URL][/TD] [TD][URL=""]103 Sqdn[/URL] [URL=""]AIR27[/URL][/TD] [TD][URL=""]United Kingdom[/URL][/TD] [TD][URL=""]Drumcree Church Of Ireland Chu[/URL][IMG][/IMG][/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Pilot Officer[/TD] [TD]Roy Graham Anthony [URL=""]BARRITT[/URL] (76454) Pilot [URL=""]Blenheim I L1466[/URL] [URL=""]AIR81/1770[/URL] [/TD] [TD][URL=""]1940-01-04[/URL][/TD] [TD][URL=""]23 Sqdn[/URL] [URL=""]AIR27[/URL][/TD] [TD][URL=""]United Kingdom[/URL][/TD] [TD][U ....Read More.Jagan on 13th June 2020 10:42:28
Closed AIR 81 Files ListHere are list of all the Closed Files, in reverse order of them being opened on current schedule A Freedom Of Information FOI request at Kew may bet them reviewed and opened earlier I think most of the long tail dates are due to someone asking for info in file (via a letter to AHB) and this causing the 80 Years (to be reset) assuming the person making the request was 20 (20+80 = 100) Usually a polite request in the FOI that any personal data since 1939/1940/1941 etc can be redacted is worth it - And if you can also provide evidence of who people are involved - including ref to CWG that helps As you can see the longest is 2095 - So I assume this was looked at by a request in 2015 - Maybe a letter with a name or address etc - All of which can be redacted If you go to the AIR link there is a button to link you to the FOI Page Kind Regards Paul Citable Reference Description Opening Date AIR 81/2138 Flight Lieutenant S I Dodds, Pilot Officer B S Booth, Leading Aircraftman A H Gumbleton, Leading Aircraftman N E Jacobs: missing believed killed; shot down, enemy action, Anson OYG, 48 Squadron, 20 May 1940. 01/01/2095 AIR 81/2092/1 Closed extracts: 10 pages 01/01/2095 AIR 81/2090 Flying Officer P A Hawks, Sergeant F J J Evans, Aircraftman C G Shaw: missing believed killed; near Vrigne-aux-Bois, France, Blenheim P6926, 59 Squadron, 14 May 1940. 01/01/2095 AIR 81/2076 Sergeant I L Thomas, Sergeant V Spurr, Leading Aircraftman H Bridson: killed; failed to return from operational flight over Holland, Blenheim L8831, 40 Squadron, 10 May 1940. 01/01/2094 AIR 81/1935 Flying Officer P F Templeman: died of wounds; Sergeant D W Wilson: killed; Sergeant K R Say, Aircraftman J A Burke, Leading Aircraftman E Lawson, Leading Aircraftman J R Clark: prisoners of war; shot down by anti-aircraft fire, Wellington P2515, 37 Squadron, 24 March 1940. 01/01/2093 AIR 81/3172 Flying Officer A W L Cobbe, Pilot Officer H M Christopher, Sergeant W H Cassells: missing believed killed; enemy action, Blenheim 3915, 82 Squadron, 8 September 1940. 01/01/2091 AIR 81/2408/1 Closed extracts: 6 pages 01/01/2090 AIR 81/1803 Flying Officer J R Garrett: injured; Sergeant H C Moorby: killed; Leading Aircraftman T C McClure, Aircraftman R Beattie: uninjured; aircraft accident, Prestatyn, 502 Squadron, 19 January 1940. 01/01/2088 AIR 81/2404 Leading Aircraftman M H Winship: killed; Pilot Officer T A Grundy, Sergeant J G Cowlishaw, Leading Aircraftman P D Snowden, Leading Aircraftman T Murray: missing believed killed; failed to return from operational flight over Tobruk, Bombay L5848, 216 Squadron, 15 July 1940. 01/01/2087 AIR 81/2750 Sergeant R S Hartnell, Sergeant E R Eastoe, Sergeant H G Ives, Sergeant F C E Gates: killed; Sergeant C A V Attwood, Sergeant E J Stephens, Sergeant R T Richardson, Sergeant E G Turner: missing believed killed; aircraft accident, Isle of Man, Wellington N2945, 11 Operational Training Unit, 24 August 1940. 01/01/2086 AIR 81/2303 ....Read More.paulmcmillan on 8th July 2020 11:03:23

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